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 4/13/2014 4:27 PM
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An Essay on Western Women are Deeply Evil People by Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)

Intended Audience:
This Essay is intended to be read by the people who are on my personal email list as well as anyone else who would like to read/listen. The essay grew much longer than I had expected it to so it consumed a lot more time than I expected. However, what I am choosing to do now is to write essays and publish them in writing and in voice rather than continue to engage in discussion with men. Engaging in discussion with men has proven all but totally fruitless. Men will not even buy the book The Truth Be Told  for the princely sum of USD12.

In this Essay the term "men" refers to men who men who were raised and live in the anglo-sphere which I define to include India because of the heavy anglo influence in India. The term "men" specifically does NOT include men who live in Germany and further east.

The term "women" will be used to mean "western women" who live in the anglo-sphere. When I wish to refer to women who live in Germany I will specifically say so. I wish it to be clear to all readers that my position is that people who live in Germany are not the subject of this essay except where specifically noted.

This essay has been published on these links. It may be reproduced in whole or in part as anyone else wishes with the sole restriction that the source article must be cited and linked so that no "out of context" quotes can be made. If you want to discuss the essay then you are welcome to discuss it on the forum.
Dated: 2013-12-07

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1. Summary

What are the major ideas that you might wish to take away from this essay? They can be summarised as follows:

  • Women AND MEN have been well informed that the family law courts are a criminal cartel in the western world. The evidence is not refutable and, indeed, no one has bothered to even try to refute the evidence.
  • The attitude of women AND MEN is to simply demand that the men who are criminally victimised tolerate this criminal victimisation.
  • Any man who does not simply tolerate this criminal victimisation will be further criminally victimised via slander, hate speech and even attacks on his employers, customers and friends by women AND MEN.
  • Women AND MEN know full well that this endless criminal victimisation of men drives many men to kill their wives, their children and far more often, themselves.
  • Even though women AND MEN know that the criminal actions of women and criminal actions of the criminals staffing the family law courts drive men to kill themselves, kill their wives and kill their children the vast majority of women AND MEN continue to support criminal women in what can only be described as female idolatry mixed with MAN-HATRED.
  • Women are liars and hypocrites in the 99.9%+ majority on the issue of "equality before the law" because women do not observe the laws:
    • Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.
    • Thou shalt not steal.
  • MEN are liars and hypocrites in the 99.7%+ majority on the issue of "equality before the law" because MEN do not hold women responsible for breaking the laws:
    • Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.
    • Thou shalt not steal.
  • This most especially applies to the men who have mothers, sisters and daughters who break these laws and these men do nothing to hold their family members accountable for their crimes.
  • The female idolatry of women in the west is so extensive that women can, quite literally, kill men and children and reasonably expect to be praised, supported, and assisted to get as little punishment as possible. To cut a mans penis off is to be cheered and championed.
  • The female idolatry of women in the west is so extensive that when a woman maliciously and with malice of forethought gets deliberately pregnant to a man by lying to him or stealing his sperm she will be championed and supported by other women.
  • The female idolatry of women in the west is so extensive that when a woman has plenty of money available to her and instead of spending her own money she blackmails her father to giving her money, and chooses to be a prostitute while having an impressionable 16 year old daughter in the house, this behaviour too will be supported by women and men alike.
  • All reasonable efforts to engage women AND MEN in discussing these issues falls on deaf ears or worse, the women AND MEN slander and attack those who are the peace makers like me and bringing these issues to the table to discuss.
  • All reasonable efforts to engage politicians and police in the exposure of the criminality of the family law courts have fallen on deaf ears, or worse, resulted in further criminal persecution in an effort to stop the exposure of the criminality of the courts.
  • Young men are finally starting to realise in rapidly increasing numbers that their fathers and grand father have betrayed them and their futures. They are starting to realise that the old men want to make tax slaves out of them so as to pay for the pensions of the old men in their old age. The young men are starting to realise that the older men are, in general, no friends of theirs.


  • You men are starting to be more and more fed up and more and more angry at the betrayal they have suffered. They are starting, in small but growing numbers, to be interested in sorting out the problems that have been bestowed on them.
  • Older men who are being criminally victimised in divorce have absolutely no remedy for this criminal victimisation apart from the evolving Mens Business Association (MBA) Law Services.
  • Given all the above it is now necessary for those men who choose to do so to wage a WAR OF RETURN against western women so as to secure their own futures.
  • Most men express the desire to keep the WAR OF RETURN non-violent but some men are now willing to kill women in return for the criminal victimisation they are suffering. More and more men are coming to the conclusion that killing the woman involved is the only way forward. Some of those men are also killing one or more of the children involved.
  • The rate at which men are killing women and children in divorce is rapidly escalating. The laughable claim by women AND MEN that they do not know that the increased murder rate of women and children in divorce is directly linked to the endless criminal victimisation of men is exactly that. Laughable.
  • Anyone making the claim that they are not fully aware that the rapidly increasing murder rate of women and children in divorce is directly linked to the endless criminal victimisation of men, especially fathers, is rightly denounced publicly as a stupid, ignorant idiot, or worse, a DEEPLY EVIL PERSON.
  • In countries where the due process of law and the protection of the law can not be achieved via the MBA Law Services Jury Trial process men have every right to claim into existence a HOT WAR and conduct ACTS OF WAR against any person who is an adult of sound mind who is of voting age who will not sit on a jury to provide the protection of the law to the man.

    This is according to the natural law of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Those who will not sit on a jury to extend the protection of the law to others are waiving the protection of the law for themselves and therefore acts of WAR against them are LAWFUL.  
  • All honest men of honour and integrity who wish to participate as Jury Members for MBA Law Services Jury Trials are most welcome to join the MBA and offer their services for Jury Trials. Jury privilege is paid at the rate of one ounce of silver per hour.
  • All honest men of honour and integrity who wish to participate as Peace Officers for MBA Law Services Jury Trials are most welcome to join the MBA and offer their services.
  • All honest men of honour and integrity who wish to participate as Private Investigators for MBA Law Services Jury Trials are most welcome to join the MBA and offer their services.
  • Lastly? Those men who choose to do nothing are choosing to allow the situation to escalate and can have no complaints as the number of women and children that men are killing in divorce continues to rapidly escalate.

I hope that you like this essay on this topic. If you do then feel free to donate some bitcoins or to Buy Me Some Charity. Feel free to pass this essay along to other men and let them read through this so that they too get the idea of what we are talking about.

As always? You are invited to buy my books and you are invited to buy my emailer program if you want a very handy mass email program for your business. This is the emailer I use myself in my business.

Best Regards


2A. Introduction


The introduction of this essay is a little longer than you might otherwise expect. As is my way I have decided to not use 10 words where 100 words would suffice. If you want to re-write and summarise my words with acknowledgement you are welcome.

This introduction will basically cover most of what is going to be presented in the essay at a summary level. The body of the essay will then go into the details that I wish to present. At the end there will be a summary of the ideas presented in the essay.

The vast majority of you reading this will know who I am. If you do not know who I am and what I have done? I recommend you go and read my books before you read this essay. I would also recommend you go to the Mens Business Association Education Channel and my personal Kickass Channel to learn about who I am and what I have done before reading this essay. If you choose not to observe that recommendation? Then you may not get the full value of this essay.

You might have the question in your mind.

"Why write this essay and publish it? Why spend my time?"

The short answer is that when I was first criminally attacked by Jennifer I had sincerely believed that the many women "friends" I had would treat me with the respect I had earned across my lifetime and ensure that Jennifer ceased and desisted with her perjury and criminal acts.

I was staggered at the response I got from my closest female friends. They were sexist, discriminatory and bigoted in the extreme. They showed their "true colours" when Jennifer was committing crimes against me. All their talk of "equality" and "friendship" went out the window for man-hatred, sexism, discrimination and bigotry. Aimed at me personally but also aimed at all men in general.

My "first love" Susan Chong (nee du Plessis), who was Jennifers best friend at school, flat out refused to even mention the fact that Jennifer was committing perjury to her and to ask her to cease and desist. I had known Susan for 32 years at that point in time and we had been the closest of friends. As close as a man and a woman could be friends over a long period without being married.

Indeed, in the 90s when I visited Susan and Alan at their home in Perth Susan cried on my shoulder that of all the people she knew a a child I was the only one who had taken the time and trouble to continue the friendship. So I was staggered she took the position that Jennifer lying about me in the courts was ok by her. Susan knew me since I was 12. She knew Jennifer to be lying purely for the purposes of getting money. I later severed my relationship with Susan. You can read about the email I sent to her on this link

Not only Susan betrayed me like this. Bronwyn Priest, the wife of my best friend from school, Michael Priest, also took the position that Jennifer telling lies about me was ok. Cheryl Hartmann, the wife of my best man Terry Hartmann, a woman who has TWO SONS, also took the position that Jennifer lying about me was ok.

2B. Introduction

As did Ingrid Brady, a long time family friend whom I had employed and given work to so as to support her daughter also took the position that Jennifer committing crimes was perfectly ok.

These are not women who were "recent friends". Susan knew me since I was 12. Bronwyn knew me since I was about 23. Cheryl knew me since I was about 21 and I was a groomsman at their wedding. Terry and I met when I was 18 and we were great mates while we both worked in Wollongong for the steelworks.

These are women who ALL knew me for more than 20 years. These were women who knew me to be an exemplary husband and father. These were women whom Jennifer had praised me to over and over again for many years for being the best possible husband and father she could possibly have married. Jennifer was continually praising me as a husband and father in public, especially to my close friends for the very reason that I was an exemplary husband and father.

So to have these same women who knew full well that I had been an exemplary husband and father to so openly support perjury about me, lies about me, was something of a shock. Talk about fair weather friends. I have not spoken to any of those three women since 2008 and I shall go to my grave having not spoken to them again. I feel very sorry for Michael Priest and Terry Hartmann that they have found out they are married to women who are man-hating, sexist, discriminatory bigots but that is their problem to deal with, not mine.

As time went on it started to occur to me that women had been propagandised into this man-hatred and bigotry. I found this in May/June 2008 and I covered that in the link above in my email to Susan Chong. I then thought it would simply be a matter of putting the facts in front of women and pointing out that they are being man-hating, sexist, discriminatory bigots and that they are well advised to cease and desist in being so because if they do not then men are going to kill them in rapidly increasing numbers. Already in June 2008 my research was showing me that men killing women and children was already on the rise. The reasons being the obvious lack of a path to justice for men.

That was in June 2008. It was at this time I started posting on the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald Relationships Blog run by the Jewish Samantha Brett. No surprises she turned out to be Jewish, right? I wrote directly to Samantha Brett and told her who I was and what my purpose was. That purpose being to start a public discussion on the criminality of the family courts and the criminality of women who use the criminals in the family courts to criminally victimise men.

