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 11/3/2012 2:26 AM
I see Glen Sacks as the biggest con job in the whole MRA/Fathers rights area. I have often denounced Glen Sacks as an Illuminati agent. Glen has never bothered to deny these claims despite the fact I have made them quite widely and quite openly in my own name.

I assumed Glen was an agent because of his profile. So I went and posted to his blogs some of the details of my story. This was allowed and welcomed. Then I posted about how all mens problems could be resolved via common law. The post disappeared inside 10 seconds and I was blocked.

I then used another email to post a few posts as a "new" member. They were allowed...then I posted again that common law resolved all the problems of men....this disappeared in seconds and the second email address was blocked. So no more proof was needed to satisfy myself that Glen Sacks is an agent. After all. He got on to Larry King one makes it on to CNN if they are genuine. Certainly not on to a mainstream spot like Larry King.

Anyway.....when I came across Mens News Daily me presumption was that Paul Elam was an agent because of the wide readership and advertising support. I read some of his stuff. Not a word about common law, natural law etc. 

So when an article came up called "I am a citizen" and argued that citizens have rights I pointed out that today citizen is an attribute of the strawman and to claim "I am a citizen" is to claim that you are a legal entity with no rights at all. The writer took offense" at the truth and even claimed that no matter I give him a book to read he would not read it as he knew what he was talking about and anyone who contradicted him was obviously wrong.

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance". Einsten

That quote fits that author.

I also said on that post that women have the brain processing capacity similar to 7 to 10 year old boys based on the proven neuology of the brain. Paul Elam said "Prove it". I posted a number of articles that point out that men have 9x the grey matter in their 18% larger brains and this grey matter is the stuff with which the brain processes information.

I pointed out that this means men can process information in the brain far more quickly than women. This is why you do not see women chess champions despite the fact that there is no physical advantage to men in this activity. I also pointed out this is why you do not see women computer programmers. It is physiological. Women simply do not have as much grey matter by a factor of about 10.

I pointed out that no men can have babies but if a woman says "women are better than men at having babies" that is perfectly ok but if a man says "men have about 9x more grey matter than women and that means they can process information faster" this is "hatred of women" and "discrimination".

Paul Elam banned me of Mens News Daily and called me a parasite to boot. An attempted insult that he has never sought to rectify.

Now Paul Elam has made the following claim. The image is below so that you can see the evidence he did say this.

"A Voice for Men Actually Peter, men like you are the greatest liability to the MRM I have ever seen. There are many women right now at AVfM and other organization working hard on the projects we support, directly advocating for men who are getting royally screwed over. All I have ever seen you offer is trash talk and hate. Your presence here, or at any AVfM outlet is unwanted. Banning you now, and I will ban you from every other venue over which I have control....on sight."

The comment I put on my facebook was as follows.

"Really? "There are many women working hard on projects we support" says Paul Elam. And one of these would be the creation of new courts of law to provide the protection of law to men? No. That would not be one of the projects that are mentioned by Paul Elam. What "projects" does Paul Elam support? Oh, that's right, Paul Elam supports projects to "fix the family law legislation". That is, Paul Elam supports the projects what KEEP MEN SLAVES.....he just suggests the chains might be loosened a bit so the satisfaction of the slaves."

The facts are these. Paul Elam puts himself forward as a "leader" in the MRA area. Yet Paul Elam has NEVER produced an article talking about what are rights, where do they come from, how do you claim them, how do you exercise them and how do you defend them? For a "leader" in this area to claim "leadership" but to NEVER address these issues is damning evidence that where he is leading you is nowhere good.

Further. Despite these things being pointed out to him Paul Elam has NEVER published an article describing natural law, common law and legislation and what the differences are and how legislation only applies via consent of the governed and how that consent might be achieved, and hence withdrawn.

Bill Greathouse denounced Paul Elam on the basis that he has been sucking on the teet of guvment for many years. No man who stands for mens rights would suck on the teet of the very organisation that is abusing men. You can not do a good deal with bad people.

So this is my little denouncement of Paul Elam. It has been a long time coming. It is about time someone pointed out what Paul Elam is NOT saying.

