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 6/30/2014 6:18 PM
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An Essay To All Man-o-Sphere Commentators by Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)

Intended Audience:
This Essay is intended to be read by the people who are on my personal email list as well as anyone else who would like to read/listen.

In this Essay the term "men" refers to men who men who were raised and live in the anglo-sphere which I define to include India because of the heavy anglo influence in India. The term "men" specifically does NOT include men who live in Germany and further east.

The term "women" will be used to mean "western women" who live in the anglo-sphere. When I wish to refer to women who live in Germany I will specifically say so. I wish it to be clear to all readers that my position is that people who live in Germany are not the subject of this essay except where specifically noted.

This essay has been published on these links. It may be reproduced in whole or in part as anyone else wishes with the sole restriction that the source article must be cited and linked so that no "out of context" quotes can be made. If you want to discuss the essay then you are welcome to discuss it on the forum.

Dated: 2014-07-01

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1. Introduction


The purpose of this essay, or you could call it an open letter, is to constructively criticise the men in the man-o-sphere who are commentators on all issues related to men. Some of these commentators have blogs or websites, some of them have video channels, some of them have both. So I have used the term "commentators" rather than just writers to include those men who write little but make plenty of videos. One of the more obvious such men is Bernard Chapin.

The reason for constructively criticising such men is obvious. Although many of them say "I just want to help men" and "I am doing everything I can"? This is not true. One thing that men who are commentators in the man-o-sphere could be doing that they are not doing which would be VERY helpful is informing men the TRUTH about guvmint, law and legislation.

There are no commentators informing their audiences that legislation is not law and does not have to be obeyed. There are no commentators telling men that they can choose to rescind their consent to be governed if they would like to. There are no commentators telling men that alimony and child support are voluntary and men need not volunteer. No commentators are telling men how to deal with false allegations such as rape, sexual harassment or domestic violence. Areas where false allegations are made on a very regular basis. No commentators are telling men how to get men out of jail who are unlawfully incarcerated for victimless crimes.

That these things are not widely known is one of the major causes of the continued high suicide rate of men in divorce and the continued high suicide rate of men in general.

When I set out to solve the problems of the family courts in 2008 I had figured that all the men who were crying out for a remedy would actually use it if it was created.

The remedy was delivered on 2009-11-26 and it has gone largely unused. It has been widely suppressed by men who are commentators in the man-o-sphere. Men have not even critiqued the remedy or the video associated with it. The video and the transcript are available on this link. The books that explain what is happening on the video are available on this link.

And yet, there has not been one single man in the man-o-sphere that has any sort of audience who has studied these books and studied this video and asserted his opinion. This is despite the fact that in the interim period, late 2010 to mid 2014, these same men have written tens of thousands of articles and made tens of thousands of video collectively. ALL on other  topics other than the remedy to the issues men face today. It is a very interesting question to ask:
  • Why not even a critique?
  • If I am so wrong? Point out the errors.

As far as I am aware I am the only man with the skill, knowledge, ability, means, motive and commitment to create something like the Mens Business Association. If there is another man who can do this? By all means please introduce me to him. I would like to meet him! Maybe he will co-operate and collaborate with me. Who knows?

In the end? This essay or open letter, whatever you want to call it, simply points out that men are NOT helping other men. That men are much more interested in promoting their own mediocre ideas rather than searching for the truth and reporting the truth to their audiences. And this is killing many men every year. Sad to say.

And with that introduction? Let's get started on the biggest culprits of all in the man-o-sphere. A Voice for Monkeys. 


2A. A Voice for Monkeys

A Voice for Monkeys, Manginas and other weak men just had their conference in Detroit last week. I guess you can read all about it on the A Voice for Monkeys site. A Voice for Monkeys is one of the best examples of NOT HELPING MEN that I can make of men in the Man-o-sphere.

If you think Paul Elam actually wants to help men? I suggest you go over to his site and ask him some question. Hell, I will even give you the questions to ask.

  • What is your plan or proposal to secure the rights of men?

That's a pretty simple question isn't it? If Paul Elam is genuine and he has been involved with "mens rights" for so long he must have a plan he has articulated right? So ask him what it is. Ask him to give you the link to where it has been published.

Here is another one.

  • What is your position on men who commit crimes? Should they be required to remedy the crimes they commit? Should some men be above the law and not need to remedy their crimes?

That's pretty simple set of questions. Are men accountable and responsible for remedying any crimes they commit with no exceptions? Ask A Voice for Monkeys leader Paul Elam that question. And no matter what his answer is? Give him this link where Al Martin committed the crime of slander against me.

2B. A Voice for Monkeys

Paul Elam supported this slander and in doing so became a willing accessory to the crime. So Paul Elam is running conferences on "Mens Rights" while also publicly claiming that he and Al Martin are above the law and have, by some way, come across the right to slander other men.

Here is another question you might want to ask Paul Elam and the A Voice for Monkeys Crowd. I asked Dean Esmay this question on the Mens Human Rights facebook and he immediately told lies about me and then ran away like a little girl.

Please show me where you have documented the answers to these questions.
  1. Where do rights come from?
  2. How do you claim them?
  3. How do you exercise them?
  4. How do you defend them when violated?

I think you will find that the self proclaimed "leading voice in mens rights" has NEVER documented the answers to these questions. Indeed, you will find that NO MEN in the man-o-sphere have documented the answers to these questions.

Another good question you might like to ask Paul Elam is this.

  • How come, after all this time, you don't have a documented plan on how to secure the rights of men?