Samantha Brett, a Jewish woman, decided that she would allow slander to stand against me on her blog up to and including calls for my death, while at the same time censoring my rebuttals to the slander she was allowing to stand. Again, no surprise that a woman who would do this is Jewish but I rather think that any woman who was running such a blog would do the same.

The women on the blog immediately hated on me across the board. The very mention of the criminality of the family law courts sent the women into a complete tizzy.


2C. Introduction

They called me all sorts of names. I am still known on the Sydney Morning Herald as PeterSMH which was the name I used. I stood my ground and spent many hundreds of hours posting to that blog. Over the 18 months I was there the entire tone changed. It went from me being the ONLY man standing up for me to the majority of men condemning women and condemning what is happening in the family law courts.

The condemnation from the men was so bad that eventually Samantha Brett had to leave the paper and the Relationships blog was shut down. You can read about some of this on this link  if you are interested.  Samantha Brett is now in serious trouble. She faces the accusation of aiding and abetting genocide. And oh? Did I mention she is Jewish? What a surprise to unearth another Jew who is labouring to destroy the families of the goy, eh?

What intrigued me this whole time was the commitment with which women hated on me and slandered me for doing no more than suggesting that women be held equal before the law to men. I wondered what it was all about. After a year or so I decided that it was not ignorance. I had determined that these women knew exactly what was going on and they liked that they could commit crimes against men with impunity.

When I was back in Australia in November 2009 for my court meeting I drove down to my home town of Wagga Wagga after the court meeting to see my parents. My mother was ill and this was likely the last time I would see her alive. This turned out to be the case.

I stopped at a roadside diner near the town of Goulburn. When I returned to the counter to get a cup of coffee after my lunch the woman behind the counter asked me where I was from since my accent had changed that I no longer sound like an Australian.

I told her I was born in Wagga Wagga and raised in Australia but had spent a lot of time overseas so I had lost my accent. I told her that I was back in Australia to put an end to the crimes of women in the family courts. She said "not all women are like that".

I was incensed so right there in the middle of the diner with more than 50 people present I raised my voice so every person in the diner could hear me.

I told her that she knew full well that women commit the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in the family courts. I told her that she knew full well that this leads many men to commit suicide.

I told her that she knew these things and she said and did nothing about it. I finished with "You, madam, are exactly like that."

2D. Introduction

The whole diner was now totally silent. You could have heard a pin drop. The woman serving next to her then said.

"You know, he is right, we do know that the family courts favour the women, we do know our men are killing themselves, and we do nothing about it. He is right."

To which I said "Thank you madam." I then turned on my heel to go back and sit at my table to drink my cup of coffee. The entire 50+ people in the diner heard the whole exchange. The women know what is happening. And they LIKE IT.

One of the most shocking revelations I have had along this path was this. And this takes some hearing.

When a man kills himself in divorce, not even his mother will protest the crimes he has been subjected to. And she will not even protest if she has other married sons.

Now. I do not do this often in written work but I am going to repeat that for emphasis both in writing and on the audio.

When a man kills himself in divorce, not even his mother will protest the crimes he has been subjected to. And she will not even protest if she has other married sons.

Let that sink in a bit. Just think about that. How does THAT strike you? Be honest with yourself. How does it strike you that a mans mother who kills himself in divorce will not speak out in his defense and in the defense of her other married sons?

Does that sound like "love" to you? It doesn't to me.

In the end I have determined to my level of satisfaction that western women are DEEPLY EVIL PEOPLE and they must be opposed using force, up to and including deadly force, in WAT OF RETURN against their wanton WAR OF AGGRESSION.

I will talk more about that in this essay. I will put more evidence in this essay and more link and more quotes. You, dear reader, can make up your own mind as to what you will or will not believe about your western women. But I, for one, take the position that any woman who has claimed the benefits of "equality" who refuses to sit on an all women's jury in an all women's court and hold women accountable for their crimes on an equal before the law basis to men is a DEEPLY EVIL PERSON who should be denounced as such and treated as such.

I call on all honest men of honour and integrity who wish to defend the children of their land from the influence of these DEEPLY EVIL PEOPLE to join me in denouncing them such that they are, eventually, named and shamed into changing their evil ways and demand and participate in holding women accountable for their crimes on an equal before the law basis to men.

3A. Early Astonishing Revelations

In the lead up to Jennifer and I divorcing some of my friends came forward and told me that Jennifer was an evil woman and that she would attack me in divorce.

I told these friends that in my opinion they were mistaken because I had been the best possible of husbands and fathers for more than 18 years. I had given both of Jennifers children from her first failed marriage every opportunity to do well in their lives. I had saved Jarrods life from cancer. Jennifer herself had written to me admitting that all the issues in our marriage were her fault and responsibility. If you would like to read that letter it is available on this link.

Further, since Bill and Irene Toal knew me from the time I was 12 years old and came to know me as a local lad in their new town who helped their son settle in to his new town and new school, I was confident that if Jennifer caused any problems that her parents would support me 110% rather than support Jennifer.

When Jennifer committed perjury I sent her perjurous documents to Bill Toal and her two adult children Jarrod Robinson and Kristen Robinson. I demanded that these perjuous documents be withdrawn and that I be issued with a formal written apology for the presentation of such documents to a court. I told Bill that until such point as said perjurous documents were withdrawn I would consider Jennifer and I in a state of conflict. A conflict that I recommended he did not involve himself in.

Bill Toal told me that he would tell his daughter to withdraw these lies on an affidavit. As it turned out Jennifer blackmailed Bill Toal with an accusation of sexual abuse from her little sister Suzanne. The fact Jennifer blackmailed Bill Toal with this sexual abuse allegation did not come out until some years later. You can read about that allegation you can do so on this link.

The fact that Jarrod and Kristen, two now adults that I had fed and clothed as children were so ungrateful that they allowed their prostitute criminal child abusing mother to commit perjury against the man who fed them and clothed them also came as a surprise to me. I knew Kristen had a disgusting personality like her mother. She had refused to lift a finger to assist the family when Jarrods life was in question with cancer.

Kristen would not even come to Ireland for three months and care for her little brother and sister while her mother cared for Jarrod 24x7 while he was in Chemotherapy. This is your "modern liberated woman".

She will not even help her own family when one of their lives is at stake. She would rather be "liberated" and not have any "obligations". Kristen Robinson is one of the most disgusting examples of "the modern western woman" there could possibly be.

You can read more about her on this link. Her linkedin address is included so if you feel like challenging her on her disgusting behaviour you are most welcome to do so.

3B. Early Astonishing Revelations

In the end Bill Toal, Jarrod Robinson and Kristen Robinson allowed the lies and perjury to stand. They did not assist me with dealing with their prostitute, criminal, child abusing mother. So I turned to the women who were around Jennifer.

The first woman I turned to was Susan Chong. The woman who was my "first love" as 12 year old and who was Jennifer's best friend all through school. Indeed, I rather think that Jennifer and Susan cooked up the plan to try and get me interested in Jennifer as Jennifer was consistently invited to the same parties in Sydney that Susan invited me to. That aside. Susan flatly refused to discuss Jennifer's crimes with her and discuss the withdrawal of these criminal perjurous documents from court proceedings.

Susan is a doctor. She has benefited from the so called "equality" movement to the extent that she was able to do well in school, go to university and become a doctor. However, when put to her that with such opportunity comes responsibility of making sure that those who commit crimes are held to account, Susan Chong this not want to be THAT equal.

Despite the fact that I had loved her in my own way from the time I was 12 I severed my relationship with her in this email. I simply want not about to maintain a relationship with someone who openly condones and supports the notion that women can commit crimes against men with impunity.

The next woman I discussed this issue with was Ingrid Brady. You can read more about Ingrid on this link. Again, it contains her linkedin and email address so you can talk to her directly about her man-hatred and bigotry against men in general and me in particular.

Ingrid and I had known each other since 1986. Indeed Jennifer had worked directly for Ingrid at IBM from about 1990 or there abouts.

Ingrid Brady was the Product Manager for the Metaphor Product that had me alter my career and move in to the area of Business Intelligence. We were close friends. When I worked at Hitachi I hired Ingrid to come and work for me on a critical project in Hong Kong. She did a great job and was well paid for that work. I have consistently recommended Ingrid for work for more than 20 years.

In return Ingrid had also recommended me for work and gained me a good contract in the UK in 2006 for which I was very grateful. I was working on this contract during the period that Jarrod had cancer. When working in the UK I regularly stayed at Ingrids place so as to save on the hotel bills which are so pricey in the UK.

I even loaned Ingrid EUR6,000 when she was hard pushed for money and she took more than a year to pay me back despite the fact she bought a new car before she paid me back the money she owed me.

3C. Early Astonishing Revelations

So imagine my surprise when I asked Ingrid to talk to Jennifer over her crime of perjury and she responded with:

"Plenty of women have had bad husbands so you deserve everything that happens to you."

On my word this is what she said. Can you imagine that any woman of any level of intelligence would say such a thing?


How DARE this woman condone perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse based on the concept that "some women have had bad husbands so criminal victimisation of you by a woman is ok".

What would Ingrid Brady say if a man said "some men have bad wives so men raping women is perfectly ok". She would be "outraged" as women so often pretend to be. I have come to believe that the normal state of the "modern western woman" is one of "outrage" and it is wearing very thin.

I challenged Ingrid on this point and the idea that it is not ok to criminally victimise ANYONE based on ALLEGATIONS of what might or might not have happened to other unknown and unnamed people. But she stuck to her guns. For this I severed our relationship and I would never recommend Ingrid for work ever again. Any man giving this woman work would do very well to know that she is a man-hater who openly condones women committing crimes against men on the basis that "SOME MEN were bad husbands to some women in the past".

I wonder how her current employer, Emirates, feels about her view that women should be able to commit crimes against men with complete impunity? That is not an opinion popular among men of arabic descent and men who are islamic.

Another woman I talk to was Joanne Bowring. You can read about her on this link. She used to have a linked in address but it seems to be gone now. Joannes husband is Ian Bowring and he works for IBM. He he can be contacted on this link.

Joanne and Ian have a son Joshua Bowring. So both Ian and Joanne have made it clear to Joshua Bowring that if he gets married and has his children and house stolen from him that they would side with a prostitute, criminal child abusing woman over their own son. Joshua might be very well advised to ask his parents why, as Catholics, they sided with a non-Christian, prostitute, child abusing woman, Jennifer Toal, over an honest christian man of honour and integrity.

