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 4/13/2014 4:28 PM
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A Short Rebuttal of The Lie of Raising Awareness by Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)

Intended Audience:
This Essay is intended to be read by the people who are on my personal email list as well as anyone else who would like to read/listen.

In this Essay the term "men" refers to men who men who were raised and live in the anglo-sphere which I define to include India because of the heavy anglo influence in India. The term "men" specifically does NOT include men who live in Germany and further east.

The term "women" will be used to mean "western women" who live in the anglo-sphere. When I wish to refer to women who live in Germany I will specifically say so. I wish it to be clear to all readers that my position is that people who live in Germany are not the subject of this essay except where specifically noted.

This essay has been published on these links. It may be reproduced in whole or in part as anyone else wishes with the sole restriction that the source article must be cited and linked so that no "out of context" quotes can be made. If you want to discuss the essay then you are welcome to discuss it on the forum.
Dated: 2014-04-14

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1A. The Lie of Raising Awareness


I have heard the lie "I am raising awareness" from men who say they want to "help other men" too often to continue to not rebut this lie for the lie it is.

All across the MRA, MRM, Fathers Rights area I hear men say "I am raising awareness" like they are actually doing something useful. I have just one word for the lie of "I am raising awareness".


The phase of "raising awareness" was completed years ago. There are more than enough men who are aware of the criminality of the family courts and the criminality of their guvmints now to ensure success in re-introducing the rule of law to the lands these men live in.


The trouble is that these men who are "aware" of the issues are gutless cowards who are not willing to do what is necessary to actually re-introduce the rule of law in to their lands. And to hide their gutless cowardice they claim "I am raising awareness".

The lie of "I am raising awareness" is nothing more and nothing less than an admission of gutlessness and cowardice in attempting to pass on the responsibility and obligation to deal with criminals to someone else. That is all it is.

The man, rather than deal with the criminals that he now knows are criminals, will not do it for fear of injury, harm and loss. And that is what gutlessness and cowardice is. It is the act of a man who knows what must be done, knows that he can do it, but he refuses to do so for fear of injury, harm and loss.

Men who do go forward and who are caused injury, harm and loss may have still feared such injury, harm and loss. But they went ahead anyway knowing that was a risk that they were prepared to take for the benefit others. Those are the sort of men I can respect and acknowledge for what it is they have done. A shame so few men respect and acknowledge those of us who are prepared what they are too cowardly and gutless to do themselves.

1B. The Lie of Raising Awareness

The lie of "I am raising awareness" is also an admission by a man to being an attention whore who wants other men to listen to him because he is in love with the sound of his own voice.

There is no man in the man-o-sphere who has information more important to impart to young men than I have in my two books. These two books can be found on this link. If a man genuinely wanted to pass along critically important information to young men that might save that young mans life then they would be passing out the links to the my books.

If the young man was not willing to read The Truth Be Told merely for the link being passed I have created a "Gift Edition" where the older man can purchase a copy of The Truth Be Told with a personalised message put on the first page by myself. Or he can even send me a personalised message as a PDF scan and I can put it at the front of the book. By giving the book as a gift there is a higher chance the younger man will read it because he will perceive it as a gift given of love and concern for his well being and his future.

This is what "raising awareness" would really look like if those 100,000+ men in the MRA, MRM, Fathers Rights area would actually do it.

There is also this question to address:

"If you claim you are raising awareness as something "good" what are you raising awareness of?"

The answer will inevitably be words to the effect:

"I am raising awareness of the issues facing men."

Really? Is THAT what "raising awareness" about now?

What about "raising awareness" that there has been a remedy developed, tried, and proven and made available on 2009-11-26? What about "raising awareness" that the remedy was published in October 2010 in a book and that the book has been freely available for more than three years now? What about raising awareness about the REMEDY rather than merely repeating what others have said about the issues at hand.


