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 7/8/2011 3:34 AM
 Modified By host  on 7/7/2011 8:35:47 AM
This is Lukes Facebook.

Luke represented himself as a concerned Australian who wanted to assist the men leading the effort to re-introduce the rule of law into Australia. After a short screening from me I admitted him to my personal email list. 

He MISTAKENLY assumed that one member on the list was a rather notorious Australian character merely because he had the same name. 

Luke then attacked that man, a man who has worked for MORE THAN 10 YEARS exposing the crimes of government and has been badly criminally abused by the government for his trouble.

Luke did NOT ask me about the background of the man even though he had only JUST been admitted to the list.

Luke then spammed the list with the emails below.

Luke has now published this list to a public place knowing full well it is privileged information and that publishing it may endanger the lives of those on the list. 

Luke is a liar. He is spreading lies. He has published a mailing list that took nearly two years to build. In doing so he may have jeopardised the safety of those on that list.


I ask you to please remove Luke from public places on the basis of these facts at hand.

Thank You.

Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)
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 7/8/2011 3:37 AM

Luke McKee <> wrote:

If 60c was passed 10 years before 2002 mp peter breen said you xxxxxxxx would be still rotting in jail known as the hiton bomber in hansard for police and other law enforcement officers bill 2002. Did you look that up? You support this law you freak. I think if u think luke that you should go back to jail.

So what did I do to piss off special homo police before nov 12 2007 except for a foi to prosecute a criminal cop for perverting the course of justice by not arresting a fellow dyke sister when she was duty bound. Come on tell me. You made the assertion. Back it up.

Ive got 1000 of muslims, aborigionals and anti-globalists sharpening their knives. Gang laws defunct but the truth of un trying to delete our human rights act proves a global government as well as special gay aparthied police abusing them all the while supported by the greens IS AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS. if there is not desperate pleas for this aborigional boy AND I lodged in qustion time with fore notice every busines in jamie parker electotarte will know the greens are pro-gay anti black anti human rights (freedom of thought and religion in same sentence in, un human rights charter). I am going to destroy the greens unless they call to dispand gllo police or destroy 60c citing multiple cases of fag cops misusing the legislation. 


Sent from Samsung tablet 

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 7/8/2011 3:38 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Luke McKee []
Sent: 06 July 2011 15:05

 Im not in an australian jurisdiction you freak. Look up what geographical nexus means you idiot. Get in line with the feds. My local interpol mates are enjoying the show. Being korea what it is, they hate fag cops and think I'm doing the world a service. You probably bcced your mates too you duplicitious prick.

So you have a namesake called xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx who worships the greens and is buddy buddy with shoebridge too eh? What a coincidence. Fuck the greens- globalist scum above the law against human rights. I'm not the only person who hates watermelon two faced sellouts.

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 7/8/2011 3:41 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Luke McKee []
Sent: 06 July 2011 14:57

Making laws to force gay marriges in mosques is called subverting islam. The koran does not say to kill gays. It does however say to attempt to subvert islam is an offence punishable by death.

Even moderate muslims will play to win a good place in the afterlife by honoring a fatwah from prominanate imams overseas. Dont blame me. For your threat what I know is being translated into arabic, fasi and urdu and will be delivered to every muslim website. Your mate xxxxxxxxxxxxx only has himself to blame for not attacking 60c and putting a motion to unexempt places of religulious worship from the special gay court known as the anti discrimination board that elite homosexuals are exempted from appearing before due to a loophole in the anti-discrimination act of nsw. Good luck getting gay marrige passed and this law. I want you to for my own amusement so I can be a,proxy killer. Its not a crime to speak the truth about australian polictics in other languages.i wont be the one issuing the fatwah.

take it up with iran and the saudis. Free speech is a mighty weapon. Stop the greens endangering australia with their extremist gay socualist policies. Dont vote for them. So xxxxx, you support gay pedophile cops using gang laws against young black boys for the crime of knowing true personal info? Think im bluffing? Google burnpassport, put up by an east timor activist on youtube.

