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 4/13/2014 3:46 PM
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A Short Comment on Peaches Geldof and Male Suicide by Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)

Intended Audience:
This Essay is intended to be read by the people who are on my personal email list as well as anyone else who would like to read/listen.

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Dated: 2014-04-14

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1. Introduction


Oh my God. A woman died. And the whole world has to lose it's head at this "tragedy".

Could anything have reflected worse on western society as to just how man-hating, sexist, discriminating and bigoted most people are than the deaths of L'wren Scott and Peaches Geldof?

I mean to say every day many men commit suicide over the criminal victimisation they suffer in divorce and there is NEVER any coverage of those men and those suicides. They don't happen as far as the rest of the world is concerned.

But a woman who is the latest squeeze of Mick Jagger kills herself? That is a "tragedy". That is front page news.

A woman who is the daughter of a cheating drug addict woman who managed to kill herself with an overdose dies in unexplained circumstances? Oh that is front page news as well.

Spare me. Did Peaches Geldof ever use her "celebrity" of being the daughter of Bob Geldof to say "women who are criminals should be held equal before the law to men who are criminals"?

No. She didn't. She had two sons and she was quite prepared to make sure that should the time ever come for her to make use of the criminal family courts she would be able to steal her children from their father just like Heather Mills stole Paul McCartneys daughter from him.

I actually went on to twitter and said I was glad she was dead because now the boys could never be stolen away from their father. Of course, I am sure people were "outraged" at my comments.

Funny how these same people are not "outraged" when men are criminally victimised to the extent they kill themselves.

After all? Did the newspapers make the same big deal out of the Simon Pritchard suicide as the L'wren Scott suicide? Of course not. Simon Pritchard was a man and so when a man commits suicide no one cares. It is only when women commit suicide that anyone cares.

This is despite the fact that male suicide is running at 4 times female suicide in the west. This despite the fact that male suicide in divorce is EIGHT TIMES the suicide rate of women who have actually been raped.

Yep. Men are disposable. No one cares about men. Not even when a man PROVES that his ex committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce will anyone care one little bit.

When such a man says "I was suicidal when I was disowning my former children" he is HATED ON rather than supported.

But a woman? A woman can do whatever she likes. Say whatever she likes. She can abuse her children and use them aw weapons. She can be a prostitute. She can commit the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse and she will be championed. If she kills herself it will be BIG NEWS.

Spare me. How much man-hatred has to be propagated in western society before men say "Enough is enough, let us treat these women as they demanded, as equals, like men. When one of them dies or kills herself let us give it the same level of attention that we give men...which would be none at all in 99.9%+ of cases."

The only positive note from all of this is that at least Bob Geldof has openly said that the family courts in the UK are criminal in nature. So at least Bob has said the right thing in public. Now he has to live without his daughter. A daughter who never took the position that the father of her children should have the right to be the father he chose to be.

I did a video on Male Suicide vs Female Suicide a while ago. You can view that video on this link. Indeed, I did a video on the suicide of Simon Pritchard when it happened. He was unusual in that he actually had a few newspaper articles written about him which is how I found out about him. But nothing like what happens when some women kills herself of some woman dies.

You can view that video on this link.  

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 4/30/2014 11:26 PM
Latest news is it was a drug overdose. You know. Because her life was so hard she had to escape it with drugs.

I have no sympathy for Peaches at all. One less woman who might steal a mans children.

The boys will be with their father now. A good thing too. 

Get the drug addled mother out of their lives.

Look at how the drug addles Paula Yates who got custody of Peaches turned out Peaches.

Paula Yates and Peaches Geldoff are very good examples of why you do not let women take kids from good husbands.

Bob Geldoff, to his credit, has called the British Family Courts a criminal cartel. But Bob has done more for people in Africa than his fellow Irish Men.

I have been persecuted by the Irish Government for SIX YEARS. I have been very vocal about this criminal abuse and every member of parliament knows about it. Jim Corr knows about it. Bono knows about it. I would imaging Bob knows about it.

But they are not willing to speak out in public about the hundreds of men who kill themselves every year in Ireland at the hands of criminal woman using the criminal courts like Paula Yates did.....and like Peaches might have. And so now Peaches is dead. And no one should care any more for her death than they care for the hundreds of Irish Men who kill themselves every year.

But what do we see? A drug addled woman manages to kill herself and it is all over the newspapers. 

A man kills himself after endless abuse from the family courts and NO ONE CARES.

And when a man reflects that NO ONE CARES ABOUT DEAD MEN on to a case of a dead woman everyone LOSES THEIR HEAD.

Well Bob Geldoff? Maybe if you spent a little more effort denouncing the criminals in the family courts in Ireland and the criminal women who use them I might have a bit more sympathy for you. 

But my son and my daughter were criminally kidnapped and abused and what did you say about that?

What did Bono say about that?

What did Jim Corr say about that? 

What did Jims pretty sisters say about that?

What did any member of Parliament say about that?

You got what you deserved Bob. 

Karma came to you.

Maybe now you will speak up about the men who kill themselves from the criminal abuse of the family courts.

Maybe now you will value the lives of MEN like you value the lives of women.

But I won't be holding my breath....Sir Bob.

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