Now. All those of you who want to be "led" by this Judas Sheep into the slaughterhouse of "Legislation" feel free to follow him. But don't be getting upset about me calling you stupid dumb animals who are useless eaters for following someone who is so obviously an agent of those who want to abuse you. That is the height of stupidity.

Notice how Paul Elam uses the usual womens excuse to dismiss what I am saying. From Pauls own mouth.

"All I have ever seen you offer is trash talk and hate. "

Well? Maybe that is because he has not read either of my books, any of my videos, and any of my thousands of comments.

Notice he did NOT say "I have proven that what you have presented is not TRUE". 

Nope. In FIVE years the only man who has come to me and said "You have said something incorrect" was a man who pointed out that the EO that JFK signed did not really change anything....what he signed was already possible...he just put the presidents stamp of approval on it and made it clear that was his intention. I thanked this man for bringing to my attention a mistake I had made in dis-believing the mis-information that had been presented in zeitgeist and many other places. The CORRECT version exists on G edwward Griffins site.

Apart from that honest mistake of believing something that is widely believed? I have not had someone come to me and point out a mistake. If anyone DOES see me say something incorrect I WELCOME being corrected and WELCOME any evidence that I have made a mistake. With one estimate putting 70% of all the "alternative news" out there as being false and misinformation it is actually quite amazing that I have only been misled once to the best of my knowledge.

Also note this.

"Your presence here, or at any AVfM outlet is unwanted. Banning you now, and I will ban you from every other venue over which I have control....on sight."

Now let me see. I am DEMONSTRABLY the most knowledgeable man who might be categorised in the MRA/MRM world when it comes to knowledge of LAW and legislation. And here is a supposed "leader" in the area banning me. Not for being incorrect, but based on the false claim that all he has ever seen from me is "trash talk and hate".

So Paul Elam, a supposed mens rights advocate, advocates violation of the right of freedom of speech I have claimed!?


Gee. I guess that is the same "freedom of speech" the nazis advocated. You can speak freely just as long as you say what we want you to say! LOL!!

Lastly. A lot of people ask me to take a "leadership" position around mens rights. They are frustrated that I refuse to do so and have refused to do so for a long time now. They say "we need a leader, why won't you lead us?"

And the answer is this. In all "leadership" based associations there is the built in ability to subvert that association by way of subverting the leadership. The people in leadership positions. So called "leaders" are easily compromised. Most are openly and willingly collaborators.

Compromises include such simple things as using women to seduce men, men to seduce women...the prospect of false allegations...and finally....threatening the lives of a mans children. And yes, the Illuminati can and do kill children with complete impunity of any man they care to.

So I denounce all organisations based on a "leadership" model whether they are subverted or not because they WILL be subverted if they pose any threat to the Illuminati.

So I refuse to be a "leader" of any sort in the area of MRA/MRM. I am presenting information that men are well advised to read and consider. And if they wind up knowing that what I am saying is TRUE then they are well advised to LEAD THEMSELVES THROUGH THEIR LIVES and never, ever, ever SEEK OUT A LEADER to tell them what to do.

Why? Because if you seek out a leader to tell you what to do you will surely find one. Much to YOUR detriment.

I have had an endless line of men say "please tell me what to do". I say "no, I refuse to do that, I will ADVISE you what to do and I will leave YOU to CHOOSE for YOURSELF what YOU will do and then YOU take responsibility for what YOU CHOSE TO DO."

Men HATE it when I say that because they want to be told what to do so as to waive responsibility for their outcomes.

This is why Paul Elam positions himself as a "leader".

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it."  Joseph Stalin.

My advice to men is this. 

NEVER TRUST ANYONE WHO PUTS THEMESLVES FORWARD AS A LEADER IN THE POLITICAL/LEGAL world. It is very likely that this will be subverted in the future if not already subverted.


Those 1% of you who can that is.
New Post
 11/3/2012 2:54 AM
Here is the screen shot for any who doubt my word.

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ForumForumDiscussionsDiscussionsGeneric Parent ForumGeneric Parent ForumMen of whom I a...Men of whom I a...Paul Elam. The biggest con job in the MRA world after Glen SacksPaul Elam. The biggest con job in the MRA world after Glen Sacks