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 4/13/2014 2:05 PM
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An Essay on Men Deserve What Is Happening To Them by Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)

Intended Audience:
This Essay is intended to be read by the people who are on my personal email list as well as anyone else who would like to read/listen. I am publishing it quite widely. Many men in the man-o-sphere will see a copy of the essay and they can decide for themselves if they will tell their audiences about this essay. So far the men in the man-o-sphere have been reluctant in the extreme to discuss the issues I have raised to them. This is, in part, exactly why men deserve everything that is happening to them.

In this Essay the term "men" refers to men who men who were raised and live in the anglo-sphere which I define to include India because of the heavy anglo influence in India. The term "men" specifically does NOT include men who live in Germany and further east.

The term "women" will be used to mean "western women" who live in the anglo-sphere. When I wish to refer to women who live in Germany I will specifically say so. I wish it to be clear to all readers that my position is that people who live in Germany are not the subject of this essay except where specifically noted.

This essay has been published on these links. It may be reproduced in whole or in part as anyone else wishes with the sole restriction that the source article must be cited and linked so that no "out of context" quotes can be made. If you want to discuss the essay then you are welcome to discuss it on the forum.

Dated: 2014-04-14

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Bitcoin: 1GxKWTnVGdPjKUkZxqKXeGPnWhQGqf5KR8

1. Introduction


The vast majority of you reading this will know who I am. If you do not know who I am and what I have done? I recommend you go and read my books before you read this essay. I would also recommend you go to the Mens Business Association Education Channel and my personal Kickass Channel to learn about who I am and what I have done before reading this essay. If you choose not to observe that recommendation? Then you may not get the full value of this essay.

You might have the question in your mind.

"Why write this essay and publish it? Why spend my time?"

The short answer is that men in the anglo-sphere (which I will define to include India and NOT include Germany and lands further east) today absolutely deserve what is happening to them. I felt it was time to put that notion in to an Essay and back it up with statements.

I recently released an essay on how men refuse to co-operate and collaborate. That essay was another call for men to co-operate and collaborate.

Men have steadfastly refused to co-operate and collaborate for the whole 6 years I have been talking to them about the issues for men in the MRA/Fathers Rights Area.

Not only that, men have been totally, completely, and absolutely committed to their ignorance and stupidity over that period and they have exhibited arrogance about their stupidity and ignorance. What the is NOT evident in the man-o-sphere is any inclination to actually learning anything of use.

There is also no inclination to help me save the lives of many men. There is also no inclination of the very men we have set out to help to accept the advice, guidance and help that is being offered to them. 

The evidence, by way of anecdotal stories, of theses things will be presented and documented in this short essay.

And, as is very predictable, men have refused to heed my call for them to co-operate and collaborate on any significant scale or in any significant number.

You can read the essay in question on this link. You can listen to the many videos I have created on the topic of men and their lack of honesty, honour, integrity, compassion, love and action then you can always click on this link.

2A. A Little History for the Newbies

Just to let the newbies know what has been happening in the MRA and Fathers Rights area over the last 10-20 years. If you go and talk to the "old timers" they will tell you that they have been calling out the injustice of the family law courts for a long time. They will tell you that few people listen and even fewer will actually do anything useful.

They will tell you that they and others have been "raising awareness" all these years. But if you ask these men the question:

"Well after you "raise awareness" what is the next step of your plan? What comes next?"

They look at you as if you have landed from another planet and have two heads. The answer seems to be "well then we raise more awareness".

The answer might also be:

"Well, then we tell the politicians that lots of people know that the courts are unfair and biased and we will tell them we want them to fix this problem for us."

If you are new to this area I would invite you to go to places like The Spearhead, Return of Kings, A Voice For Men, or Bernard Chapins channel and ask the men there if the issues of bias in the family law courts has been known about for some time.

You will be told that as long ago as 20 years in the US the bias in the family courts was clearly visible. The visibility of the bias in the family courts was not so visible in other places like Australia because fathers were threatened with jail if they spoke out.