A Voice for Monkeys is deliberately leading men astray so that they do not find out what is really happening in the world. And they will even go so far as to slander me and lie about me to make sure men do not read what I have written in my books.

3A. Men Do Not Help Other Men

In the past I have heavily criticised men for not helping other men. I have made video after video and published them. I have written some recent essays on this topic. Here are a list of some of the videos and essays I have written. I would point out that ALL the commentators in the man-o-sphere have refused to pick up and discuss my criticism of men.

That is about 20 videos and 4 essays that are heavily critical of men and how men hate other men and how men do not help other men. As you can see. I can in no way be criticised for remaining silent on the issue of how much men hate other men and refuse to help other men. I can in no way be criticised for not saying to men that they are liars and hypocrites on the issue of helping other men because when men actually ASK for help they are not helped.

Angry Harry was tweeting from the A Voice for Monkeys conference about how when men ask for help they are ridiculed and hated on rather than actually, you know, HELPED!!

Whereas on the other hand? If a woman has broken fingernail men will fall all over themselves HELPING A WOMAN.

I have pointed out MANY times that men are far more sexist, discriminatory and bigoted than women are. Men will step over their dying homeless brother on the footpath to help a woman with a broken fingernail. And we all know this.

To repeat myself? I am among the best of the best men. I used to think I was a pretty "normal guy". I used to think there was nothing "special" about me. When I saw a man in trouble I would go and ask him if he needed a hand. Where it was clear a man needed a hand I would intervene and offer.

I have stepped in to the middle of potentially violent situations to help a man much smaller than his attacker. I have given good men money who would otherwise be homeless. I have brought men back from the edge of suicide. I have given homeless men a little money to buy a decent meal and a beer to brighten up their day. I have given legless men a little money to help them in their lives which are much tougher than mine.

3B. Men Do Not Help Other Men

I have had money in the past and I will have money again in the future. When I have a little money it is only the right thing to do to help those less fortunate than myself. As my grand mothers taught me when I was a little boy, when I see someone who is less well off than me I should thank the good lord and say that "But for the grace of God there go I."

My grand mothers were very big on teaching us boys that there are many people in the world who are less fortunate than I was and that I should be thankful for every day that I am in good health and good spirits because that could change at any point in time.

When I was criminally victimised in my divorce I looked around for what help was available. There is none. All the "Fathers Rights" groups are a total JOKE! All they do is hand out useless advice. Indeed, much of the time the advice is WORSE THAN USELESS, it is DAMAGING advice.

Having realised that all the men in the "Fathers Rights" area had no idea of what they were doing and were too stupid to know that they had no idea what they were doing my research led me further afield. I did this in 2008. I would point out that SIX YEARS LATER THAT NONE OF THE FATHERS RIGHTS MORONS HAVE GONE LOOKING FOR THE REMEDY DESPITE THE FACT IT HAS BEEN SHOVED DOWN THEIR THROATS.

That is how little "Fathers Rights Advocates" want to help fathers and men. They want to help them so much they refuse to go looking for a remedy. They want to help them so much they refuse to talk about a remedy when it is shoved down their throats.

In that period, back in 2008 and 2009 I found guys like Robert Hay, Robert Menard, John Harris, David Icke, Michael Tsarion and many more. Of course, what I found out was that the entire system of global governance was a criminal cartel. One of the best books I read at the time was Robert Hays The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite. You can find a ton of information on his web site

Robert Hay is the deepest thinker in the world on these issues. I count him as a friend. If you are not on his email list? You should get on it. There is no one else in the world that I can find who is thinking to the depth and breadth that Robert Hay is thinking. And ALL the commentators in the man-o-sphere have ignored him. You prefer to spit out your own ideas, which are at a FAR lower level than Robs, rather than go and find out who the deepest thinkers are and repeat their ideas to your audience.

3C. Men Do Not Help Other Men

In short, the commentators of the man-o-sphere prefer to invent mediocrity and spread shallow thinking than to go do their research and find the best of the best and simply repeat their words and work.

Emulating genius, repeating genius, is FAR more useful than inventing mediocrity that will help no one. And yet that is exactly what ALL the commentators in the man-o-sphere are doing. They are inventing the stuff at their own level and spewing it out because it is "new" to them rather than actually doing some reading and research and finding out who has the best ideas in an area and simply repeating and referencing the BEST IDEAS.

By inventing mediocrity and spewing it all over the internet what the commentators in the man-o-sphere are ACTUALLY doing is repeating lies and creating such a cacophony that it is nearly impossible for the TRUTH and the BEST IDEAS to get a run.  Men listening to man-o-sphere commentators can not find the best ideas because they are drowned out by a cacophony of noise, garbage, useless "advice" and outright lies like what comes out of A Voice for Monkeys.

Now, it is all very well for the average moron like Al Martin to spew hatred and lies all over A Voice for Monkeys as he did in this article. No one expects anyone at A Voice for Monkeys to be honest. No one expects anyone at A Voice for Monkeys to be doing anything that will actually HELP OTHER MEN.

But all those OTHER commentators in the man-o-sphere? At least a FEW of your listeners expect you to be actually making your best efforts to inform them of the best ideas. And you are letting them down badly.