3D. Early Astonishing Revelations

Joshua Bowring would do well to question himself as to whether he believes he should be an honest Christian man of honour and integrity or whether he should take an easier path in life. After all, his own parents have made it clear they will support a non-Christian, prostitute, child abusing woman over the best of men. Joshua Bowring can have no illusions as to the female idolatry that his parents engaged in.

I asked Joanne to speak to Jennifer. She refused on the basis that "we do not want to get involved". So I thanked Joanne for her consideration and expected her to keep out of the dispute. However, I was watching Jennifer's email and later on Joanne gave Jennifer a reference as a "hard worker and reliable" when Joanne knew full well that Jennifer was an idler who would not even help me in our company to provide for her own children.

Christians turned out to be the biggest liars and hypocrites on the planet. If you wish to listen to numerous podcasts I have made about the lies and hypocrisy of Christians then you can do so on this link.

Another woman I talked to when I got back to Australia was Cheryl Hartmann, the wife of my best man. You can read about Cheryl on this link. When I was back in Australia in February 2008 I called Terry to chat to him. He was back in Australia at the time too. In the conversation Cheryl asked if she could speak to me and I said "sure".

I pointed out to Cheryl that Jennifer was committing perjury and that I did not appreciate how other women I had talked to had supported her perjury. I did not ask Cheryl to speak to Jennifer. All I did was comment on Jennifer's crimes. 

Cheryls response was words to the effect:

"With all the time you spend away from home you deserve what you are getting."

Really? A man who travels away from home to provide for his family because his wife refuses to work and refuses to live on a budget DESERVES to be criminally victimised.

I told Cheryl words to the effect:

"You know that the reason I have had to work away from home so much is because we bought our second house based on two income and then Jennifer unilaterally decided she would not work. That left me with little option than to take jobs that paid more because of the travel content.

3E. Early Astonishing Revelations

So you are saying that a man who has one and worked in dangerous places like Saudi Arabia, Moscow and Bucharest to do his best to support his wife and children because his wife refuses to help him DESERVES criminal victimisation? This is your position? Pass the phone back to Terry."

When Terry was back on the phone I said to him:

"Did you hear what your wife said to me?"

He said yes.

I told him: "I want you to know that I will never speak to your wife ever again so long as I live. Do you understand me?"

And his answer was "Yep, I understand."

I felt sorry for Terry learning what a man-hating bitch his wife was while still married to her. The same for her two sons Christopher and Samuel. I wonder how they will take the news that their own mother is such a man hating bitch that she takes the view that men who are great husbands and fathers and who do all they can to support lazy wives and ungrateful children DESERVE to be criminally victimised. Christopher and Samuel Hartmann would do well to press their mother on this point.

I also talked to my best friend from school, Michael Priest. We met when we were 12. He is married to Bronwyn Priest. I did not ask Bronwyn to speak to Jennifer as by that time it was clear to me that western women were liars and hypocrites on the issue of women being held equal before the law for their crimes. And the liars and hypocrites were women I had known for 20+ years. 32 years in the case of Susan Chong.

The biggest surprise of all in that February 2008 was my own father. At one point he said to me:

"You simply have to accept what Jennifer is doing. If you do not simply accept it you will have no friends. No one will want to be your friend if you complain about your divorce."

I looked him in the eye and said:

"Any person I know who does not denounce Jennifer for the criminal she is is no friend of mine. I want nothing to do with anyone who will not denounce her as the criminal she is."

Sadly for him that included him too. John Thomas Nolan, my former father, is nothing more and nothing less, than a gutless mongrel who engages in female idolatry.

Whereas I revere my step-grand father Frank Trainor and I look forward to the day when I see him again. Joshua John Nolan should, if he has any sense, be disgusted in his grand father, John Thomas Nolan, and reject everything his grand father stood for. Cowardice is not a trait that stands alone in a man. It infects his very being and makes him less than worthless. 

I, for one, want nothing to do with the gutless, cowardly, mongrel who calls himself John Thomas Nolan of 22 Nilma Avenue Wagga Wagga, NSW Australia.

3F. Early Astonishing Revelations

So much so that I have taken on a german name and it pains me to need to use my old name to do my business.

This has all happened by February 2008. This was me early awakening to the pervasive level of man hatred that pervades western society. All these women knew me very well. They all knew me to be the best possible husband and father I could be. They all knew that Jennifer had been a difficult wife on many points because not even I could hide some of the more disgraceful actions Jennifer did like refusing to work or relocating the children without my agreement.

All my friends knew Jennifer to have been difficult and wilful for most of our marriage and knew me to have exhibited endless patience and restraint in order to give her every chance to be a decent wife and mother.

So when I set out to deal with these issues in June 2008 it was already clear to me just how much PURE HATRED I would have thrown at me by women and men alike. But since an estimated 4,000 men a year in Australia kill themselves due to the criminal abuse they suffer at the hands of women and the family courts I determined that I would fix this situation and end this pervasive man hatred or die in the attempt.

One other interesting point to note here is that I was made no less than 4 offers during this period to have Jennifer killed. One man even offered to do it for expenses only, no fee. He was incensed at what she was doing and took the position that she should die for her crimes.

I told all 4 men that she was to remain unharmed and that if any harm came to her the man who did it would answer to me. I told them that I wanted Jennifer alive to stand trial and to answer for her crimes no matter how long that took. That it is now SIX YEARS LATER and Jennifer has not yet stood trial for her crimes shows all men just how deep and just how pervasive the man hatred is in women. They hate us so much that they will defend a prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in the family courts over the best of the best husbands and fathers.

That is a LOT of MAN-HATRED. And it is coming back to bite women on the backside. I warned women in 2008 that a backlash was coming and that it would be very severe. I also warned them that the rate at which men are killing women and children in divorce was rapidly escalating. Women hated on me and slandered me and lied about me some more rather than listen to me.

Well? With the world on the edge of World War III? With the global economy in tatters? With youth unemployment at 50% in a number of European Countries? Is anyone telling me now that a backlash by young men against the betrayal of their future is something that is so outlandish I need a "tin foil hat"?

I do not think so.

Times are about to get very bad for young women. And rightly so. 

4A. The Lone Long Hard Slog

So when I first started to engage women publicly on the Sydney Morning Herald Relationships Blog is was already obvious to me that western women were man-hating, sexist, discriminatory, bigots in the vast majority. The question was whether there were a few decent women left like my grand mothers who were not.

That was the question that I set out to answer. How many decent women were there left in the west who would actually say "for us women to sensibly claim equality then we must also demand equal treatment in the courts for our crimes."

I knew it would be a long hard slog. There were so few men even willing to talk about the "bias" of the family courts for exactly the reason my father had outlined. A man who "complains" about how he is treated in the family courts in Australia will immediately be attacked and ostracised socially so that it will be very difficult for him to work and earn his income. He will be impoverished for standing up for his rights just as I was impoverished for doing so.

But these man hating shrews had bitten off more than they could chew in supporting Jennifer and attacking me via the family law courts. I am a man who will not tolerate such crimes and I will denounce all those who condone such crimes for the remainder of my life. I will also "up the ante" as we move along. Now that it is 6 years later the "ante" has been upped to the use of deadly force. That is where we are now at.

We have made lawful the use of deadly force on the land known as Ireland. We will make lawful the use of deadly force against women by men on any land where men can prove that women are not willing to unconditionally surrender. That is now the price of peace in these western lands. Unconditional surrender. Nothing else will be accepted by myself.

It took SIX YEARS of hard slog against women to come to the position that the ONLY alternative was to wage a WAR OF RETURN against the wilful WAR OF AGGRESSION women were waging against men.

So, in June 2008 I made my first appearance on the Sydney Morning Herald Relationships Blog. I was PeterSMH. I proposed that a public debate be started over the clear bias in the family courts since the family courts have a significant influence on the quality of relationships in Australia.

I also proposed public debate in the issue of holding women who committed perjury in the family courts. Naturally this was met with lashings of hatred by all the women present not to mention plenty of the men.

4B. The Lone Long Hard Slog

This was expected. I warned them all that if this subject was not discussed in the public in a peaceful and constructive fashion then it would lead to men killing more women in divorce and it would lead to more violence. I pointed out that coming to the table to talk was the only way to avoid the large backlash coming. Well? The women didn't listen. And we recently had this article in the Sydney Morning Heald. Apparently this moron woman, Rachel Olding, has no idea why men are killing women more often in divorce.  Apparently Rachel Olding is so stupid and ignorant as a "crime reporter" that she has completely missed the crimes of women in the family courts and completely missed that this has lead to more women being murdered.

Gee. I wonder if Rachel Olding is a Jew like Samanatha Brett and Alan Shatter? Perhaps some people who know her can tell me if she is Jewish. Because, after all, if she is Jewish it is no problem for her if some goy women are being killed by their husbands in divorce. Perhaps that is the reason that Rachel Olding is prepared to look stupid and ignorant over never noticing the crimes women are committing in the family courts. Perhaps it is because she is Jewish and Jewish women do not care about goy women just the same way Alan Shatter does not care about goy men.

We put together a forum where we recorded news articles about men killing women, especially in divorce. Apparently even when we collected 200+ such articles and placed them into this forum that was not enough yet to alert women to the consequences of their actions. I also started asking women the provocative question:

"How many more women have to be killed by men in divorce before you women take the position that men must have the protection of the law from criminal women?"

Apparently the answer is:


So I spent about 18 months on the SMH Relationships blog proposing public debate. I also spent more than two years on the Irish Freeman site proposing that women consider the idea that criminal women are held accountable for their crimes on an equal before the law basis. Of course, not even women on the Irish Freeman site would agree to that idea.

One woman did. She had a brother whose life had been destroyed by his ex. She took the position publicly that her brother deserved the protection of the law. She was immediately attacked by other women and so decided that she no longer wanted to speak out.

4C. The Lone Long Hard Slog

Indeed, in late 2009 I was interviewed by Vince Byrne for the Irish Freeman Radio site. I was still using my Globalman name back then. I noted in that interview that the purpose was "divide and conquer" and that women were better off to secure their future with the men in their lives and not rely on the guvmint which was surely going to try and kill people off as so many guvmints have previously. You can listen to this old interview on this link.

There were over 300 women on the Irish Freeman site and they could not raise 12 women among them to put Jennifer on trial for the crimes she committed on their land.

The very idea that women want "equality" is a total joke when you consider that 300 women from a site where there is strong agreement that women are to be treated as equal to men in all ways and strong agreement to jury trials as the way to settle criminal matters you can not get 12 women for a jury trial. I mean the hypocrisy and the lies are that blatant. And for some reason the women think that us men should just accept these lies and hypocrisy.