Men in Australia consistently attack any man who tells the truth about what happens in the family courts in a deluded attempt to curry favour with women. I have been attacked more often and more severely by MEN than I have been attacked by women.

When I was criminally victimised by the Irish Family Courts I started talking to other men who had been similarly victimised. They all said the same thing about how they thought their problems should be solved.

2B. A Little History for the Newbies

They all talked about "raise awareness" and "get the politicians to do what we are paying them to do, make sure the legislation is fair."

This approach makes a fundamental assumption that is simply not true. The assumption is that the family law system is somehow "broken" and needs to be "fixed" and that the politicians are actually interested in "fixing" the family law system.

This assumption is false on two levels.
  1. The Family Law System is not broken. It is functioning perfectly well and is doing what it is designed to do. Destroy the willingness of men to be fathers. Destroy the willingness of men to defend women and children from the criminals in the guvmental system. Impoverish men so that they have little or no resources to fight with. Divide men among themselves. Put fear into men so they will not fight back.
  2. The politicians, judges, magistrates etc know that the family law system is a satanic criminal cartel and they are perfectly happy with that situation and they have absolutely no intention of changing it so as to make life better for the other men.

All men reading this know that the vast majority of politicians, judges, magistrates and police who enforce the decisions of the judges are men. Once again, all men reading this know that men attack and destroy the lives of other men much more often than women attack and destroy the lives of other men.

In my case the vast majority of people who committed crimes against me are men. Despite me pointing this out many times men call me a "woman-hater". It is so laughable that men think that women are behind feminism or women are behind the family law system. This is all run by men for their own benefit.

Everyone reading this knows full well that it is very common for men to create a situation where they get to enslave other men and then live off the proceeds of that slavery.

2C. A Little History for the Newbies

Slavery has been with us for all of human history. Slavery is talked about in the oldest sections of the Bible and all other historical works. The false idea that mankind has somehow removed slavery from the west is laughable. All that has happened is that the form of slavery has been changed so that it is harder for you to detect. Indeed? You fight for the persistence of your own slavery. Men attack those among us who have found our way to live in freedom. 

So the vast majority of those men who have been "raising awareness" and creating "petitions" and who have been "talking to politicians" to ask them to fix the family law system have been wasting their time. Not only are they wasting their time they are also wasting the time of the people they are talking to because they have no remedy. They have no solution. And they are not working on one.

So you, as a newbie, should make yourself aware of what a complete waste of time the vast majority of "so called work" the men in the MRA and Fathers Rights have engaged in. Most of it is not only useless, it is worse than useless because it has distracted the men from the remedy that is at hand.

When I observed all this in 2008 I was amazed at the stupidity and wilful ignorance of the men in the MRA and Fathers Rights area. Now we are at 2014 I see no reason to take back any comment I have made about how stupid, how ignorant, and how arrogant the men of the MRA and Fathers Rights area are.

If any men are going to take exception to me saying things like the men in the MRA/Fathers Rights area are stupid, ignorant, and arrogant about their stupidity and ignorance then they are going to have to present some evidence to the contrary. I can present a mountain of evidence of their ignorance, stupidity and arrogance.

When you read through my work you will realise that since there were no men who had any idea how to solve their problems in the MRA and Fathers Rights area in 2008 I looked wider and found guys like Robert Menard, Vince Byrne and Robert Hay who were working in the area of understanding the legislative systems and how to deal with them.

2D. A Little History for the Newbies

It was immediately obvious to me that the family law system in Ireland was not just biased. It was immediately obvious to me that it was criminal in nature. I was amazed that no other men were calling the Irish Family Law system exactly what it was. Criminal in nature. Thereby making the people who participated in it criminals.

It was obvious right from the very beginning of my case in Ireland that Judge Griffin was more afraid of someone else than he was afraid of me. And that meant that his life and his future was held in the hands of his master and not in his own hands. If he held his future and life in his own hands he would never have committed crimes against me.