1C. The Lie of Raising Awareness

Some mangina, idiot, moron said to me this week that Karen Straughen (aka GWW) was doing a good job "raising awareness". I said that his comment was more evidence of the level of man-hatred, sexism, discrimination and bigotry that exists so pervasively in men in the west. I pointed out that for a start there have been HUNDREDS of men say what Karen Straughen has said before. These men are not listened to because of the pervasive man hatred and female idolatry in the west.

I also pointed out that even though Karen was not saying anything new she was also refusing to talk about the remedy that she was told about the moment she came into the MRA area. I contacted Karen right after she created her first video in this area and offered to educate her so that what she would do would be useful to men. Karen refused to listen and refused to be educated. She prefers to repeat what men have said before her and to get the income from men who are female idolatrors for doing so. That is what Karen Straughen is really up to. I have denounced her more than two years ago in The Truth Be Told and you can read that denouncement on this link.

I have seen no reason to change my mind about Karen. Indeed, I have denounced her over and over again in videos. You can listen to them on this link.

Of course when I denounce Karen as being a negative impact on the process of re-introducing the rule of law, a liability, lots of man-hating female idolatror men attack me and criticise me.

They seem to be completely oblivious that the very fact they attack me and criticise me is proof positive of their man-hatred and female idolatry. Every man who has attacked me in defense of Karen deserves all the ills that befall him as I wrote on this link.

I would argue that what men should do about Karen Straughan and my denouncement of her is to do something really radical.


Gee. What a novel concept. Actually to judge men and women on based on an equal basis for evaluating and judging. And those who are better based on the EQUAL basis for judging are acknowledged as BETTER than the other in those areas in which they were judged.

1D. The Lie of Raising Awareness

What could be fairer than judging people on an EQUAL SET OF CRITERIA and ranking them based on an EQUAL SET OF CRITERIA?

And has Karen created a remedy? Has Karen video recorded a family court matter to prove her remedy? Has Karen done ANY of the things I have done?

No. She hasn't. She is busy making money from stupid men who think "raising awareness" is of some early use when, in fact, Karen and 99%+ of the men in the MRA, MRM, and Fathers Rights area are wasting their time and everyone elses time by "raising awareness" of the ISSUES and not "raising awareness" of the REMEDY for the issues.

And these men complain when I call them stupid and ignorant and arrogant about their stupidity and ignorance? Really? This upsets them?

Well? If men in the MRA, MRM, Fathers Rights area do not want me to continue to call them stupid and ignorant and arrogant about their stupidity and ignorance then the best way to get me to stop doing that is to actually STOP being stupid and ignorant and arrogant about their stupidity and ignorance.

Gee? Might not THAT be a good idea?

So, if you, my dear Sir, try using the lie of "raising awareness" where I see it? I am going to denounce you and I am going to put this link next to the denouncement.

I am sick to death of the lie of "I am raising awareness".

You want to "raise awareness"? Then "raise awareness" of the REMEDY to the issues at hand by passing out copies of my free ebook Living Free in the Femnazi World which is available on this link.

If you are not willing to raise awareness of the PROVEN REMEDY? Then how about you just STFU so that other men who ARE willing to "raise awareness" of the PROVEN REMEDY can break through the noise of all you useless eaters who are so in love with the sound of your own voices that you talk and talk and talk about the same old shit and never actually say anything useful.


1E. The Lie of Raising Awareness

I hope that this message is blunt enough to make it through the thick heads of you stupid and ignorant men. It seems that the only way to get a message across to you stupid and ignorant men is to smack you hard enough across the face to stop the garbage stories rattling around in your head long enough that something new might actually get into those thick skulls of yours.

In parting. I am reminded of a story I first heard when I was 23 or so. I went to a seminar called "Stress Management Strategies for Professionals" in Sydney because I was suffering symptoms of severe stress in my new job at IBM. I was working very hard and working to a very high level and there were some quality control issues that I could not get my management to deal with and this was causing me some significant levels of stress.