There was another woman who spoke out in my support in Australia. Her screen name was "Liz". You can read what Liz said on this link. Liz is a grand mother whose own daughter will not let her see her grand daughter. In an effort to see her grand daughter Liz has even been up before David Dunkley who she describes as "a deeply evil man". Liz openly called for, in her own name, that women be held accountable for their crimes on an equal before the law basis to men.

How was this grand mother who wanted to see her grand daughter treated by other women? She was verbally attacked and THREATENED WITH ACTUAL VIOLENCE if she kept calling for women to be held accountable before the law on an equal before the law basis to men.

Yep. You heard that right. Women threatened to BEAT UP an elderly grand mother if she said that women should be held equal before the law to men.

And if you think there are SOME good women out there? I offer you Tammy Pepperman. Tammy Pepperman puts herself forward and an anti-feminst woman who stands up for men. So I asked Tammy Pepperman on her own facebook page if she was willing to publicly say that women must be held equal before the law to men with respect to their crimes.

For asking this question Tammy Pepperman accused me of being an agent of the government whose job it was to malign all men! LOL!! I could not make this up. She then blocked me off her facebook page. So I took her videos down off my channel and denounced her has the man-hating, sexist, discriminatory, lying bigot she chose to be.

The proof of that pudding being that it is now more than two years later and Tammy Pepperman, champion of law and equality, has STILL never called for women to be held equal before the law to men.

So over the years I engaged THOUSANDS of women in direct conversation and TENS OF THOUSANDS of women in indirect conversation with respect to the issue of "equality before the law for women".

4D. The Lone Long Hard Slog

Would it surprise you to find out that to date there is not one single woman of note in the ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD who will say "I take the position that women should be held equal before the law to men and I am willing to sit on an all women's jury in an all women's court to make it so."  Certainly not Karen Straughen, the most visible of females who claims to support "men's rights".

All through this hard slog of challenging women to take the position in public that women are held equal before the law I was lied about, slandered and hated on by hundreds and hundreds of women. John Rambo finally came up with the brainstorm of capturing the lies and hatred of women and posting their comments into Crimes Against Fathers where the search engines would find their entries. CAF is well indexed now by the search engines and the details of a person come up high on the results list if they are not a well known personality.

You can review an example such a forum on this link. We called it the man-hating women forum. It has proven to be a HIT. We have put hundreds of women into the "Man Hating Women" forums. Usually we just cut and paste their comments made in public and add some comments of our own. The women HATE this because their comments come up on google.  It was such a hit that we decided to create "Man Hating Women" forums on each of our country sites.

We also created forums for men who express hatred of men. The men HATE being listed in this forum. There is nothing that men who have been criminally victimised like less than men who engage in female idolatry. So for a man to get posted into the "IgnorMANus" forum is a real problem for that man.

The women have been so upset that we have had HUNDREDS of complaints from women. We have even had cases of women going to lawyers and police! Fantastic. It shows that exposing their MAN-HATRED really upsets them as it should.

Our most famous case of this was Rachel Cassidy. Rachel Cassidy is, in our opinion, a false rape accuser. We broke the story on CAF as per normal. It was picked up by some twitter account and went viral. We got more than 90,000 views of the Rachel Cassidy post. You can read the post on this link.  Crimes Against Fathers was featured in 30 main stream articles.

You can read about them on this link. We even made it into the TV media in the US. You can watch those videos on this link and this link. There has been no evidence under oath presented to say that Rachel Cassidy was NOT the false rape accuser we accused her of being based on the evidence we were able to collect.

The fact that the closed grand jury hearing came back with the totally absurd "finding" that the woman who made the false rape allegation was so drunk that she "legitimately forgot" that she gave consent to have sex in the middle of the street but was NOT drunk enough for that consent to have been impaired by said drunkenness does not stand up to the slightest level of scrutiny.

I think Rachel Cassidy was the woman in question. I think they tried to sweep it under the carpet with a ludicrous "finding" from a grand jury that was closed when it has no right to be closed and I think the cops and the woman from the university are lying. After all? We all know cops are the second least reliable sources of information behind politicians.

4E. The Lone Long Hard Slog

Cops will commit perjury to make a speeding ticket stick and I have never had a cop deny that is the case because exactly that happened to me when I was 20 years old. A copy lied under oath committing perjury to make a speeding ticket stick and ALL cops I have talked to about that incident ADMIT they know that cops commit perjury to make accusations stick. Period.

In the Rachel Cassidy case the young man in question is clearly identifiable in the pictures and on the video. This young man was, reportedly, bashed and injured. Those who bashed him and injured him are obviously known. However, in order to hide the fact that the woman in question really IS Rachel Cassidy the people who bashed the young man were not charged with assault.

The lamest of excuses that the criminal cops gave was "the lad does not want to press charges". Sure, who threatened to bash him some more if he did, eh?

I later had the good fortune to come across email lists for such people as the US Senators, US Congresspersons, US Governors, and the members of parliament in Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

At one point in time I sent an email to all the people on those lists that I had addresses for to point out how women were not held equal before the law. I asked them what their position was. I got back just silence.

I have, many times, emailed all members of the Irish, Australian and UK Parliaments challenging the men and women alike to make a statement as to their position on women being held equal before the law.

Surprise, surprise. Despite all the speeches these women AND MEN make there is not even ONE of them, male or female, who is willing to even make a statement on whether women should be held equal before the law.

The male politicians will not make such a statement simply because they are gutless cowards and they fear losing votes if they make such a statement. That's fine. I can understand politicians being gutless cowards to go along with being liars and hypocrites. I do not think anyone is going to argue with me that 99.9%+ of male politicians are liars and hypocrites and not to be trusted. So adding that they are also gutless cowards to that mix is hardly a big step, right?

But the WOMEN will not make such a statement either. And that is not just being liars and hypocrites, which, of course, they are. That is being DEEPLY EVIL PEOPLE. Because the women have been campaigning on the basis that "we just want to be treated as equal to men so since there are men in politics you have to let us in to politics."

But men in politics have ALWAYS prioritised the well being of women in the society ABOVE MEN. If you dispute that then find me some evidence. Show me a society that conscripted or drafted women and not men. Show me a society that forced women to perform "National Service" with the threat of incarceration but not men.

As far as I am aware there has never been a well known, well documented, human society that has prioritised the health and well being of men above that of women. I have asked feminists to present evidence of any such society should it have existed and they have failed to do so.

Certainly the VAST MAJORITY of societies that we know about have ALWAYS treated the men as the disposable members and the women as the "protected members" due to the simple fact that a woman can produce a baby and a man can not.

4F. The Lone Long Hard Slog

So when women entered politics did they say:

"We no longer want to be given preferential treatment and treated as superior to men. We want to be conscripted. We want to be drafted. We want to do national service. We want to be 51% of the war dead."

Did we hear THAT from women who came into politics? Don't make me laugh. Of COURSE we never heard things like that. Instead we heard about "equal pay for less work". We heard about "we want 50% of the good jobs". We never heard about you wanting 50% of the bad jobs. We never heard of you wanting "equal punishment for equal crimes".

The fact that is not avoidable is that nearly 100 years after most women secured the vote in their lands they have NEVER called for "equality before the law".


The point of saying all this is that we have, FOR SIX YEARS, called on women to take the position that women are to be held equal before the law to men. We have denounced women for not being willing to do so. We have denounced women who have spoken hate speech against men in public. And in ALL THAT TIME there has not even been ONE WOMAN who has come forward and said in her own name in the public that "women must be held equal before the law to men and I am willing to sit on a jury to make it so."

For me the last SIX YEARS has been a long hard slog against thousands and thousands of women and their cowardly, gutless, mangina lackeys in denouncing them for their lies and their hypocrisy, and now their EVIL.

Women have been claiming every step of the way "there are good women out there" and "not all women are like that".







And if you can not bring this woman forth I claim SHE DOES NOT EXIST and that you DEEPLY EVIL WOMEN are lying when you say "I know lots of women who think women should be held equal before the law".

Lying, lying, lying. Period.

By stark contrast virtually ALL the eastern european women I meet agree with me 110% when I say that women must be held accountable for their actions.

When I tell women who live in Germany what happens in "western" countries like the USSK, USSA, Ireland, Australia, Kanaduh. They are shocked to the core and can not understand how men put up with women who are treating them so badly. 

That long hard lone slog is now over. The young men are joining in. They are joining in in vast numbers. And they are none too happy about what it is us older men have revealed to them.

5A. Finally - Young Men Join In The Fray

On the Relationships Blog of the Sydney Morning Herald I was encouraging young men to join in the fray. To denounce their women as the hypocrites they were. This proved to be very successful. After my 18 months there or so more than 75% of the comments by men were negative towards women, especially the way they took advantage of the family courts.

It, apparently, got so bad that the relationships blog was closed down. Rather than talk about these issues the Powers That Be shut down the mechanism for conversation to happen on.

That Sam DeBritto is an agent was confirmed when he banned me off his column for posting a story very positive about the woman who was my girlfriend when I was 16 and 17 years of age. Sam could not have such a positive comment about a woman coming from me since his editor had made it clear that I was to be slandered and that slander would stand.

We will get to Sam deBritto all in good time. He is not going anywhere that we can not find him. He is best advised to stand trial for him part in the suppression of news of the genocide and see what a jury of 12 of his peers say that he should to to make his remedy and make his peace with those he helped criminally victimise.

I was strongly encouraged at the rate at which young men would join the fray. I was strongly disgusted at the rate at which OLDER MEN refused to join the fray. I was posting on The Spearhead for more than two years. But those losers would not join in the fray. They wanted to just talk among themselves and that is what they have done for more than 5 years now. The Spearhead has become an irrelevant echo chamber not dis-similar to Feminisisting. Bill Price did not reach out to the freeman side of the house as suggested and did not reach out to young men as suggested.

Dick Masterson was really taking the fight up to women with his character, book and web site Men are Better Than Women. That was such a great read that I sent him USD1,400 to encourage him to keep up the good work.

5B. Finally - Young Men Join In The Fray

Sadly, Dick allowed women on his forums to ruin them and slowly men lost interest in just complaining. He also allowed manginas to admin his forums for him. So Men are Better Than Women slowly fell from prominence due to the lack of support Dick received. I thought that was a real shame.

That Men Are Better Than Women and The Spearhead were not going to evolve into the sort of platforms that could get the message out to lots of young men was disappointing.

But one must never overlook the ingenuity of young men. And then along came John Rambo with his global hit "Boycott American Women."

You can read his old blog site on this link. He set it up to run for a couple of years just with comments he had harvested from men's groups. These were real comments from real men who had just about had enough of "american women". John Rambo was the first young guy I met who had the ability to speak the language of the "average guy in his 20s" and get the message across quickly and simply.