The ignorance and stupidity of the men in the MRA and Fathers Rights area made it clear to me that I had to search elsewhere for the remedy and for men who might be willing to co-operate and collaborate with me on the development of the remedy. Those men were a few brave souls from Canada and Ireland. Men who were willing to walk in to courts and try out the ideas that others had come up with with the risk of going to jail as a result.

Quite a few of the men who were brave enough to test these ideas out did wind up in jail for a bit. Those who were jailed or incarcerated were not supported by the "average man" in the MRA and Fathers Rights area. Mostly they were criticised and condemned with such comments as "see, you don't know what you are doing, you wound up in jail!"

Many men laughed and demeaned the men who were brave enough to risk incarceration defending the children of their land. I have actually had men say to me "I want to defend my children but I am not willing to go to jail to do that."

Really. In all honesty I have had fathers tell me they are not willing to risk jail to defend their own children. And by doing so they are telling the criminals in the guvmints exactly what to threaten them with so as to keep them in line and to grant themselves the ownership of the mans children. Just threaten the father with jail, he will back off, right?


3A. Discussion of the Remedy

On 2009-11-26 I walked in to the Federal Magistrates Court in Paramatta Australia and did this. You can watch the video on this link. On the link you can also find the download for the torrent of the video on my kickass account.

This video is  the proof positive that the remedy that I developed and tested on the day works. The same day that I did this court meeting I posted to The Spearhead to let the men in the man-o-sphere know that I had been successful in denying the jurisdiction of the court and proven that the process of rescinding my consent to be governed worked.

You, dear reader, might want to think about that date again.



When I reported that this process had worked to the man-o-sphere I was greeted with dis-belief. I was presumed to be a liar by the very men whom I had set out to help.

I offered copies of the video to specific men in the man-o-sphere on the condition that they kept my name private because my former children were still not 18 years of age and if my name came out then their names would obviously be known as well.

Vince Byrne accepted a copy of the video under those terms. He watched it and reported on it to the freeman audience. He reported that I was sincere and honest and had made a remarkable achievement in that court room video. No man had video recorded a family court matter to that point in time so the video was unique in 2009. It remains unique to this day. No one else has emulated my achievement in the subsequent 4.5 years.

Interestingly Bill Price, over that The Spearhead, did not accept my offer of a copy of the video on the condition that he did not release my name. One wonders why Bill Price rejected the offer of the only video from inside a family court proving that a man had successfully denied the jurisdiction of the court.

Other "leading MRAs" were also totally dis-interested in reviewing the remedy so as to learn from my efforts.

The remedy, once proven, is actually quite simple if you know what you are doing. The remedy is to rescind your consent to be governed, as you have every right to do, and to not participate in the whole family law system or the whole legal system at all.

3B. Discussion of the Remedy

This remedy has been proven and accepted as lawful in Australia, Ireland, Germany directly by myself.   It has also been shown to work in the US and Canada. There is nothing wrong with this remedy. It works.

Now. Does that mean that the agents of the guvmint who are all criminals will not criminally victimise you? Of course not. It no more means that then it means that you can walk down the street and be guaranteed no crack head is going to try and rob you to buy drugs.

The nature of criminals is that they do not obey the laws. Therefore, just because you have rescinded your consent to be governed this does not mean that no criminals in the guvmint will commit crimes against you. This should be obvious but many men claim that I should somehow magically be able to protect them from criminals in guvmint. No one can do that. All we can do is create the ability to remedy crimes once they have been committed.

Men have their own responsibility to defend themselves from criminals attempting to commit crimes against them. Yet, for some reason, men are so ignorant and stupid that they think someone else is responsible for defending them from a criminal committing a crime against them. They understand that when the criminal is some crack head assaulting them in the street that they have to defend themselves.

But as soon as the criminal is wearing a police uniform or the criminal is called a "judge" or a "magistrate" the men mysteriously think that the people who are supposed to defend them are another bunch of criminals called "politicians". The stupidity of this position beggars belief. It really does. But that is exactly who men think should protect them from criminals calling themselves "police" and "judges" and "magistrates".

