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 12/6/2014 2:24 AM

I put this comment on this breitbart article.

This comment seems to be gone so I will put it back since it slandered me.

Rather than Breitbard remove such comments I would ask Breitbart to allow them to stand so that I can answer them. So @Breitbart. Milo has written a fantastic article that has got a LOT of people talking. Please allow the comment by Conservative_Conspiracy to stand and please allow my reply to stand. These comments are important to young men, and Milo would do well to write about them.

Thank you.


Conservative_Conspiracy said the following:

"I know you. You are the "man" who provided links to his OWN SON'S FACEBOOK PAGE to invite complete strangers to persecute and harass him. The poor boy was just 21 years old when you plastered his contact details ALL OVER the internet telling strangers to harass him because you happened to dislike his mother. You also ADMITTEDLY disowned your own children when they were just young teenagers. You are a PATHETIC piece of SCUM, regardless of your sex. It is only human GARBAGE like you who want to destroy the relationships between the sexes and thus end the human race. Go back to worshipping SATAN where you belong."

12:48 a.m., Saturday Dec. 6 

So. You must be a WOMAN to make comments like this. 

My former sons name is Joshua John Nolan. This is his facebook. 

He was 14 when his mother committed perjury in an attempt to gain money. Joshua told his mother to her face that he wished to live with me and that she was greedy and selfish for trying to get money from me that she had not earned. He told her to sort out her problems with me and to not remove his father from his life for money. I was proud of him stating his position like that. It took a lot of courage for a 14 year old boy to say that to his mother.

Given he was a child, 14, he was left out of the divorce and was not told of the crimes his mother committed at the time. On the occasion of his 19th birthday, as an ADULT, he was sent a book that detailed the crimes of his mother and told that I expected him to stand up for truth, justice and equality before the law. In this he failed.

Now. This woman would have you believe I proposed people "persecute and harass him". This is a lie. It is typical of women lying today. I proposed people contact him and ask him for his side of the story NOW HE IS AN ADULT. Funny how suggesting an ADULT is asked HIS SIDE OF THE STORY suddenly turns into "persecute and harass" when talked about by a woman but SEVEN YEARS OF CRIMINAL PERSECUTION OF A MAN IS PERFECTLY OK.

Joshua John Nolan was born on May 20th 1993. He is nearly 22 years old. He is smack in the middle of the demographic this article is aimed at. Milo has EVERY RIGHT to contact Joshua John Nolan and ask him about his view on being disowned as a 14 year old due to the crimes of his mother. Milo has EVERY RIGHT to publish Joshua John Nolans views should Joshua give his consent to do so.

I think it would be a good article. Get the story right from a young mans mouth. How has his life been affected by his mother being an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abuser. These are important questions that affect TENS OF MILLIONS OF YOUNG MEN. What is the IMPACT of the social experiment in condoning perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse.

In Joshuas case he had the opportunity to study at my side and take over my business one day. If he chose to go in to my line of work he would have had a FAR EASIER start to life than I did. I am one of the top Business Intelligence Consultants in the world. I was the man who designed the Business Intelligence System for the Electronic Arts PS3 roll out. Those are my kind of clients. Joshua was BLESSED with the opportunity of a father who is a world leader in his field and if his mother was not such a criminal he would have had the CHOICE of taking over my business. Me? I had to WORK MY ARSE OFF to get through university sleeping for only 4 hours a day for most of 2 years at one stage. I had to WORK MY ARSE OFF when I worked at IBM to compete with the other young men for the best jobs and the promotions. My father was not in a position to help me once I left home. He was a humble clerk in a local utility. He got me through high school but after that there was nothing he COULD do.

I, on the other hand, could have taken Joshua John Nolan, if he so chose, under my wing up until his 30s and given him opportunities almost NO other young man ever gets. I could have given him opportunites other young men reading this can only DREAM OF. 

But he lost those opportunities for one reason and one reason only. His mother was an adulteress, prostitute, criminal child abuser.

And now this woman says that asking Joshua to tell HIS SIDE OF THE STORY IS "persercution and harassment"? I think not. I think it is LONG PAST TIME we heard the voice of young men of divorce tell us exactly what the result of the crimes of their mothers was. We have read the stats. 4x more likely to be in jail. 5x more likely to rape and violently abuse women. 5x more likely to fall into drug addiction...we all know the disaster that divorce visits on young men.

But here we have an extremely intelligent and articulate young man who was disowned by his father and who lost many of his chances in life SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE HIS MOTHER WAS A CRIMINAL.

I say to you Milo, please contact this young man, please interview him, please publish his story no matter what that story is. Have young Joshua John Nolan tell the world what the effect of having an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing mother is. 

Because if we are not prepared to tell the stories of the boys criminally abused and the effect it has on them for young men? We will never hold these criminal women accountable for their crimes.

Thank You Breitbard for allowing my comment to stand.

PS. "The poor boy was just 21 years old"

We send lads 18 years old to WAR. Only a woman would ever make a comment like that.
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