There was not a single feminist site that did not do an article hating on John Rambo and hating on "Boycott American Women". John Rambo rightly pointed out "If american men are all such losers as you women keep telling them they are, why are you upset that they are boycotting you? Surely you would be happy losers are not bothering you any more, right?"

I then came across Bill Greathouse with Truth Forced Loneliness. You  can see Bills channel on this link. Bill and I have become good friends because we are very like minded on these issues. He speaks his mind powerfully and I like that in a man. He is also right about just about everything he says and I like that in a man too. If he makes a mistake, he admits it, just like I do.

When Bill Greathouse, John Rambo and I teamed up we started to make some real waves among younger men. We did a radio show for 3 months in 2012 and John was able to join us once or twice. It was pretty hard given his time zone.

5C. Finally - Young Men Join In The Fray

However, there was not a "spark" yet among the young men. We were missing a spark that would really get them engaged and involved in hearing about the situation in which they find themselves.

That spark was in 2 parts. Firstly, 4chan, a space where very large numbers of young men congregate. By posting to 4chan it has been possible to get the situation young men face in front of tens of thousands of young men. When we posted the Rachel Cassidy case to 4chan that is were we believed it was picked up from by the anonymous twitter account.

So the first part of getting the message of the situation young men find themselves in is 4chan.

The second part came from an unexpected source. A guy called Roosh V online. I had known Roosh by reputation for a long time. I figured he was one more PUA who at least had his head screwed on right. He was saying very sensible things and I agreed with a lot of what he said. But he was not talking about mens rights or fathers rights so I did not look into his work too much. After all? I need PUA advice like I need a priest.

But one day Roosh made a blog entry criticising MRAs heavily. I agreed with everything he said so I decided to go and look more closely in to what he was saying. I checked out some of his videos and I could tell he was an intelligent young man who had a pretty good head on his shoulders. So I decided to follow him along a bit. See what he was up to.

What caught my eye about Roosh was that he was prepared to eloquently criticise the MRA area as no providing any solutions for men, which is 100% true. He also pointed out that what he is teaching them, about travelling overseas to meet better quality women, is actually something of value to young men, also 100% true.

Having had my Ukrainian fav#1 help me in such a difficult time I could only agree with Roosh that eastern european women are far more desirable than western women. I would have looked like a right fool to say anything else, right?

After a while Roosh and some fellow writers decided to start a web site called Return of Kings. This was a site that would be dedicate to all things "masculine".  So John Rambo and I followed along the site and made a few comments. Of course it started out small as all such sites do so we told other men in the man-o-sphere about it until it became well known in its own right.

5D. Finally - Young Men Join In The Fray

I liked the style of the writers even if they were writing to a much younger audience than me about things that were not of any value to men. Then, after a while, they started doing article much more critical of women. And as sure as night follows day the women flocked to the site to express their ever predictable "outrage".

Noticing the uptick the writers wrote more provocative articles. I mean, duh! You do not have to be so smart to work that out! John Rambo had a couple of articles accepted and they were each the most popular article of the week.

Soon ROK was climbing the ranks of the internet sites. It currently stands at 11,500 in the world which is a great achievement. My hat is off to the lads. They have done a great job. Most importantly they have created a platform similar to 4chan where they can get a message to many hundreds of thousands of young men simply and easily. And not a few women either. And this they have been doing.

I suspected from my first readings of what Roosh was on about that RoK would turn out to be something that is much more provocative towards the women. And my suspicions were confirmed after some time. The young men who are writers on RoK are doing a great job of joining in the effort to tell women just exactly what young men think of them today. And that is just fantastic.

Roosh and the guys even allowed me to put quite a large number of personal comments denouncing my ex etc into the comments section to show young men, and older men for that matter, just exactly how to deal with criminal women. Denounce them as publicly as possible.

And so, the young men have turned up for the fight now, mostly by telling the women the same message I told them. There are plenty of other women in the world and if western women do not lift themselves to those standards plenty of men will leave and take wives from other countries. And plenty of men who remain in the west will simply lie to women to get what they want and refuse to start families. And if you look at all the womens media talking about RoK? You can see the whites of their eyes. The women are scared witless about the impact that RoK is having.

Well? The women are right to be scared witless at the impact RoK is having....but it is going to get much worse yet. And that is the subject of the next chapter. The Impending Backlash.

6A. The Impending Backlash

Women in the west have NO IDEA of the impending backlash that is coming there way. NO IDEA AT ALL. I have found it personally staggering that women can be so stupid as to not realise the bad blood that they have stored up for themselves.  Every effort to inform them of this bad blood is dismissed out of hand with a few insults to boot.

I have told women for SIX YEARS that their blatant hatred of men is going to cause a backlash beyond the comprehension of their rather feeble minds. I get called all sorts of names for warning them that they have built up a lot of bad blood.

Even when I show them a forum with more than 200 cases of men killing women this is not yet enough evidence for women that provoking men endlessly is a really, really, REALLY bad idea. For some reason, and this is quite incomprehensible to me, women are not making the connection between 50 years of feminist inspired hatred of men, 30 years of divorce court criminal victimisation, and the murder rate of women in divorce. To women these are un-related. No cause and effect. It is STAGGERING to me that the female brain is so lacking in capability that they can not figure this out even after us men point it out. And yet they claim they are our intelligence equals?

And when men point out their lack of intelligence is not seen as "helpful" even when it is intended to save their lives?! It is called "sexism" and "you must hate all women" if you point out that their lack of intelligence is getting them KILLED and BASHED and ROBBED in rapidly increasing numbers?!

Really. There is no helping these women. If men are to spare women from their own foolishness then they are going to have to wage war on them and conquer them and subjugate them again. All that feminism has done in the last 50 years is show men that the previous 5,000 years of allowing women limited freedom is in the best interests of the women themselves as well as the children.

I have come to the conclusion that giving a woman her freedom is one of the cruellest things you could actually do to most women. Women seem to have no idea what to do with their freedom. They go around protesting and being "outraged" over all manner of foolishness. If you do not believe me then you might want to take a look at this article. Men are starting to notice in larger numbers that these "feminised women" are quite insane and that they are now attacking each other for their own mistakes.

6B. The Impending Backlash

I first saw this backlash taking shape in 2008 when I first started talking to men in the area of fathers who had been criminally abused. The men were VERY unhappy and some of them were VERY angry. They had every right to be very angry as well. The women would usually use "you are A-N-G-R-Y" as some sort of derogatory term and like a man does not have a right to be angry. And yet when a woman slaps a man the same women will say "well you must have done something to make her angry so you deserve the slap".

What has made men more A-N-G-R-Y than anything else is the endless insults and the endless refusal to even acknowledge that they have been victims of criminal women. That anger has now passed to resolve to fix the situation for the benefit of the children in a small but rapidly increasing number of men.

That anger and frustration that I saw in mid 2008 I reported widely to women in public places like the Sydney Morning Herald Relationships blog. When I presented it the women, and many men, simply denied that any man had any right to be angry at being criminally victimised and in the vast majority of cases the women, and men, said "he must have deserved it".

Well? I am one of the best cases around. I was one of the best possible husbands and fathers. I absolutely did not "deserve" to be criminally victimised in any way shape or form. Therefore every woman, and man, who has said to me or about me "he deserved it" is just lying. And they KNOW they are lying.

Well? After SIX YEARS of me pointing out that I in no way, shape, or form, deserved criminal victimisation. Other men have noticed. And they are fed up. They have had enough of this nonsense. And they are steeling themselves to do what must be done to defend the children of their land.

It is not going to be pretty. There is a WAR that is going to be waged. There will be many causalities of the WAR. But women only have themselves to blame for the backlash that is coming their way. They were warned over and over again. The men in their lives were warned over and over again. And both the women, and their fathers, brothers and sons ignored these warnings.

The backlash is going to be HUGE, violent, disruptive and irreversible. We are about to go through a transition in the way men related to women and there is no turning back this tide.

I will watch how this works out with some interest.

7A. Deliberate Pregnancies for Personal Benefit

One of the most amazing revelations that finally came out of the woodwork with Jennifer, but only after 15 years of marriage, was this. She had claimed all her adult life that her pregnancy at 16 was "accidental".

Since I was a "family friend" I was well aware of the circumstances of this pregnancy. Jennifer had broken a front tooth when she was younger and was very self conscious about the capped tooth she had because it was a bit of a "temporary" job until she was old enough that her tooth had stopped growing. So as a teen girl she would never smile, indeed, rarely even look up. So once she had her tooth capped properly and you could not tell it was capped she finally started to smile a bit and be a bit more outgoing.

It was at this time that she started dating her first "boyfriend" who was far too old for her. Numerous people suggested to her that she should limit her choices to boys more her own age at 16. Presumably her father and mother said the same. That would be for them to talk about.

As sometimes happens she became pregnant and she claimed that it was an "accident". She played the "victim" and the young man "did the right thing" and married her about 5 months before the baby was born. That baby was named Kristen Robinson and you can read about her on this link.

So 15 years in to our marriage. About 25 years after Kristen was born. Jennifer comes to me one night and tells me that she has a secret to tell me that has been eating her up for years. She asks me if I would listen to what she has to say. I say yes.

She then proceeds to tell me that when she was a teen she felt her mother was domineering and controlling and she wanted to leave home. However, she had no way to leave home as a 15 year old. So she hatched the plan to get a boyfriend, get pregnant to him deliberately, and then play the victim to get him to marry her and take her away from her domineering and controlling mother.

I was shocked. Absolutely shocked to the core. I said to her:

"You told me and everyone else that Kristen was an accidental pregnancy that you never intended. What do you have to say about what you have said these last 25 years?"

She looked up to me with those big blue eyes and simply said:

"I lied."

7B. Deliberate Pregnancies for Personal Benefit

And I said words close to the effect.

"Let me make sure I understand you correctly. You are telling me you deliberately, with forethought, targeted Steven as an older "boyfriend" with a job and some money and you deliberately lied to him and deliberately had sex with him with the full intention of getting pregnant. Then, when you were successful you lied to your mother, your father, to all your friends, to me later on, and you kept up that lie for 25 years?

You are saying that Kristen was the result of a deliberate selfish ploy? You brought a child into this world as an excuse to get away from your mother?

Do I understand what you are telling me correctly?"

She did what all women do when they want to try and win sympathy having been caught in a terrible lie that exposes their true character. They try to distract the man. And the most common distraction is crying like they are the "victim" of what they have done.

The crying was confirmation that she had done exactly what I understood. She had maliciously and with malice of forethought set out to trap a man into marriage with the excuse of an "accidental pregnancy".

Just imagine, dear reader, what this did to Kristen Robinson when she finally found out this was the impetus for her bring brought into the world, as she did find out at a later date.

