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 5/27/2014 10:17 PM
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A Short Note on Why I Do Not Talk to Western Women on Social Networks
by Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)

Intended Audience:
This Essay is intended to be read by the people who are on my personal email list as well as anyone else who would like to read/listen. I will specifically send this to women on twitter and facebook who are slightly male friendly to let them know they have a job ahead of them to demand that social networks stop violating the right of men to freedom of speech.

As always. In this Essay the term "men" refers to men who men who were raised and live in the anglo-sphere which I define to include India because of the heavy anglo influence in India. The term "men" specifically does NOT include men who live in Germany and further east.

The term "women" will be used to mean "western women" who live in the anglo-sphere. When I wish to refer to women who live in Germany I will specifically say so. I wish it to be clear to all readers that my position is that people who live in Germany are not the subject of this essay except where specifically noted.

This essay has been published on these links. It may be reproduced in whole or in part as anyone else wishes with the sole restriction that the source article must be cited and linked so that no "out of context" quotes can be made. If you want to discuss the essay then you are welcome to discuss it on the forum.

Dated: 2014-05-28

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1. A Short Note on Why I Do Not Talk to Western Women on Social Networks

Ladies and maybe a few men who will read this,

I am not going to say much about this. This will be short and sweet.

We all know that women use the lie "I am offended" to SHUT HIM UP. This is a violation of a mans right to freedom of speech. Pure and simple.

One only has to look at the endless litany of lies that women have told about me, the crimes that women commit in the family law courts, the lies that women tell about other men, to realise that women have no problem at all committing crimes against men and lying about them. But as soon as a man points such out?


And, of course, because all the social networks are run by the Illuminati they are more than happy to silence men based on the lie to women "we are protecting you from those nasty men".

It is a joke. Women say they are equal to men and yet they can not even tolerate the written word on a computer screen.

Men stormed the beaches of Normandy but women need to be protected from the written word on a computer screen because they are not up to that level of "courage" or "bravery" yet.

It is totally pathetic that women are so weak.

Further, it is even more disgusting to me that women are so intellectually inferior to me that they can not see that being "protected" from the written word on a computer screen is being patronised and treated like a child.

"Little Suzie, you are too frail and too delicate to be allowed to read what that big bad man has said. I will protect you from the words on the computer screen that you are too delicate to see."

I mean to say. Any woman who is so delicate and so fragile that she can not be allowed to read what I have to say and SO STUPID that she does not realise she is being patronised as a child in this process is certainly not a woman I would want anything to do with. I like women who know their own mind and are able to entertain an argument with me.

My fav#1 and I have had some great arguments together. She has frequently called me harsh names and I have frequently caller her harsh names. Because we care about each other and have a deep respect for each other we know that when the other one calls us a harsh name it is in order to communicate the message and in no way calls in to question our relationship or our respect for each other.

But western women? They need to be PROTECTED from the truth. And that tells you everything you need to know about western women. They are so pathetically feeble minded that the truth is too severe for them. They need to be protected just like we protect little children.

When an older relative dies we do not explain to a 5 year old the concept of death. We tell them that Grandpa has "gone to be with God now" or "gone to heaven now". When dealing with such topics as death with 5 year olds we put a positive spin on it so that we do not upset the 5 year olds exactly because THEY ARE FIVE YEAR OLDS and they do not have the mental faculties to deal with death.

I know about this because I had to deal with the death of both my grand mothers with both my step children. My grand mothers adored my step children and treated them as their own. But on the event of their deaths I did not tell my step children about the harsh realities of their deaths. I made it a bit easier on them BECAUSE THEY ARE CHILDREN.

And yet, here we are. 40 years after Helen Reddys "I am woman, hear me roar" what do we have? 40 years after women were claiming "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" what do we have?

We have "I am woman, hear me MOAN". "He said something I did not like....SHUT HIM UP!!!"

It is totally, utterly, disgustingly, disgracefully, pathetic.

I have never seen people so pathetic as western women DEMANDING to be treated like CHILDREN and to have the TRUTH hidden from them in the name of "protection".


2. Why I Do Not Talk to Western Women

Any woman who has EVER lodged a complaint about what a man has said or written should NEVER BE ALLOWED TO VOTE ON ANY ISSUE EVER AGAIN because she has declared herself a CHILD WHO NEEDS PROTECTION FROM THE WRITTEN OR SPOKEN WORD. If such a woman needs to run to a MAN to protect her from the spoken or written word then she can run to a MAN and encourage him to vote in a certain direction on a certain issue. She most certainly could not be trusted with any vote on any issue.