The obvious question is this. If I can go and find all these men I mentioned above and find out that the entire system of global governance is a criminal cartel as long ago as 2008 and 2009,


Really? What is stopping all your other men who are commentators in the man-o-sphere find the MOUNTAINS of evidence that says your entire system of global governance is a criminal cartel? It is not like the criminal scumbags are hiding what it is they are doing. Any man with a brain can see that the legal system is a total crock. Especially around the area of family law. I mean how many tens of thousands of men belong to some form of "fathers rights" group?


3D. Men Do Not Help Other Men

Are your trying to tell me that you men who are commentators in the man-o-sphere are still trying to push the idea, in 2014,  that the family courts are just a "mistake"? That the decisions are "accidentally biased and unfair" as opposed to what they really are? Deliberately criminal. Are you still trying to deny that the situation in the family courts is a conspiracy and that it is well planned and intentional?

Because if you are still trying to push that lie? Good luck to you because you are destroying your own credibility if you are  trying to say that the situation in the family courts is some how "accidental" and "unplanned". No man should take you seriously if you are still pushing that lie.

Now. I went away and I found the men who had the newest and best ideas. Some of those men went to jail, willingly, testing out those new ideas. They walked in to courts in front of witnesses and cops and they tried out new ideas that we did not know would work or not and they were willing to be the "guinea pigs" for these new ideas on how to deal with the criminal scumbags called Judges and Police.

Not all the new ideas worked, of course. Some of them failed and the brave man spent a few days in jail to pay the price of the failure. Each failure ruled out one way to approach the criminals called Judges and Police. Each success brought us one step closer to having a comprehensive remedy. And guess what? NONE of you man-o-sphere commentators were willing to report to your audiences our progress on these items in 2008, 2009. You continued to simply spout your own mediocre ideas.

When "The Spearhead" opened up in 2009 I thought "maybe here is a place where I can actually break the news of what is really going on to other men". Nope. The very men who would benefit from shutting the hell up for 5 minutes and listening to the TRUTH were the loudest detractors of the TRUTH. They wrapped up their detraction of the TRUTH with lies about me and attacking me. But what they were really attacking was the TRUTH presented by me. And because virtually ALL the men who were commenters on "The Spearhead" in 2009 and 2010 attacked me, lied about me, criticised me and generally made a nuisance of themselves rather than LISTENING TO THE TRUTH PRESENTED BY ME they are the direct cause of many tens of thousands, indeed many hundreds of thousands of more men killing themselves and many millions of men living in poverty or living in prison.

The men commenting on "The Spearhead" sure as hell do not want to help other men. THAT is for sure and for certain. And neither does Bill Price.

3E. Men Do Not Help Other Men

Now. I did mention this in the essay E010 - Men Hate Men Much More Than Women Hate Men but I will repeat myself here briefly so that men who read this but do not read the whole essay get a feel for how little men help other men.

I have asked for help. I have asked for more than 6 years now. A very small number of men have helped me. I eventually cut it down to things men could help me with that are very simple and cost nothing. You can see that list on this list of help Peter has asked for. As you will see on the list I have not asked for anything excessive. Just to pass around my work to help me save other mens lives. To help me get new courts and new juries up and running. Even these small things are too much to ask men for help with.

Indeed, it is true to say that there is nothing so small a man can ask for help with that will not be seen as too much to ask for by the men who are asked. There is nothing so small a man can ask for that other men will not criticise him for asking and be told "do that yourself".

The very best example of how little I have asked for and how men refuse to do even that is as follows. Crimes Against Fathers has been a huge success. We are getting 130,000 hits per month. Links to CAF are in so many places we have a high page rank so the search engines are scanning the site regularly to see what has changed.

I asked men to chip in a few bucks to pay for the site. No one would. So I put a donate button on the front page. You can see it if you click on the front page of the site. To date there has not been ONE DONATION to the site. Not even ONE. This is despite the fact that I have paid for it out of my own pocket and despite the fact I have put in USD500,000 of my own money to help other men.

So I put some ads on the site. I have asked men to click on the ad on CAF if it is showing you something that is genuinely interesting to you. No ad click fraud. Just if you see an ad on CAF and you are interested please click.


3F. Men Do Not Help Other Men

Or, even better, if you see an ad on another site you want to click on try going to CAF and see if you see the same ad. If you want to click on an ad and you can bring it up in CAF I will get few cents to support the site from your click. Do you think men could do even as much as click on an ad on a web site if they are interested in the ad and want to help pay for CAF? Nope. Even THAT little thing is too much to ask from men to help me help other men.

Men have this thing that "all help for men must be free". Really? Why? Men do not expect a meal in a restaurant to be free. They do not expect a taxi ride to be free. They do not expect a plumber or electrician to come to their house and fix anything for free. But "help" with respect to this sort of law work should be "free".

Even more interesting. A lot of men say "Well, if Peter is charging for a book now then he must be a con artist in it only for the money. The information in his book must be suspect if he wants us to pay for it."

Turn that around. If someone offered you a free meal for no reason at all? Say he said "come back to my house and I will give you a free meal". Would you take that offer? Or would think to yourself "no one offers a man a free meal without an ulterior motive, so no I will not accept a free meal from a total stranger."

That would be MUCH more likely your response, right? But when it comes to the sort of information that has been so hard won men expect this to be "free". Further, they do not value the time and effort that went in to being able to collect this information.

I really have spent 4,000 hours and USD500,000 on this effort. Do men appreciate this? Do men respect this? No. Of course not. Indeed some men have criticised me and called me names for being willing to put so much effort in to help other men. Men criticise me for having love and compassion in my heart for other men. This is worthy of hatred. This is worthy of lies. This is worthy of criticism according most men.