Unlike Josephine and Joshua where they were long planned and were very much wanted for a long time before they were even conceived, Kristen was the result of a deliberate, malicious plan that did not involve her being wanted by both her parents in any way, shape or form. To her father she would be presented as an "accident" and from her mother she was nothing more than a ploy, a tool, a weapon, a necessary evil.

I can not, for the life of me, imagine what such knowledge does to a person but it can't be good.

I talked to my eastern european women friends about this incident at some length. Every singe one of them conceded that women:
  1. Know how to get pregnant
  2. Know WHEN they can get pregnant.
  3. And almost NEVER get pregnant by accident.

7C. Deliberate Pregnancies for Personal Benefit

They openly mock the idea that is propagandised in the west that "25% of pregnancies are unplanned". They told me, to a one, "there is no such thing as an unplanned pregnancy, if the woman gets herself pregnant you can by 99.9% sure she planned it. That she then says it was an accident? All us women know we do that. But we don't tell men about it because we know how upset men get if they are told about these things."

Men like Tom Lykis have done radio shows where he has invited women to call in and tell their stories of how they got "accidentally pregnant" so as to "move the relationship along". One of the striking things you will hear from the voices of such women is that there is not one note of regret in their life.

Indeed, Liz Jones, a very well known feminist writer for the Daily Mail in the UK, has openly admitted that she tried to steal sperm TWO TIMES in order to get herself pregnant without the agreement of the man in question. If you do not believe that she made this confession in her column in the newspaper then you are welcome to click on this link.

There is also the related but separate issue of cuckolding. My Fav#1 told me to my face that if we married on the agreement that we would not have more children and she changed her mind then she would have no concerns in cuckolding me. She, and all my other eastern european women friends also told me that this was considered "normal and acceptable" by women.

Tom Lykis has also had call in shows where he has invited women who KNOW they cuckolded their husband to call in and talk about it. Again, lots of women called in. Again, there is never a trace of regret in their voice. As far as they are concerned cuckolding a man is perfectly ok.

As my fav#1 said:

"If you do not want to pay for any baby that a woman has then you must not marry that woman."

My point to sharing the contents of this chapter is this. Every day in the media we see media spew hatred at men. Men are criticised and condemned endlessly in the media. There are endless stories of the themes:

  1. Men are afraid of commitment.
  2. Men are peter pans who never grow up.
  3. The Hanna Rosen "End of Men" article.
  4. Where have all the good men gone.
  5. Men a living in mums basement playing computer games.

The news articles condemning men are endless. Heaven forbid a man actually gets caught cheating on his wife. Then the condemnation is loud, long and endless. But if a woman cheats on a man it is because he is not keeping her happy and he drive her into another mans arms.

However, how is a man who WAS faithful like me treated? I was faithful for 23 years. I did not have sex with any other woman in the entire period I was with Jennifer even though I was travelling endlessly and I was offered any number of prostitutes for free by many of the hotels that I stayed in as one way to "keep the long term guests happy."

7D. Deliberate Pregnancies for Personal Benefit

I turned down all offers and all opportunities to have sex with other women for 23 years. How was this "rewarded" by Jennifer? It was rewarded with "I do not believe you". How about that?

How was faithfulness rewarded in the courts? 5% vs 95%.

How was faithfulness rewarded by other women? They hate me.

This is why I have altered my position. Before I was divorced I was well known as a man who said faithfulness was a requirement of my friends. I made it quite clear to all my friends that if they cheated they should not tell me because I WOULD tell their wives. I took that strong of a position. Not surprisingly none of my friends every confessed confidentially to cheating to me.

But after I was treated so shabbily I now say openly and publicly in my own name that since women do not value monogamy no man should be monogamous. And I have let it be known that I will not tell any mans wife if he confesses to me that he has cheated at some time in the past. Women are "outraged" (as per usual) that I have taken that position. No surprises there, right?

The point of all this is very simple. Where is the "outrage" from women over the most heinous acts of women? There isn't any.

Men simply do not want to have their children stolen. Women are "outraged" that they are selfish, peter pans, fear commitment, never grow up, blah, blah, blah.

But a woman deliberately, with malice of forethought, decides to predate a man with a little bit of money in his job and deliberately lies to him in order to get pregnant and bring a baby into the world who, to her, is no more than a tool of abuse, domination, control and deception?


You will NEVER hear a woman condemn a woman for doing that.

That is the sort of DEEPLY EVIL BEHAVIOUR that I am talking about. Not only the DEEPLY EVIL BEHAVIOUR of having a baby under those conditions but the DEEPLY EVIL BEHAVIOUR exhibited by ALL THE OTHER WOMEN in that they will not condemn such a woman and they will not protect their sons from such women.

As I told Jennifer's father, if I knew that she was the kind of woman who could commit such an EVIL ACT I would never have married her. The remainder of our marriage I had to live with the fear that Jennifer might do exactly what Liz Jones tried to do. Steal sperm to get pregnant to put me on the hook for 18 to 20 years. And no women would have condemned her for that either, just like they did not condemn Liz Jones for such an EVIL ACT.

Western women are DEEPLY EVIL PEOPLE because they support, condone, consent to and even SUPPORT women who use getting pregnant as a weapon. Damn what it does to the child throughout its life.


And if you think otherwise? Feel free to write your rebuttal essay and publish it. We will link it on the page.

8A. Prostitution for Greed

Another thing that I would like to point out that confirmed the fact that western women are more properly called DEEPLY EVIL PEOPLE over and above merely being called the liars and hypocrites they chose to be is this example. 

When Jennifer criminally attacked me via the criminal family courts in Ireland and Australia the first thing they did was freeze my bank accounts in both Australia and Ireland. Notice they did not freeze HER bank accounts. That right there is blatant sexism and discrimination.

Since MY bank accounts were frozen there was a need to get money to pay for the lawyers I would need to fight Jennifer in the courts for her wilful perjury and aggression.

I talked to our bank in Australia where we had the mortgage for our house. Our house had been valued at about AUD600,000 in 2000. We had a mortgage of AUD225,000 which gave us an minimum estimate of AUD400,000 in equity in the house between us. I proposed to the bank that they increase our loan by about AUD100,000 and that the money issued against the loan would be split 50/50 so that we would have our own money to pay the lawyers.

Our bank obviously agreed to this proposal. After all, they held the ownership of the property. The equity would only reduced to about 50%. There was no risk to the bank and they would earn interest on another AUD100,000 loan which we could clearly pay.

The proposal was put to Jennifer and she said no. She was not prepared to pay her own lawyers fees with money drawn from the house. She actually had her retired father out in the 40C hot Wagga Wagga sun washing cars to earn money to pay HER lawyers bills. Now that I know she threatened him with the child sexual molestation allegation of Suzanne I can understand why Bill Toal was out washing cars to pay her legal bill rather than telling her that she had to pay her own way since the war she had started was her own doing against his recommendation.

The point I am making is that Jennifer had her father out in the hot sun washing cars when she had ready access to money merely for her signature.

I decided that I was going to track where Jennifer was going out of my own interest. You can download the tracking documents on this link. When I got the tracking information back from the Private Eye I hired in Ireland I was quite perplexed at where Jennifer had been in the car and the times she had been in these places. She was travelling to places where we had no acquaintances that I knew of. It was also obvious she was conducting an affair already because she was staying overnight in Sion Road which is about 1kms from the house we lived in.

That she was staying overnight and leaving the children in the house un-supervised was pretty disgraceful as far as I was concerned. But no other women would condemn a woman just because she is carrying on an affair and leaving the teen children at home overnight. Nope. That is perfectly ok as far a DEEPLY EVIL WOMEN are concerned.

But I was intrigued how often Jennifer was arriving just short of the hour mark and leaving just after the hour make. Jennifer has never been able to be on time for anything in her life. So how come she was able to be on time in these situations? She was clearly arriving for a meeting starting on the hour and ending on the hour.

8B. Prostitution for Greed

So then I got her call records from her cell phone to see what they might tell me. I work in telcos a lot and I see a lot of call records. Prostitutes have a very distinct sms pattern. Everyone in telco is aware of it. They arrange their meetings via SMS. They always follow up the meeting with one or two SMSs which are the "I had a great time I hope I see you again soon". This is all quite standard.

So imagine my surprise when I matched up the SMSs to the meetings and Jennifers travel habits matched the the SMSs. It suddenly dawned on me that Jennifer was being a prostitute to make money to pay the legal bills she was running up in attacking me RATHER than simply access some of the equity of the house so that she could pay her own bills.

When I studied these things I was reminded of a conversation I had with Josephine a month or so earlier where Josephine was complaining that "you are not paying mum the money she needs so she has had to take a job cleaning houses".

I laughed at Josephine and said:

"your mother has never kept her own house clean and you expect me to believe she is cleaning someone else's houses?! That's funny." 

She was doing house calls all right. She was being a prostitute to make money purely for greed. She had more than enough money available to her. But she chose to be a prostitute instead. The irony of the situation was not lost on me at all and I had to laugh about it.

A woman who was all but frigid in marriage when her husband loved her more than life itself turns into a prostitute having sex with any man with a few euros because she is so greed that she does not want to use the money she has stolen from her husband using lies? The irony is rather delicious don't you think?

There was even one low life john she went with in a CEMETERY of all WINTER IN DUBLIN. The guy could not even afford a hotel room it would seem.

And remember. This is a woman that ALL the women around her supported who had a daughter who was 16 years of age and impressionable. Jennifer was out having sex with strangers for money rather than allow her children to be with their father as both children had expressed was their preference. She was THAT determined to make money out of her divorce.

Using the children as weapons? Fine!
Having sex with strangers for money? Fine!


While at the same time THOUSANDS OF WOMEN have slandered me, lied about me, attacked me, demonised me, vilified me, criticised me.

This is not just lies. This is not just hypocrisy.

THIS IS EVIL. And these women are DEEPLY EVIL PEOPLE for attacking me while supporting such a clearly criminal, prostitute, child abusing woman.

This is one more piece of evidence of what DEEPLY EVIL PEOPLE western women are.

9A. A WAR OF RETURN is Now Necessary

Now, Gentlemen, all through the last SIX YEARS I have had women AND MEN alike shouting at me:

  • "not all women are like that",
  • "you are a woman hater"
  • "there are lots of good women out there"

You name it. You men all know that sorts of things that men say to men when men criticise women. You all know that women demand the men defend them in a blatant show of the fact that women see themselves as inferior in the first place because they demand men speak for them in the second place.

However, what you gentlemen can no longer ignore that today, SIX YEARS LATER, you have been unable to bring forth even ONE woman of note in the entire western world who will say in her own name in the public "women must be treated as equal before the law to men and I am willing to sit on an all women's jury in an all women's court to make it so."