Mind you. Any man who takes a short trip around ANY social network will find hate filled rants full of foul language by any number of women. Women speak with potty mouths on ALL the social networks.

Now. It has long been known that fascist book, aka facebook, will suspend a mans account based on ANY complaint by a woman no matter how stupid and not matter how unfounded.

This is because Mark Zuckerberg is nothing more than a puppet and an Illuminati stooge doing what he is told. I do not think there is a bigger mangina on the face of this planet than Mark Zuckerberg. What a drip. Just one look at him screams "I am a total mangina who is a front for the Illuminati and I do as I am told..I have no mind of my own."

I mean to say...Bill Gates was also an Illuminati stooge who was getting all his direction from his handlers. Bill Gates is also an uber mangina. But at least he could credibly PRETEND he was the head of his company. Mark Zuckerberg can not even pull off the PRETENCE that he runs his own company or has his own mind. At first when I watched videos of Mark Zuckerberg I LAUGHED at how inept and foolish he was. And it only dawned on me a little later that the vast majority of people are so stupid they can not see he is a sock puppet! That's pretty funny. And very scary at the same time.

Look how fascist-book deals with complaints by men versus complaints by women. Women can say and do ANYTHING THEY LIKE on fascist-book. Curse, swear, call for men to be murdered. You name it. Women can do it. But oh my goodness golly me....a man says something that some stupid woman can even remotely pretend is "offensive" and his account is suspended for a month or so.

My account on facebook was suspended so many times I removed ALL WOMEN bar the few decent ones I know from my friends list and I do not partake in ANY conversations with ANY women on facebook.....EVER.

And one of the most AMAZING aspect of me doing that and saying that is women are SO STUPID they actually call that a VICTORY! They are SO STUPID they actually think getting a mans account suspended SO MANY TIMES that he REFUSES TO TALK TO WOMEN ON THAT PLATFORM IS A VICTORY!

There are a few women who are going to receive this short note. How about you go and explain to your IMBECILE SISTERS that when you silence men via censorship that is not a VICTORY. That is an admission of UNBELIEVABLE STUPIDITY, UNBELIEVABLE SEXISM, AND UNBELIEVABLE EVIL.

I can have no respect for ANY WOMAN who EVER called for censorship of men based on the LIE that "I am offended".


And I can have NO RESPECT for ANY WOMAN who condoned such censorship via her silence.


ANY woman who has allowed such censorship is a BRAIN DEAD MORON WHO HAS NO IDEA WHAT A RIGHT IS AND IS NO FRIEND OF MINE. She can sit on her facebook and twitter and Instagram and talk to all her MORONIC BRAIN DEAD FRIENDS about how she won her wonderful victory by VIOLATING THE RIGHT OF MEN TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

And even MORE unbelievably these BRAIN DEAD WOMEN do not even seem to realise that all these social networks are simply vehicles for carrying advertising to them to get them to buy useless stuff they don't need with some mans money by brainwashing them with repetition.

Bernard Chapin read an article the other day that claimed "95 percent of women feel that advertisers do not understand them". I actually laughed when I heard that.

3. Why I Do Not Talk to Western Women

Ladies. Advertisers understand you VERY WELL. They know that the key to persuading a woman to buy something is repetition. It does not really matter what it is that they are trying to sell. As long as they can repeat the offer to the woman often enough they will get the sales they want.

Since women spend 80% of the household budgets the entire concept of the social networks and the search engines were built around the idea of presenting advertising to women to get them to buy stuff. And, for some reason women can not figure this out while also claiming to be just as intelligent as us men.

Let us also not forget to mention that the people who are selling this useless stuff to these women via repetition are simply adding the cost of the advertising to the product. So not only are the women being propagandised via repetitive advertising to buy stuff they do not need. They are paying for the privilege with some mans money that they get the government to steal for them for the most part.

This, according to women, is "progress".

I beg to differ. 

Recently I thought I would try out twitter just to see how that works. It is an interesting platform because you can easily write directly to quite a number of people. The fact that most of the comments on twitter are intellectual garbage and that 15 minutes reading twitter comments is  the equivalent of a frontal lobotomy I found it useful for the reason that a lot of reporters and politicians have twitter accounts.

It turns out that I can send a link for my Open Letters directly to the account of twitter users. And that is pretty cool. It also turned out that some of the hash tags used have a lot of viewers so I played around with that too. I actually got up to 1,100 tweets before some "strong, empowered, independent" woman was so fragile and delicate that she "reported" my tweets as "abusive".

And that is what prompted me that I really must write this short comment an ridicule the "strong", "independent", "empowered", "liberated", grrrrls because they are so delicate and fragile that they need to be treated like children and protected from the truth the same way I protected my step-children from the truth their grand mothers had died.