The story goes like this.

A young reporter from New York decides he is going to go to Tibet and interview a Tibetan Monk to understand his opinion about the meaning of life. The young man claimed he wanted to learn all about what the old Monk had to say and could teach him.

When the young man duly arrives for his interview with the old Monk, the old Monk invites him to be seated. He asks the young man if he would like a cup of tea. The young man says yes, he would like the cup of tea.

The old Monk starts to pour the cup of tea. But when the cup is full he keeps going and pours tea all over the top of the table the cup is sitting on.

The young man says "Stop, stop, my cup of tea is full, what are you doing, you are over filling the cup and the tea is wasted?!"

The old Monk says: "The interview is now complete. Thank you for your time."

The young man says: "What do you mean the interview is complete? I have flown from New York to interview you. To ask you what wisdom you might impart to me. It is a hellofa trip. And now I get here all you do is over fill my cup of tea and then tell me the interview is over? What the hell is wrong with you old man?"

The Old Monk says:

"You are like this cup of tea. You are full of your own knowledge. You think you know everything. If I were to impart any wisdom to you it would be wasted. It would overflow your mind like the tea overflowed this cup.

The very first lesson for you to learn is that your cup of tea is full. Until you learn that you falsely believe you know so much as you think you know you will have no room in your cup of tea to receive the new wisdom I might teach you.

Come back when you are more humble.

Come back when you realise how little it is that you really know.

Come back when your mind is open to new possibilities and new ideas and new wisdom.

Then you might be able to take in what it is I or others might be willing to teach you."

1F. The Lie of Raising Awareness

Of course, when I heard this story as a 23 year old I was intensely aware of how little I really knew. I was starting to understand the "arrogance of youth" by that age and I was willing to concede that there was very likely lots of things I did not know that I could learn to be the best I could be. So I listened intently to the seminar that was given and I took away many very valuable insights as to how stress affects high powered professionals and how to deal with stress in a high powered job that was well beyond my years.

That class that I was insightful enough to know I needed as a 23 year old has stood me in good stead ever since. The lessons I learned that day I have used all my life. It was very, very cheap at the cost of AUD120 and one day of my life. It has paid me back 100 fold if not more. Many of the strategies I learned back then have evolved over time but they form the basis for my stress management strategies even today.

And one of the most basic strategies for stress management with people who are arrogant about their ignorance is to remember that they have full cups of tea. They think they know everything and because they have this illusion of knowledge they can not be taught anything new. Not even if it is in their own best interests.

One more story from the day. Do you know how they catch monkeys in the jungle? These creatures that are so agile that they can jump from tree to tree at great speed? Creatures that are many times stronger than men? Has anyone ever told you how they catch monkeys?

What they do is the put a bamboo cage on the ground and stake it to the ground. They put bananas inside the cage. The bamboo bars of the cage are wide enough apart that a monkey can put his arm in to get a banana but once they have the banana in their fist the bamboo bars are not wide enough for the monkey to get his hand back out.

The monkey will hang on to the banana, a trifle, an object where there are thousands more of them in the surrounding area, even at the cost of his own freedom. He will not let go when the hunters come to collect him for fear of losing this one banana that can be so easily replaced.

All those men in the MRA, MRM, Fathers Rights area? How many of you are hanging on to a "banana" and are giving up your freedom, your happiness, even your life, because you hold this "banana" to be so important that you can not let go of it?

If you stupid men in the MRA, MRM, Fathers Rights area were to "raise awareness" about things that transform the quality of life of other men? Might you not raise awareness of the full cup of tea and the "banana" that gets monkeys to lose their freedom?

Might you not "raise awareness" about the remedy?

Why "raise awareness" about "issues" when you have remedies at hand, eh?

Thanks for reading/listening. I hope your cup of tea is empty enough that you might have actually learned something from this short rebuttal of the lie "I am raising awareness". 

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