Of course, helping women would be trumpeted as "you are one of the good guys". Helping women will gain a man applause from other men. Helping men will gain a man hatred, condemnation, demonisation, vilification, criticism and lots of other nasty comments. This is how much men hate men and love women.

3G. Men Do Not Help Other Men

It is exactly because men hate men much more than women hate men and because men always love women and will fight other men to defend women that it has become NECESSARY for men to kill women so as to re-introduce the rule of law and so as to gain the protection of the law for men.

I address this issue in the video G13 - Something for Western Women. In this video I go in to great deal explaining that the ONLY way to re-introduce the rule of law that is now available in most countries is for the men who are victims of crimes of women to kill women until the MEN who are the fathers, husbands, brothers and sons of women finally decide that they have to offer jury trials and the protection of the law to men so that men will slow up on killing THEIR WOMEN.

Since twitter is full of women I have been tweeting that it has now become NECESSARY for men to kill women in rapidly increasing numbers so as to get the men to look into the underlying cause of the increase in deadly violence against women, especially in divorce, and realise that it is the lack of a path to justice for men that is the underlying cause.

Once MEN realise that THEIR WOMEN are at increased risk because of the lack of a path to justice those MEN will finally decide to offer jury trials and a path to justice for men who are victims of crimes of women because if they do not then THEIR WOMEN might be next.

One message that the commentators in the man-o-sphere would do very well to put out is that if men loved their women and wanted to protect them then they would hold their women accountable for their crimes because if they don't they can have no complaint when their women are subject to crimes by angry men. Indeed. I would urge women to demand the men in their life hold women criminals accountable for their crimes so that the woman herself is less likely to be the victim of a crime.  

Naturally all the women and their mangina lackeys are FREAKING OUT that a man is say that killing women is NECESSARY. They tell all sort of lies about me rather than asking the question. "Why do you say killing women is necessary".

It is the usual thing. Attack the man, do not discuss the facts of the matter. In the west today name calling and attacking men has replaced any pretence at logical argument and reasoning. Since  there is no logical argument and reasoning available in the area of securing the rights of men and securing the protection of the law for men the ONLY path left is the emotional path. And there is nothing that will ping the emotions of a woman or one of her mangina lackeys than by suggesting that killing women is NECESSARY to secure the protection of the law for men.

So if a few man-o-sphere commentators started quoting me and pointing out that I am saying killing women is NECESSARY to secure the protection of the law for men? That would shake up a few rationalisation hamsters. It would also shake up a few manginas.

3H. Men Do Not Help Other Men

My position is very simple on this point. It is as follows. I have even put it in red and bold to make it clear.

Any man who is over the age of 21 and is NOT willing to sit on one of our new all male juries in our all male courts that we are creating for the Mens Business Association has waived the protection of the law for himself and for all others, women included.

If a man is not willing to sit on a jury to secure the rights of others then he has no grounds for complaint if his rights are violate or if the rights of someone he cares about are violated. He has waived anyone having any right to a jury trial by being unwilling to sit on a jury trial himself.

Now. I have had the CAF sites up for a couple of years. I have asked tens of thousands of men to take on the job of jury privilege for the payment of one ounce of silver per hour of jury service. Men will not do this. They say "it is someone elses job to perform jury service, it is not my job."

Really? And who else should this very important job fall to? A woman? A member of the guvmint? Is this why we should have trials with no juries, just judges? Because men are incompetent to serve on juries? Men should just delegate this to criminal judges and women? And then the men "complain" that the criminal judges and the women are rendering decisions that suite themselves and are criminal and oppressive against men? This comes as a "surprise" to men! LOL! Really?

Now, I am one of the best men around. There are very few men better than me. There are very few men who are my equal. And yet when I ask for help men fall all over themselves making excuses as to why they will not help me. Why they will not serve on all male juries. Well? If YOU have heard me call for men to sit on all make juries and you have either turned me down or not forwarded the call to your audience?  You can have no complaints if some woman in your life that you care about is criminally vicitimised by a man.

Neither can you expect that she should have the benefit of MEN going out and finding who caused her injury, harm and loss. You, Sir, by refusing to sit on a jury and refusing to pass my call along are at cause in the rapidly increasing number of women being killed by angry men. And here is a forum with 450+ examples of men killing women. Just click on this link.

Of course, as soon as we have jury trials for women where women crirminals are held equal before the law to men? Then it will not be NECESSARY for men to kill women to gain a path to justice. They can bring their case to Mens Business Association Law Services.

And yes. What chapter on pointing out how men refuse to hel other men would be complete without mentioning The Truth Be Told and how men will not buy a copy of this book for the princely sum of USD12? Men will not even buy a 149 page book that embeds incredibly important information for a measly USD12. That is how little men will help other men. And, of course, like the excellent salesman I am? You can buy this book both for personal use and as a gift copy on this link

4A. MEN Do Not Show MEN Due Respect

Now it is pretty obvious that some men like Paul Elam, Dean Esmay, and Al Martin are scumbags who like to go around telling lies about men in general and me in particular.

Just like the feminists they criticise men like this slander me and lie about me because they do not have any arguments. More importantly, they do not have a plan and they are trying to lead men astray. They are leading men down the "law reform" garden path whereas men can rescind their consent to be governed and ignore all legislation and any efforts to force legislation on to them.

But a much bigger problem in the man-o-sphere is that men do not see that other men should have the protection of the law and men do not see that other men should be shown the respect they have earned.