Now, of course, your women, the ones you do vigorously defended, have been proven to be DEEPLY EVIL PEOPLE as well as the liars and hypocrites I accused them of being. That goes without saying.

But what of you men? What do you think your defense of these DEEPLY EVIL PEOPLE who are also liars and hypocrites for SIX YEARS has said to younger men? Hhhmm?

Have you men stopped to think about just how much credibility you have decided to willingly throw away by defending women from my comments while allowing women to commit the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse for SIX MORE YEARS because you were so busy being man-hating, sexist, discriminatory, bigots against MEN? Hhhmmm?

You men can not get that credibility back in the eyes of the young men. That credibility is gone forever along with any respect you might have claimed to have earned across your lifetime. The same is true for my former father, John Thomas Nolan. Any claim he had on respect earned across his lifetime was waived when he invited known criminals to the funeral of his wife. When he invited the very people who had abused his wife to her funeral.


9B. A WAR OF RETURN is Now Necessary

No matter WHAT a man does across his lifetime, when he dishonours his wife of 50 years by inviting the people who abused her in her elderly and ill state to their funeral ALL claims to respect are waived. That is how respect works. It is very hard to maintain the state of having EARNED respect across your lifetime and NEVER having good cause to lose that respect. This is why respect is highly valued among men. It is hard to earn, hard to maintain, and very easy to lose.

So all the MEN who sat by and ALLOWED women to commit crimes with impunity and who CHAMPIONED the women committing crimes with impunity. Do you know what you have done by doing so?

You have made a WAR OF RETURN against the WAR OF AGGRESSION brought by women against men NECESSARY.

Let me say that again because I want to lay the blame for the necessity of the WAR OF RETURN at the feet of those with whom it properly belongs.


The fathers, brothers, and sons of the women who openly commit crimes against other men are the people MOST TO BLAME for the NECESSITY of the WAR OF RETURN.

If MEN like Bill Toal and John Thomas Nolan dealt with the criminality of Jennifer Toal peacefully as the fathers of the situation then NO WAR OF RETURN would have been NECESSARY. However, MEN, like Bill Toal and John Thomas Nolan remained silent while men like me were criminally victimised. In their silence they condoned these crimes and gave tens of millions of men like me NO PEACEFUL PATH TO JUSTICE. Therefore the MEN in the families of these women, especially the fathers, but the bothers and sons as well, are THE CAUSE for the necessity for OTHER MEN to be willing to wage a WAR OF RETURN against the women's WAR OF AGGRESSION.

I want to make it clear that the women are little more than "useful idiots" in the WAR OF AGGRESSION against men. They are being used as pawns by the criminals in guvmint to attack men and they are quite happy to do so. Many women have said "it is not the woman's fault, the system made them do it" or words to such effect.


9C. A WAR OF RETURN is Now Necessary

Indeed, every time a woman commits a crime it is suddenly not her fault. Someone ELSE "made her do it". This is the very opposite claim of "we are equal to men" because one of the most important characteristics of being a man is BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR WORDS AND DEEDS.

The very fact women so often say "it is not the woman's fault, someone else MADE HER DO IT" is the PUBLIC AND OPEN ADMISSION that women are NOT EQUAL TO MEN. And most women have no problem with this blatant hypocrisy.

Since women have refused to cease and desist their WAR OF AGGRESSION that is being incited BY MEN then the women must be held RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE for their actions.

The men who are being attacked have no choice now but to declare a WAR OF RETURN and to wage that WAR OF RETURN to its only reasonably conclusion.


And so, on behalf of any man who wishes to join in, I have publicly, in my own name, claimed into existence a WAR OF RETURN against western women. Any man can join in based on his own conscience.

This WAR OF RETURN will be waged by those men who are so willing until a quorum of women is formed and they come to my table and BEG me to accept their offer of UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER.

That is what is now NECESSARY because of the LACK OF ACTION OF MEN in holding their mothers, sisters and daughter accountable for their crimes.  If the sons, brothers and fathers of these women had held their women accountable for their crimes and made sure that any man they criminally victimised was given appropriate remedy by the family of the woman then this WAR OF RETURN would not be NECESSARY.

Now. I personally hope that the number of dead women and children in this WAR OF RETURN can be kept to a minimum. However, I point out that more than 100,000+ men a year kill themselves as a result of the criminal actions of women in the family law courts alone. And no one cares about and no one mourns these men. Certainly no one tries to stop them from killing themselves. As I pointed out above, not even the mothers of these men will speak out about the crimes they suffered even when they have other married sons. Women are really THAT DEEPLY EVIL!


9D. A WAR OF RETURN is Now Necessary

So I am reflecting back to women what they have "done to others". When I say that I am not at all concerned IF men go about killing large numbers of women in divorce I am a "monster". Note the IF about events that have NOT HAPPENED.

But when women say they are not concerned at the ACTUAL MURDER BY PROXY OF 100,000 MEN via the family law courts that does not raise any woman's eyebrow. Yes. Women are THAT DEEPLY EVIL.

If any man reading this believes that this WAR OF RETURN is not underway and that individual men are not making their own decisions about killing their wives and sometimes every their children in divorce? I would, again, invite you to click on this link   and read some of the 200+ articles about men killing women and sometimes children. Whether you men like it or not you have bequeathed to your mothers, sisters and daughters a world where they are much more likely to be murdered by their husbands in divorce. That is YOUR FAULT YOU MEN.

Further, young men raised by single mothers are far more violent and far less "chivalrous" about causing injury, harm and loss to women. So you MEN have bequeathed a world where your mother, sister, daughter is much more likely to be mugged, robbed, raped, or murdered than has been likely in many centuries and it is only going to get worse.

Well done YOU MEN who have mothers, sisters and daughters. And truly, in the UK a new crime has emerged. This is where young men watch the banks on pension day for old women who are going to collect their pensions. They follow the old women home and then mug them for their pension money on the way home. Some of the old women die in the course of these muggings. So you MEN who allowed women to criminally abuse MEN for so long are THE CAUSE of why these young men are attacking old women now. Again, well done!

And again, it is only going to get worse as the global economy is wound down. As men become poorer and women are given their money in tax handouts via the welfare state it is only obvious that more and more men are going to turn to violence to steal the money from the women in order to feed themselves. If you think young men are simply going to lay down and die of starvation while women are pampered and treated like queens every day of the week in front of them? You have a surprise in store for you.

It is like the case in Haiti after the earth quake. Men were restrained from being given food AT THE POINT OF A GUN while women were given food and they LAUGHED AT THE MEN. To no-ones surprise there was an increase in violence and robbery of food as STARVING MEN ATTACKED WOMEN FOR THEIR FOOD BECAUSE THE MEN WERE DENIED FOOD AND MOCKED IN THEIR DENIAL.


9E. A WAR OF RETURN is Now Necessary

One female reporter who went down to Haiti claimed she was raped by a man there. In her column she lamented how she went there to help only to be raped by the very people she claimed she wanted to help. Well? For a start she was not there to help MEN so it was not one of the people she wanted to help who raped her, if she was raped at all.

Secondly. One wonders if the man who allegedly raped her was one of the men who had a GUN shoved in his face and was threatened with having HIS HEAD BLOWN CLEAN OFF as women were presented food in front of him and they danced in front of him and MOCKED HIM as they took their food home. I wonder if he was one of THOSE MEN who was looking to take his revenge against people who LAUGHED AT HIM AND MOCKED HIM from behind the safety of SOME SOLDIERS GUN WHO WOULD INEVITABLY BE A MAN.

And to press home my point again at just how incredibly stupid western women are when it comes to how they treat men I will recount a story of my own former son Joshua John Nolan.  When he was just one year old our dog, Phoebe, was on a strict diet as a result of the abuse of Jennifer in overfeeding her. Jennifer had fed this small terrier my dinner for more than a month. Dogs will eat what you put in front of them. So the dog over ate and snapped ligaments in BOTH back legs. The story is covered in detail in my book "How to Be a Good Wife". Hint: Don't feed your husbands dinner to the dog.

Because the dog was on a very strict diet she was less tolerant around the children and easier to upset. Just like a person who is on a strict, almost starvation, diet.

One day I hear Joshua scream out so I immediately come to his aid. He is pointing at Phoebe and said "Phoebe bit me!" I asked Phoebe if she bit Joshua and her body language made it plain that she had. Her ears were down, her tail was between her legs, and she was sulking as if she knew she was about to be punished.

So I turned to Joshua and asked him "Why did Phoebe bite you?" He said she was just a "bad dog". I growled at Joshua and told him that Phoebe does not bite people for no reason. I told him if he lied to me I would spank him. And then I asked him again. "Why did Phoebe bite you?"

He put his head down and said: "I was stealing her food".

Remember, this little boy was LESS THAN TWO YEARS OLD and he already KNEW that he had done the wrong thing in taking the food from the dog. He also KNEW that there was a difference between a "bad dog that bites for no reason" and "a good dog that will bite you to try and stop you from stealing her food."


9F. A WAR OF RETURN is Now Necessary


And yet? The average adult western women is NOT INTELLIGENT ENOUGH or is SO DEEPLY EVIL that they claim they can not figure out that stealing the children of men, stealing their houses, stealing their food, stealing their future incomes and destroying their lives is LIKELY TO GET YOU KILLED OR INJURED and if it does it is the WOMAN'S FAULT for provoking the man beyond his tolerance.

I saw, up close and personal, across my entire life, how women provoke men so as to get the man to respond so that they can then claim to be the "victim of abuse". That is one of the most popular approaches of women to win support in the WAR OF AGGRESSION against men. MEN who have mothers, sisters and daughters who ALLOW them to get away with this? Do not come crying on my shoulder when some man KILLS your mother, sister or daughter. Your mother, sister or daughter may be too stupid or too evil to realise that one of the problems with provoking men is that you can be successful. But YOU KNOW that provoking is dangerous. You do not have the excuse of gross stupidity like women do. You do not have the excuse of being deeply evil like women are.


So you men with mothers, sisters, and daughters? Which is VIRTUALLY ALL MEN because I don't know too many men who did not have a mother! You allow women to do these things to men? You must take a part of the blame for the rapidly increasing rate at which men are killing women and children in divorce. Your INACTION is partly to blame. You were asked, in your tens of thousands, to sit on our new juries in our new courts and you refused to do so in the 99.7%+ majority.

And that means YOU are the people who made this WAR OF RETURN necessary. 

Now...what shape might this WAR OF RETURN take? As we have already seen, one of the shapes it IS taking in men killing women in rapidly increasing numbers. Every dead women is one dead woman closer to justice for men.

Another way it is taking shape is the simple denouncement of women as "liars and hypocrites in the 99.9%+ majority on the issue of equality before the law."