The guy named in that video had both his arms broken a month after. Speaking about east timor I was watching balibo5 inquest the day before my frame up. Once upon a time I.was a socualist alliance member. Day after frame,up crashed at jefferson lee's house and even your own houseguest shirley shackleton was disgusted and on my side before 60c gang law popped up in a double jepordy prosecution to protect corrupt dyke cops facing charges.

xxxxxxx go fuck yourself and your party. I caught the greens lieing in emails about.a letter being send to the ombudsman to support me. Who cares about me now. Aborigionals will be out and about protesting 60c saying the greens put fag cops before their youth. This is poetic justice for your own party abandioning their own human rights agenda for apatied minority gay justice perverting police units. Allah the most mericful works in mysterious ways doesn't he.

xxxxxxx you have just shown everyone on this pro family,list that the greens are anti-family pro feminazi loons. Just look at marrickville council's election promo video for fiona birdie if you don't believe me. I put it to you that you have sold out and you are the infultrator.

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 7/8/2011 3:43 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Luke McKee []
Sent: 06 July 2011 15:56

What I am doing is, legal. Its not a crime to report injustice to a religious, leader you greens nutjob.

Unextraditable due to 60c,not being a dual criminality offence, and even if it was ive got big dirt on xxxxxxxxxxxxx acting commissioner. I have as much impunity as your beloved ("man hating" according to david oldfield) special dyke cops to go around framing up men so illegial immigrant prostitutes on student visas who didnt attend for a year can get a dyke police issued crminal justice bridging visa.

Your party is the biggest man hating femi-nazi cesspool in australia. I think everyone on this list is glad I outed you. Now fuck off and do your worst. Waste some more of your gllo dyke cops time. xxxxxxxxxx  former gllo fag cop said in my 3.5 years as a gllo I never saw,an incident of homophobia" so they go around framing people these days to justify their existance and manufacture hatred of people hating them because are,criminals because not only fags. Want, the,pdf of his quote? 

I never do detraction. Gllo man hating lesbian coppers framing up men with DV law is what this list is against. Greens official,policy,is to get 300 more. If they destroyed my life and an aborigional boy in just one day I wonder how much damage 300 more justice peverters will do on a daily basis. Unthinkable. Want the pdf to that greens policy document too? I think in the balence of things as a uncloseted greens supporter your not welcome. Thats not up to me. Lets see how many,others go to,the,effort to take you off their list anyway.

In reply to this lame threat.....

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 7/8/2011 3:44 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Luke McKee []
Sent: 06 July 2011 16:45

My ip changes every minuite. Haha. And where am I sitting. U just gave a head office for a public wifi provider.this wackjob is an anti family anti religion bob arse leaks brown bumchum.

Why is asio going to hunt me down? Im the real fucken deal. You pussy think labor is going to kill you because you allegedly think you know who writes policitical donations according to your lame ass site? You cant even use php.

I bet you are secretely jealous im a regular guest on the alex jones show and accused of the rarest crime in australia..

Go fuck fuck yourself. There arent many hetro greens voters a left so ill assume you are pink or red.

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 7/8/2011 3:45 AM

-----Original Message-----
From: Luke McKee []

looney fag party guy says....

“You have been reported to Korean police for claiming you have 1,000 muslims sharpening their knives. They have an intrereter service of O/S reports”

hah ha you joke of an empty angry bastard, goodbye Luke and do not email me again, it will bounce, police will call on your shortly you sick fucker.

Haha. Did they teach you what a metaphor was in school? Gary burns who sues the footy show on his blogs is threatening metaphoric acts of extreme violence against a mentally handicapped taxi driver john christopher sunhol but thats legal gor him. He is an elite homo and,by virtue of mens cocks being rammed up his arse and ejaculate with aids being deposited in his rectum where it rapidly absorbed he is exempt due to special gay police and anti discrimination board.