Now I am going to pick a little bit on two men I have a lot of respect and a lot of time for because it is way too easy to pick on A Voice for Monkeys. Everyone knows Paul and the gang are leading men astray. No one with a brain would take Paul Elam seriously. And that shows you how many stupid people there are around today.

It is much more instructive to constructively criticise men I actually have a lot of time and respect for in their individual fields.

The two men I would constructively criticise are Bernard Chapin and Roosh. Neither men are what I would call "friends" of mine. I have not spoken directly to either man over a phone. So I can hardly lay claim that someone I have never spoken to would qualify as a "friend".

Roosh came to my notice when he published an article criticising the MRA world and this article was brought to my attention. What he said was "on the money" so I spent more time reading what he was talking about. I think he is a good young man who has his heart in the right place. I think he is doing the best he knows how to do at his stage of life and at his skill level. Roosh is also a great writer. He has great skills with the written word.

As the man brining Return of Kings to the world he is doing a great service to tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of young men.

4B. MEN Do Not Show MEN Due Respect

So I have only good words to say about Roosh. Further, his reported experiences of Eastern European women so closely parallel my experiences there is no way he is lying about his experiences. I know that he is being honest in his reporting of what he experiences and I can't ask for more than that.

Roosh also entertained me posting the photograph of my ex on ROK articles when Michael Toal, my mentally ill ex brother in law, was slandering me in the comments over there. So I am quite grateful that Roosh allowed that on ROK as a good example of what men should do with their ex wives when they are prostitute, criminal, child abusers like Jennifer Toal is.

But even Roosh banned me off his forums as a "self promotion troll". Even Roosh does not wish young men to learn how to defend themselves from such things like false rape allegations, false sexual harassment allegations, false imprisonment for non-crimes like having some of Gods own produce on your person.

Roosh will run a site telling men how to use "game" to get laid more often. But Roosh and his pals have nothing to say if that "date" turns in to a false rape allegation. As far as the ROK writers are concerned if they teach you how to get laid more often and one of those incidents leads to you being charged with a false rape allegation? Then you are on your own.

More than anything else the lack of interest in how to help the more than 1 MILLION men in the US who are unlawfully incarcerated based on victimless crimes by anyone over at ROK is a disappointment more than anything else. They are trying to help young men, sure, but they are not going far enough given that to go further would cost them nothing. All they would have to do is repeat my work over on ROK. Or, even better, ask me to write articles for them so they can publish them and educate men on the difference between law and legislation and teach men how to deal with false allegations.

So given that I have made no negative comments about Roosh and what he is doing, indeed I have praised him and complemented him on what he is doing it is sad that he would ban me as a "self promotion troll". It is sad he would show me that dis-respect. It is sad that he has not educated himself from my work and come to understand the value of my work to him personally.

4C. MEN Do Not Show MEN Due Respect

For example? If Roosh and the guys at ROK were to help me promote the World Passport and get it accepted across many countries there are tens of thousands of men who would want one.

I mean, how many readers of ROK would like to have a World Passport issued under contract to the Mens Business Association so that the MBA Law Services are available to any man who uses the passport and gets himself in difficulty while visiting another country? After all? We have all seen how much help a mans own guvmint is if he is visiting another country and falsely accused of rape, right? Just ask Julian Assange how much help the Australian guvmint has been these last 2 years, right?

But will the writers over at ROK tell anyone about the World Passport? Will they ask for any of their readers who are lawyers to help me get the World Passport accepted all over the world?

No. They won't. They will not help me help MILLIONS of other men. Instead they will give men dating tips and self improvement tips. This is valuable, sure, but does not go far enough in my humble opinion. I think it is more important to get men released from jail who are unlawfully incarcerated than it is to give men dating tips. Call me crazy.

Until men like Roosh and the ROK writers start to show men like me the respect we have earned rather than calling me a "self promotion troll"? Men like Roosh and the ROK writers and the ROK readers can have no complaint that western women have no respect for them. They exhibit no respect for men who have earned it so under the law of "do unto others as you would have done to yourself" Roosh and the ROK writers have no grounds to expect women OR MEN to show them any respect.

And this is sad because learning how to show men the respect they have earned is an important part of growing up and becoming a man. Mutual respect between men who have earned each others respect is a very "special relationship" that women never participate in. And this sort of "special relationship" has disappeared in the west. You almost never see any men showing each other respect for their achievements any more. About the only people you see shown respect for their achievements are sportsmen because their achievements are so public and so clear.

But by only respecting world class sportsmen this leaves the vast majority of the male population with no access to being given the respect they have earned from other men. The vast majority of men are not "world class sportsmen". When I was a lad we showed the older men the respect they had earned. Especially returned servicemen at the annual ANZAC DAY PARADES.

4D. MEN Do Not Show MEN Due Respect

But today? Even a young lad like Roosh will not show a man like me the respect I have earned. Indeed a young lad like Roosh will go out of his way to dis-respect me by banning me on his forums as a "self promotion troll". I feel sad for Roosh that he has not learned how to learn from other men and not learned how to respect older men who are his betters. I hope he learns that one day. But I fail to see where he is going to get such a role model from or where he is going to learn how to respect me like me from. When I look around the world there are almost no men who will teach young men how to respect their elders and their betters outside the area of sports.

Now I am sure Roosh will take this criticism as intended. For something for him to think about. If Roosh reads this, and I am pretty sure he will, if he just stops to ask the question "Do I show the appropriate respect for my elders and my betters?" then he will be on the first step to learning in that particular direction. And Roosh has shown himself to be a young man who is interested in learning.