I mean to say...women make it VERY easy to ridicule them as delicate little petals who like to be treated like children when they demand censorship of the truth hiding behind the lie of "I am offended".

Sweetie? Who cares if you are offended? Really? Just grow up.

Now. Because women are so delicate and so fragile that they can not be allowed to view the comments of men? Perhaps we should set up "women only" areas in the social networks like we set up "children only" areas called schools?

We could give the women some adult supervision, right? Just like schools, right? Oh, that's right. Social networks already come with "adult supervision" for women. These are the moderators that they can complain to when they are "abused" because they do not like the truth. Forgive me, I forgot myself.

Then again. What we need to do is to set up MALE ONLY spaces for men to talk on social networks because we do not want to be offending women so often. Us men really do care about how child-like, how delicate, how fragile women are. We really do want to protect them like we protect little children. So we will set up male only social networks and we will only let men join.

If women join masquerading as men? We will kick them off when we find them. We will not entertain complaints of "I am offended" because we all know that men can tolerate being offended by the truth and that any man who claims that he needs to be protected from the truth should be kicked off any social network for men only.

This is why we have bought the domain names as follows:

We are going to set up men only social networks so that you women can be protected from all the big bad men and you will not have to be endangered by the words they type on to a computer screen any more.

You are welcome that we are taking your fragility and your delicateness so seriously that we wish to have our "far too rough for women" conversations in male only spaces to spare you our brutishness.

And, of course, we know that you women would not like to violate our right to freedom of association any more than you would like to violate our right to freedom of speech, right?


4. Why I Do Not Talk to Western Women

Lastly? To those few women who would claim to be "good women" who read this or listen to this?

My challenge to you, should you choose to accept it, is to get off your arses and do something useful rather than just gabbing on like windbags and never doing anything useful.

Sure, I know you THINK you are doing something useful but you are not. You women who claim to be "good women" are just gabbing on like more gasbags who know not what they do. I could get more intellectually consistent information by putting 10 monkeys in front of 10 computer and telling them to type.

You women who claim to be "good women" are so stupid you never came to me to ask me what it might be that you can do that would be USEFUL. So, since you did not do that? Let me tell you what you could do that would be USEFUL.


That is all. Just do that. Just make that one little demand in all online spaces. Don't talk about ANYTHING ELSE. Just see if you can, between you all, get women to respect FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

And if you can not get women to do as little as RESPECT FREEDOM OF SPEECH you being other women? Then spare us your grandious plans about how you think you can help us.

The very FIRST right that should be respected is FREEDOM OF SPEECH. And you self described "good women" who claim to be helping us will not even take on that VERY SMALL GOAL to have women RESPECT FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

If you can not take on that TINY GOAL and be successful? Spare me your grandiose comments about claims about how you want to "help men". We don't believe you. Just go away on to your social networks and your email lists and make ONE DEMAND and MAKE IT HAPPEN.


If you can not do that as a challenge? You are losers. And I want nothing to do with you. You need to spend some time learning how to achieve things from me if you can not achieve that ONE SMALL GOAL.

Now..I think I have ridiculed and insulted western women for their DEEPLY EVIL NATURES for long enough in this short note. I will post this in the usual places and simply let the self described "good women" do as they will. And no, I do not actually expect them to do anything useful. I see them as just as DEEPLY EVIL as the rest of western women for failing to come to me and ask me how they could really help.

Now. If these self described "good women" had really been concerned about how they might help? They might have done like my fav#1 and asked me how they could help and I could have written something for them like you can find on this link.

But no. These self described "good women" were too busy spouting rubbish and being useless to ask me how they could help...and they have, collectively, been a massive detrimental influence because they have distracted men from the remedy that has been at hand since 2009-11-26.

These self described good women are responsible for a lot of dead men. They have a lot of blood on their hands. Almost as much as MRAs, MRMs and Fathers rights losers who have been distracting men from the remedy since 2009-11-26 as well.

See...I condemn losers of both sexes....I am a very non-sexist person. I condemn people who are idiots and losers who have been distracting men from the remedy thereby condemning many of them to dead by suicide in hopelessness and helplessness. 


5. Sales

I hope that you liked this essay on this topic. If you do then feel free to donate some bitcoins or to Buy Me Some Charity.

Feel free to pass this essay along to other men and let them read through this so that they too get the idea of what we are talking about.

As always? You are invited to buy my books and you are invited to buy my emailer program if you want a very handy mass email program for your business. This is the emailer I use myself in my business.

Best Regards

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