9G. A WAR OF RETURN is Now Necessary

Another way it is taking shape is the simple denouncement of women as DEEPLY EVIL PEOPLE.

Another way it is taking shape is through MBA Law Services where we are creating new courts and new juries staffed solely by men who are willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to secure the rights of those who are paying for the jury and peace officers.


And you men with mothers, sisters and daughters would do very well to notice that your inaction means WHATEVER IT TAKES is resulting in the deaths of women just like your mothers, sisters and daughters and one of your loved ones could easily be next.

If one of your loved ones happens to be walking down the street and come across a suicidal and desperate man who needs some money to buy food for the night and she is robbed, or worse, for the contents of her purse? You have only yourself to blame for allowing that man to be so criminally victimised that he sees stealing from women as his only chance for a meal for the night. And if you do not think this is happening? I suggest you read this article. Notice how the article is headed "men are failing us". Notice how it does not read "women created violent criminal men by stealing from them in the first place".

And how can "men are failing us" be true if "a woman can do anything a man can do"? Why are they blaming men instead of just fixing THEIR problems.

So, all you men who have mothers, sisters and daughters? Your mothers, sisters and daughters are NOT WILLING to hold women equal before the law to men by way of sitting on all women's juries in all women's courts and this has been PROVEN over a period of SIX YEARS.

Further, you MEN were not willing to sit on all men's juries in all men's courts and hold women criminals accountable for their crimes on an equal before the law basis to men. And so now those of us who have the courage of our convictions and are willing to hold women accountable for their actions on an equal before the law basis to men will conduct our WAR OF RETURN against your mothers, sisters and daughters until they BEG for their offer of UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER to be accepted.

My recommendation to you MEN who have mothers, sisters and daughters is that you do NOT attempt to join this WAR on THEIR SIDE.  If you do then you will be subject to the same acts of WAR as the women will be subject to.

My recommendation is that you advise your mothers, sisters and daughters to join the quorum whose representatives will come to my table and BEG for their offer of UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER to be accepted.

9H. A WAR OF RETURN is Now Necessary

AFTER this offer of UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER has been put forward we will see if it looks plausible or not. If it is plausible we will call for a cessation of hostilities until we decide what terms and conditions will be imposed on western women as a part of this UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER. We will not even discuss these terms and condition until AFTER the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER has been BEGGED for.

Since the agents of the prosecution of the WAR OF RETURN are individual men acting on their own conscience and NOT any form of "organised" hierarchy you, as a man who has a mother, sister or daughter, have no way in the world of defending her life from any man who decides he is going to commit an act of WAR against her.

And if a state of OPEN VIOLENT WAR has been declared on the land your mother, sister or daughter lives on then the man will be given the protection of the MBA Armed Services and MBA Law Services against any prosecution or crime that might be committed against him. Again, members of these services join by their own conscience vote and they act totally autonomously. No one controls them. No one orders them. So no one can stop them from acting on their conscience.

To date, 2014-04-15, there is only one country where OPEN VIOLENT WARFARE has been claimed into lawful existence. that is the land known as Ireland. All members of the Irish Parliament have consented to the use of OPEN VIOLENT WARFARE on the land known as Ireland. They were given plenty of time to respond. There was even an article in the Irish Daily Mail talking about this (slandering me of course) so it is impossible for the members of parliament to say that they some how "missed" the notice that claimed the state of war into existence as their reason for not replying.

I have offered men the service of claiming into existence a state of OPEN VIOLENT WARFARE into existence on their lands for the fee of CHF1,500 per land. For this fee I will do the paperwork required to claim into existence a state of OPEN VIOLENT WARFARE so that the guvmint has no chance of persecuting the men who wish to have that state claimed into existence.

For any land where the men claim that state into existence? The men on that land will have the protection of MBA Armed Services, MBA Peace Officers and MBA Law Services to secure their freedom if they act as freedom fighters to re-introduce the rule of law in their land against publicly identified criminals and tyrants.

To sum it up in one sentence?

Gentlemen? You are playing with fire, your mothers, sisters and daughters are the ones who will get burned.


10A. The Use of Deadly Force is Now Necessary

In the previous chapter I presented the argument that a WAR OF RETURN is now necessary. Further I argued that the only possible conclusion to this WAR OF RETURN in response to the WAR OF AGGRESSION of women against men is for the women to form a quorum representing large numbers of women who then come to my table to BEG for their offer of UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER to be accepted.

Now, we all know that western women are delusional and they are so full of themselves they consistently claim such rubbish as

  • "Women are equal to men"
  • "A woman can do anything a man can heels.....dancing backwards."
  • "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle."
  • "Sisters are doing it for themselves."

Really? If you have not heard all these sorts of things being spouted by western women you must be living under a rock.

Well? I have some questions.

  • Are women as good at killing people as men are?
  • Are women as good at using force, up to and including deadly force, to defend their life, liberty, property and children as men?
  • Are women as strong as men with their bare hands?

If you do not know the answer to that question let me remind you to read this article. Remember that article from the previous chapter? It is the article about how women are being shot dead for the contents of their purse and they are complaining "our men are failing us".  I did not write the article but the article is a clear admission by a woman that women are far lesser than men when it comes to self defense. They think men have some obligation to help them. As is noted in the article one stupid man got himself shot being so stupid as to defend a woman who "needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle". Really. I could not make that up.

Women are so delusional that they chose to NOT end their WAR OF AGGRESSION via coming to the table to talk for a period of SIX YEARS. Further, the tens of thousand of OTHER MEN have told women that they are well advised to stop their aggression against men via the family courts.

10B. The Use of Deadly Force is Now Necessary

As mentioned above in the case of Haiti, women have MOCKED MEN as they had their children stolen from them, their houses stolen from them, their businesses destroyed, their lives destroyed. Women have provoked many men beyond their tolerance like my one year old son provoked our dog by taking her food when she was on a starvation diet.

All this has happened and yet women are too stupid to realise the violence they are bringing on themselves and their fathers, brothers and sons are too gutless and cowardly to stop these stupid, imbecilic women, from bringing violence upon themselves.

In Ireland the men are such pathetic, disgusting, cowardly, gutless, manginas that they are not willing to even find 12 of their number to sit on an all men's jury in an all men's court to hold women accountable for their crimes. In the face of the fact that there is absolutely no prospect of a jury of men being formed on the land of Ireland I have claimed into existence a state of war. The notice to the Parliament on this issue is on this link.

When Irish men say "Hey, you can't do that!" I ask them "Well? Do you take the position that men living on the land of Ireland are entitled, as a right, to the protection of the law via a jury trial? And are you willing to sit on such a jury?"

Since the answer is always "no" I then go on to tell them that since Irish women have claimed "equality" for the last 40 years that I am merely claiming into existence the state they demanded. Equality before the law. Meaning that women have the same protection of the law that 99.9%+ of the people living on the land of Ireland say that men have.


That is what a state of WAR means. It means that the protection of the law is suspended. Women in Ireland have MOCKED AND LAUGHED at men who have had their right to be the fathers they chose to be violated. They have LAUGHED when men killed themselves. And now they are wondering if an "Irish Anders Brevik" might emerge and kill large numbers of people to make the point that a state of WAR exists.  

On the land of Ireland, as the first country to be so, a state of OPEN AND VIOLENT WAR is NECESSARY because there is no prospect that a peaceful settlement is possible.

10C. The Use of Deadly Force is Now Necessary

Men will be required to take up arms and kill their oppressors in Ireland so as to defend their rights and to make it clear to their oppressors that their WAR OF AGGRESSION was a serious mistake and that UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER is the only path to peace. The only question in Ireland is "how many women are going to have to be killed before they UNCONDITIONALLY SURRENDER and peace can be restored to the land?"

And for all those Irish Men who read this and object to this state of war? So what if you object? What are you going to do about it? You are too gutless to even sit on an all men's jury in an all men's court to hold women accountable for their crimes on an equal before the law basis to men. Why would any man fear such gutless cowards?

After all? It is not ME who will commit any acts of war on the land known as Ireland because I do not live there. It will be your fellow Irish MEN. The men you chose to not extend the protection of the law to just because they are victims of crimes. Do you think you can protect your mothers, sisters and daughters from Irish MEN who live on the land known as Ireland who choose for themselves to become part of MBA Armed Services and choose for themselves to wage WAR against their oppressors? And if you do? Good luck with that.

The WAR OF AGGRESSION that has been waged by women against men for so long has to end for the sake of the children. The women are causing injury, harm and loss to the children of their lands and the only people who are going to deal with that situation is MEN. And if MEN do not deal with that situation, which you have not done to date, then do not be surprised when the young men respond very badly to your betrayal.

The young men are hearing this call to arms, this call to WAR, and they are responding. And there is nothing you older men who betrayed the futures of your young men can do about it.

If you want to hear what one young man had to day about the older generation of men? Try reading this link. This is what a 26 year old client of mine had to say. I will put in there the most damning part. This is why deadly force is going to be necessary. The inaction of men has made the use of deadly force against women to secure the rights of men necessary.

10D. The Use of Deadly Force is Now Necessary

"You are one such man Bill. You disgust me with your cowardice. You are no friend of mine. You are no friend of ANY young men. And we know you are no friend of us young men. We know your older male readers are no friends of us young men.

We know you are cowards. We know you pretend to not believe what Peter has published to hide your cowardice. We know that it is not that you do not understand what he is telling you when he says “legislation is not law and you can rescind your consent to be governed.” We know that you are only pretending to be stupid and ignorant because appearing to be stupid and ignorant is better then being known to be a coward.

But the cowardice of you older men is very clear to us young men who are well informed. You disgust us. The sooner you older men die off or are killed in wars the sooner us young men will fix the mess you older men are were so happy to PAY TAXES TO CREATE. If you older men think we will be paying for your pensions in your old age? You can think again. We will give you your demise pill and tell you to go kill yourself for your betrayal of our futures.

So Bill, and all your older male readers, we have a saying in Australia. “Consider yourself told”. Consider yourself told you are no friends of us young men. Consider yourself told that we will not be paying for you in your older age. Consider yourself told that we think you are “gutless mongrels” as we say in Australia. Consider yourself told that we know you older men are nothing like Peter. You older men are not worthy of licking his boots."

So. Gentlemen. There is a state of HOT WAR claimed into existence on the land of Ireland. I will claim into existence such states of HOT WAR on to any land where men can present me evidence that they see it is necessary and they are willing to pay me CHF1,500 for my time to do so.

In those CAF countries where the women will not come forth to beg their offer of unconditional surrender be accepted? They will make the need for deadly force necessary. It is as simple as that.

As above. Gentlemen? One sentence.

You are playing with fire, your mothers, sisters and daughters are the ones who will get burned.
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