Next is Bernard Chapin. The founder of Chapins inferno. I have no idea how many men I have sent in Berns direction. I tell every man I meet on line to check out Chapins Inferno. Bern even banned me off his channel for some comments I made about violence at one time. Some of my subs were so put out that I even made a video supporting Bern banning me as the correct decision for him. So even though Bern banned me on one of my accounts I supported his decision to do so. The feminist trolls might use my comments to injure Berns channel which is why I supported the ban on that userid.

I have a LOT of time for Bern. I think he is the best commenter in the man-o-sphere. He is obviously sincere. He has put the hard yards in. When the Mens Business Association is up and running I hope to be able to offer him a reasonably well paid job to produce shows for the Mens Business Association. Few things would please me more than to be able to offer Bern a full time job that is reasonably well paid for doing what he loves. It is yet to be seen if the MBA will be successful enough to sustain a full time job for Bern. But that is my hope.

So what constructive criticism can I offer men using Bern as an example? Well right on Berns channel Mr. E. called me a "leftist", a "con man" and a "narcissist". Mr. E called me these things after being given a bit of a dressing down for claiming that the only men who get screwed over in divorce deserved it or chose toxic women in the first place. I told Mr. E when he made the comment that it was very poorly chosen and suggested he might wish to revise that comment given my case and the clear documentation that the family courts are a criminal cartel and he was blaming men for being the victims of crimes.


4E. MEN Do Not Show MEN Due Respect

Mr. E. pushed on and made a right fool out of himself and exposed himself as unsympathetic to the many tens of millions of men who have been victims of family courts.

Rather than leave the discussion on the channels that they were made on Mr. E decided that he would slander me and tell lies about me in the comments on Berns channel. I opposed these comments where they were made, on Berns channel, and suggested a retraction and apology was called for in preference to me bringing a slander case against him.

Bern then intervened and asked me not to "hassle" Mr. E. I pointed out to Bern that Mr. E had lied about me on his channel comments and the normal "right of reply" should apply. Bern asked me again to not "hassle" Mr. E. So I chose to do as Bern asked me to do. I no longer comment directly to Mr. E on Berns channel.

But the point is this. Bern is one of the best men I know. If you watch his videos one of the things he says he would like is for feminists to stop telling lies about men. And yes, when one of his friends, who Bern openly calls a friend, tells lies on his channel about me, Bern did not ask Mr. E to "stop telling lies about Peter".

I am using Bern as an example because he is one of the best of the best men in the man-o-sphere. The obvious point, and I do hope it is obvious, is this. If one of the best of the best men, the best commentator in the man-o-sphere, will not rebuke a man who is telling lies about another man on his channel, in the public, then how can any men expect WOMEN to stop telling lies about men? If MEN are not willing to openly criticise and denounce MEN who are criminals (Paul Elam, Dean Esmay, Al Martin), and are not willing to denounce men who are liars (Mr. E) then how can men possibly imagine women are going to stop telling lies about MEN?

If MEN are not willing to deal with criminals among their own how on earth do MEN imagine that women are going to deal with criminals among their own? I mean, really? Men expect women to do something MEN will not do? Good luck with that!

Another example on Berns channel is that Bern referred to Al Martin as "a good guy". Al Martin is a criminal slandered. So if even Bern will praise and support a criminal slanderer why would ANY woman take men seriously?

If a man is a criminal slanderer like Al Martin is? He MUST be publicly denounced. It MUST be demanded of him that he make remedy voluntarily. And if a man who is a criminal slanderer will not make remedy voluntarily then he MUST be put on trial for his crime of slander. If MEN will not put MEN on trial who are criminal slanderers they can have no complaint when women criminally slander them.

4F. MEN Do Not Show MEN Due Respect

The case of Al Martin criminally slandering me is VERY public. Because it is VERY public I want to be paid my USD10,000 in compensation for the slander of my good name. A Voice for Monkeys is getting plenty of donations from the idiots who listen to Paul Elam so it should be no problem for them to get enough donations to pay my fee for criminally slandering me, right?

The point is even though Bern knows Al Martin to be a criminal slanderer he publicly called Al Marin a "good guy" on his channel. Bern would have been better advised to say Al Martin is a known liar, a known criminal slanderer.

A third example is this one. Karen Straughan has been something of a disaster in the area of Mens Rights. She does not have the best interest of men at heart any more than most men have the interests of men at heart. I have consistently criticised Karen for more than two years now. You can watch my video on Karen on this link. I have made all my criticisms of Karen in public in my own name. She is welcome to respond to them and has chosen not to. I would be more than happy to do a recorded phone call with Karen to go over my criticisms of her. I would be more than happy if Karen actually started to be a positive influence in the the process to secure mens rights. But she won't alter what she is saying to be a positive influence. And men are so stupid, sexist, and discriminatory that they attack me personally for criticising Karen rather than dealing with any of the points I raise. In short, men act exactly like feminists when I criticise Karen.

Karen made a comment on Berns channel. I replied to her comment. A fairly innocuous reply by my standards. Bern asked me to "go easy on Karen" or words to that effect.

This is very sexist, discriminatory and biased of Bern because he has never asked anyone to "go easy on Peter" in comments on his channel. Why on earth would Karen need anyone to "go easy on her", especially me who has openly criticised her publicly where Karen can easily listen to what I have to say if she chooses to.