He got creative and made a unique threat. To sharpen a knife is not a crime I checked, and in fact its a garden verity phrase meaning to prepare revenge or to strike in a generic or undisclosed way. Its not a threat its intimidation. Something im good at and you fail at miserably you moron. U cant stop laughing. Fuck this is halarious. On behalf of the list the,joke is over now. Kindly fuck off. Ill seo your emails so your lame ass business is kaput if I ever hear from you anti-family pro femunist greens party scum just one more time. I never bluff. look up dykehardt whilst your are there. I had a gllo from there really ruin half a decade so far. Greens solution give 300 more special faggot officers that nsw police jargon calls "rock spiders" guns and badges and a job to attack the family unit and,men with DV.

As.a well known metaphor "sharpen the knives" you dropout I dont need to say metaphor. It,means prepare for battle. In case of all the angry aborigionals angry that greens put pink vote pedophile cop posterchilds before real kids, they will make exception and sharpen their spears. Ever hear of the night of the long knives? Stupid fuck doesnt even know his history either and the greens are so busy calling us the nazis and the biggots.

Sent from Samsung tablet

New Post
 7/8/2011 3:58 AM standard reply to admins of sites where Luke joins.

Luke McKee is a liar and a slanderer. 

If you wish to read what he has done over the last two days please click below. You may want to remove him from your site as he has already published privileged information of my personal email list of the men leading the effort to re-introduce the rule of law into Australia. This may very well have the effect of endangering the lives of some of these men. 

We have evidence of a murder by NSW Police and we have evidence of ASIO running a psyop to suppress that evidence. 

The man bringing this evidence to light has recently had a credible masonic death threat. I am very serious about these issues. Members of my list have been kidnapped and tortured in the past. 

No one needs men like Luke McKee releasing the email addresses of men who have worked so hard to re-introduce the rule of law in Australia and who remain in Australia despite the obvious risks.

I would ask that you please consider removing him from your site before he does similar here. 

Thank you in advance for you co-operation in this matter.

New Post
 7/20/2011 8:25 PM
Luke is still wasting his time on a misguided hate campaign. Email received from:


It is not a hereticpress email list at all. What stupid thing thing to claim, it was for one email and was not sent to crazy Muslim knife sharpening Luke. Crazy bastard Luke again from Korea again. A tedious little angry man with no productive focus. Peter has done so much work and a sick fucker like Luke spends their time attacking and threatening people, luckily for me I have lots of email addresses. Timothy Edward Anderson was found not guilt pardoned and compensated he is a lecturer at a NSW university. People with nothing positive to do attack others who were trying to help them. You sick bastard Luke, care to face me in person in Australia, I have never published a private person's email address, never. You are the loopy one the psychopath attacking others, Peter with a complaint should be able to get this removed from search engine indexes, and joke is on you with that email address. You hurt me, I am so injured by the publication of a temp email address. Mad fucker.

Yes it is a complete violation of terms of service, what a waste of time, stupid Luke has nothing productive to do. This page will not last long but crazy Luke will make more because he has no focus in life.

New Post
 7/20/2011 9:38 PM
Hi Tim,
just so you know. Illuminati Ingrid is most likely an ASIO Psyop agent.

Feel free to see these links.

We are very lucky to have 'her' on the other side as she is so incompetent. She left an ASIO email address on the message she posted to the hate site...the smtp server was an asio guv name and I pinged it to make sure it existed.

Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) was lawfully noticed about the take down of my videos and was noticed he would stand trial if he allowed it the videos stand but are blocked into Australia...I am yet to take this up with Eric again.

Luke is delusional. Almost everything he posts is flawed. He acted like he really wanted to help to me and then attacked you simply because you and another man have the same name. Very stupid. But he's hardly unique. 

One idiot attacked me for being 'friends' with Robert Menard because he looked up wikipedia and found a 'robert menard' who was some kind of socialist or something somewhere. When I pointed out it was a different man he actually said "I never considered that". 

THAT is how dumb some men are. Can't say I disagree with the idea of the Illuminati fertilising my roses with a man who is that dumb.

Keep up the good work my friend!
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