Again. The point is not to criticise Bern per se. The point is to use Bern as an example of the best commentator in the man-o-sphere engaging in behaviour that he himself criticises when done by feminists. Karen Straughan is well able to handle a bit of criticism, especially true and valid criticism. So why even bother making this comment? And why do so many OTHER men attack me personally because I have publicly, fairly, justly and RIGHTLY criticised Karen Straughan?

And by the way? What the HELL are men doing allowing a WOMAN to talk on their behalf? What sort of losers are Mens Rights Activists when you need WOMEN to speak for you, eh? You think WOMEN speaking for you does not scream out:


4G. MEN Do Not Show MEN Due Respect

The very fact Karen is so "popular" with men is a damning indictment of the sexism, discrimination and bigotry of men towards men and the idolatry of women.

As far as I can tell? Karen has not said ONE THING that is useful in the Mens Rights Area. I listened to many of her videos and the one that I decided to make the MOST comments on was the one about false rape. But Karen is not Robinson Caruso talking about false rape allegations. Men have talked about false rape allegations for a LONG time now.

As far as I can tell? And I have not listened to EVERYTHING Karen has said to be clear...I have not heard her say or seen her write ONE THING that has not been said by some other man or that is original and is important. And yet? Men are falling all over her praising her and donating money to her! LOL!

It would be a JOKE except that every day men are dying, killing themselves with their own hands. I can save their lives. Karen can't. And yet Karen is praised and I am ignored. And men, by ignoring me and not supporting the Mens Business Association Law Services to help these men are condemning these men to death by their own hand.

And THAT is what is really at stake because of the sexism, discrimination, bigotry and HATRED that men display towards other men. What is REALLY at stake is mens lives. And men would rather idolise and pay attention to Karen Straughan who will NEVER do anything to save mens lives than help me save mens lives. And that is a LOT of sexism, discrimination, bigotry and HATRED that men display. That such sexism, discrimination and bigotry is even demonstrated by Bern tells you men just how ingrained this sexism, discrimination and bigotry is.

If men want to be taken seriously as to gaining the protection of the law then the FIRST step in that direction is to cease and desist your OWN sexism, discrimination and bigotry against men.

Men in the man-o-sphere are consistently complaining about WOMEN and how WOMEN treat men so badly. Well I can assure you men that even the BEST among you, men like Roosh and Bern, will treat men with sexism, discrimination and bigotry in preference to women. And it does not matter if that man has put in 4,000 hours unpaid labour, USD500,000 of his own money, and risked his life for the benefit of other men. The best of the best men, their elders, their betters, will not be shown the respect they have earned by the best of the best men.

The best of the best men who are criminally victimised by other men will not be accorded a community supported path to justice by other men.

4H. MEN Do Not Show MEN Due Respect

And all the commentators in the man-o-sphere would be doing their readers a great service if they repeated my rebukes towards men to them. Because it is only after being rebuked and realising your mistake that you can improve yourself and mend the error of your ways. If men are not rebuked for being so sexist, discriminatory, bigoted and all round hateful of other men then they are not going to change those ways.

I can not do  this job alone. The job or re-introducing the rule of law across the western world is a BIG job. There are hundreds of millions of men who will benefit. If you include India about 400 MILLION men will benefit from my work. But for some reason you commentators in the man-o-sphere seem to think that not only should I create this remedy to save the lives of so many men, but I should COMPETE WITH YOU to get the message across rather than you COLLABORATE WITH ME to get the message across.

This is talked about in detail in the essay E001 - An Essay on Men Co-operating and Collaborating. I am going to put a short comments in the next section on this. But suffice to say the commentators in the man-o-sphere have suppressed the news of the remedy PROVEN on 2009-11-26 and because you did this many more men are dead, not the least of which is Chris Mackney. Chris Mackney would be alive today if the commentators in the man-o-sphere collaborated with me rather than competed with me and suppressed the news of the remedy. If Chris Mackney was my client he would still be alive. Men in the man-o-sphere who have suppressed the fact I could have helped him are just as responsible for Chris Mackney death as his ex wife.

So, in this chapter I wanted to make clear, by using two men I have a lot of respect for, that men do not show each other the respect they have earned in the west. Men do not secure the rights of other men in the west. And because this is the case men can have no complaint that women do not show them the respect they have earned and women do not take the position men are worthy of the protection of the law.

It is up to men to set the standard in any society. And in western society the standard that men are showing the women to follow is that men are unworthy of respect and are unworthy of the protection of the law. Since men treat men like this? Why would women treat you any other way? Men are showing women how to mistreat men. Not the other way around.

This mistreatment of men by both men and women is making young men much more violent. And to make the point again? Here are 450 cases of men killing women and sometimes children. Every man who has refused to sit on a jury to give men the protection of the law has some of the blood of these women on his hands. To view those posts you can click on this link

5A. Collaboration vs Competition

I want to put a short piece in here on co-operating versus competing. The men in the man-o-sphere are competing with men like me. For most of them they are, in their minds, competing for "attention" and competing for "popularity" in the presentation of their ideas. They seem to think that if they can gain more men who agree with their ideas they are somehow "winning". This is very, very bad for other men. Why?

Because what they are NOT doing is working to save mens lives. They are not working to re-introduce the rule of law. Why not? Because they do not know how to, that's why not.

If you go talk to Bernard Chapin, Roosh, Dalrock, Bill Price, Roissy, Paul Elam etc and you ask them:

"What is your plan? What is your goal?"

They will not say to you:

"To re-introduce the rule of law so as to save the lives of as many men, women and children as is possible."

Nope.  You will not get such a simple and noble answer. You will get something much lesser. It does not matter the reason why you do not get such a simple answer. It only matters that you will not get these two answers. Re-introduce the rule of law and save as many lives as possible.

So what should men be paying attention to? Endless presentations and blog posts about NOT re-introducing the rule of law and NOT saving as many lives as possible? Or should men be paying a little attention to re-introducing the rule of law and saving as many lives as possible? Hhhmmm?

The very fact that all the commentators in the man-o-sphere have decided, en mass, that they are NOT going to learn from me and pass the truth along to their readers gives you a pretty good idea of the moral characteristics of most of these men. Some have proven themselves criminals like Paul Elam. Some have proven themselves as good men like Roosh and Bern. But in between there are MANY men who are commentators who are pushing their own agenda and pushing their own ideas.

NONE of them are interested in saving men's lives.

And the very fact that NONE of them are interested in saving men's lives because they don't now how to should tell their readers and listeners a little bit about  the men who are talking to them.


5B. Collaboration vs Competition

I am interested in saving the lives of GOOD men and securing the future of their children. I am not that interested in saving the lives of men who have refused to lift one finger to defend their own children of the last 6 years.

I think men who have refused to lift one finger to secure the rights of their own children rightly deserve to be fertiliser for some mans rose garden. If there is one thing I will not tolerate it is some man claiming he is a "good man" or a "good father" but who has refused to lift one finger to defend his own children.

I despise such men. I really do. They have no place in this world. If I were king I would execute them all for their betrayal of their children. So I guess it is lucky for them I am not king, eh?! 

Disgusting criminal slanderers like Al Martin would support men who betrayed their own children while attacking me, a man who has risked his life, like so many WW II veterans risked theirs, for the sake of the future generations.

How big a low life scum can a man be? Well? Al Martin is a pretty good example of everything that is wrong with men in the MRA world. And that men are not condemning Al Martin and criticising him and demanding he make remedy for his slander of me is a great example of everything that is wrong with the men who are the audience of commentators in the man-o-sphere.

While so many of the commentators in the man-o-sphere think along the lines of "I want to get as many "followers" as I can and pass my message along" rather than think along the lines of "it is my job to pass the truth along to other men no matter where that truth originates from" we will continue to see men achieve pretty much nothing in the man-o-sphere.

Co-operation and collaboration is the way forward for men. Division and competition is the way in which men will remain enslaved to those who are fostering the division and the competition.

Any man with a brain can see that the Illuminati have fostered division and competition between men for millennia. Different "countries". Different "cultures". Different "religions". Different "languages". All these differences and more were deliberately created to be able to more easily incite violence and warfare to keep men fighting over their "beliefs" rather than to see men actually co-operate and collaborate.

All the commentators in the man-o-sphere have a choice. They can promote co-operation and collaboration between men or they can promote division and competition between men. It is really that simple.

5C. Collaboration vs Competition

The Mens Business Association will enable both co-operation and collaboration within the framework of the MBA. It will also enable competition with the blue pill men who are still living on wonderland and thinking that the guvmint and their women have their best interests at heart. Those men will never co-operate and collaborate with red pill men. They will compete because they have no idea what is really going on. So the MBA has to create the ability to compete lawfully with those men who will only ever compete in return.

But apart from the Mens Business Association? There is no other man I know that has the skill, knowledge, ability, means, motive and commitment to create something like the Mens Business Association. If there is one? By all means please introduce me to him. I would like to meet him!

We are already creating the ability to have men start companies and operate those companies in collaboration with other men. We are starting small because that is where we have to start.

Mr. Daniel Ufere who runs Mens Rights Togo has his own company and is an importer/exporter for Togo and West Africa. You can find his web site here:

Mr. Emosi Tukila runs Mens Rights Fiji. He created a company called the "Mens Right Intelligent Business Agency" under which we can create businesses run out of Fiji. I am a co-founder of this business. You can find the web site here:

Already we are able to offer processing for work permits and residency permits for Fiji. We are able to offer real estate sales as well. We can also offer back office services for people who want to base their business out of Fiji.


5D. Collaboration vs Competition

Both these men can also sell my software that makes building data warehouses for large organisations about 50% of the cost of doing so any other way. Both men are approaching their governments to propose that the government invest in some data warehousing projects and use our software to build up local skills in Business Intelligence. We shall see if we can find some governments in each region who are willing to do this.

The point is that these men are co-operating and collaborating in efforts to grow businesses that will then employ more men. If men wish to get out from under the stamping foot of your guvmints? This is the only way. Your guvmints are not going to loosen the shackles enough for men who want to live in freedom. You are going to live in some level of slavery.

Most blue pill men do not even realise they are living in slavery so we are best to simply let them go about their lives in their ignorance while we go about our lives building and creating something that will leave the world a better place for us having been in it.

At least that is my opinion. You are welcome to your own. You are welcome to share your opinion or repeat my opinion to your readers and listeners. The longer we take to build this second economy? The longer we take to re-introduce the rule of law? The more men will suffer. The more children will suffer. And even the more women will suffer as the backlash increases in size, scope and volatility.

That is really all I wanted to say in this open letter. I will put this out there and let men decide for themselves if they want to tell their audiences the truth about law and legislation thus saving many mens lives. If men do not want to do that? They have every right to suppress the truth. They just can't get away with the lie they really want to help men any more.

Thanks for listening or reading.
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