Men in the man-o-sphere are so stupid they have not answered one of the simplest questions of all. That question is:

"Who is ultimately responsible for securing my rights and defending my rights and securing remedy when my rights are violated?"

It is beyond belief that men answer that question with:

"The guvmint".


3C. Discussion of the Remedy

The correct answer, of course, is that each man is ultimately responsible for securing, defending his own rights and remedying any violation of his rights that might happen. That he might pay some other people to do that job for him is his choice. But at the end of the day each man is responsible for remedying his own rights violations. And he might ask his fellow men to assist him in this matter on the promise that he will assist them should they have their rights violated.

You, dear reader, should understand that men in the man-o-sphere have not even reached this level of thinking yet. And if that is not ignorant and stupid? I do not know what is.

Now. Since the remedy has been available for 4.5 years and so few men have chosen to use it, yet millions of men continue to be persecuted in the family law courts? Whose responsibility is it that so many men are still being criminally victimised?

Well? It is certainly not MY responsibility that so many men are still being criminally victimised. I have done more than any other man to help those millions of men.

It is the responsibility of each man who has heard me say "the remedy was proven on 2009-11-26 and it is freely available" and then refused to learn about the remedy, refused to pass it along, refused to tell other men about it.

One of the more laughable comments that men make is:

"Well it is your remedy so you should be responsible for spreading the word about what you have done. Saving other men's lives is not something I feel I have any obligation to help you with."

3D. Discussion of the Remedy

That is what men are saying when they will not pass along this remedy and tell other men about it and give them the chance to learn about it. It is exactly the same as saying

"Saving men's lives and securing the future of the children of my land is not something I feel I have any obligation to assist with."

In my opinion every man who has taken that position absolutely deserves all manners of ill that might befall him during his life. A man who will not defend the children of his land from a clear and present danger does not deserve the gift of life itself in my humble opinion.

I wrote in my first book how men can defend themselves before we get a separate set of courts in which to prosecute women and criminals in guvmint. And that is for small groups of men to make oath they will defend the members of the group using force up to and including deadly force. If you want to see what I wrote then you can read about it on this link.

In that book I also pointed out that what the guvmint is doing is making the option of the man killing the woman in divorce the best option for the man. I pointed out that when you make killing the woman the best option for the man some men will take it. You can read what I wrote on this link.

All men who read this post can be reminded that Jennifer Toal (my ex) committed the crime of perjury on 2007-11-09. Today is 2014-04-14. And to date this perjury and the consequences I suffered from that perjury have not yet been remedied.

This is what a blatant bunch of liars and hypocrites western women are. And this is what is driving men to kill more women in divorce. The clear evidence that there is no path to justice for the man no matter what he does.

4A. Petitions and Begging Politicians

I wanted to put in a special word about petitions and begging politicians to make sure the judiciary do their job properly.

I have a letter from the so called "Minister for Justice and Equality" in Ireland openly claiming that he has no role in making sure that criminals in the judiciary are prosecuted. If you do not believe me then I suggest you read ths link.

Let me quote the piece that you should be looking at:

"I am directed by the Minister for Justice, Equality & Defence, Mr Alan Shatter, T.D., to refer to your email dated 19 December, 2012 regarding court proceedings.

The position is that the Courts are, subject only to the constitution and the law, independent in the exercise of their judicial functions and the conduct of any court case is a matter entirely for the presiding judge. It is not open to the Minister to comment or intervene in any way in relation to how particular proceedings are conducted or on the outcome of those proceedings.

The Minister has asked me to inform you that a Judicial Council Bill is in the course of being drafted with a view to being published in 2013. Under the Bill, members of the public will be provided with a framework through which they can pursue allegations of judicial misconduct.

A Judicial Council is to be established with responsibility for ensuring high standards of conduct among judges. The work of the Judicial Council will be supported by a structure which will include a Committee with specific responsibility for judicial conduct. This will be tasked, among other things, with the consideration and investigation of complaints.

4B. Petitions and Begging Politicians

It is the Minister's legal position rather than any lack of concern or interest which prevents him from intervening in this matter as he cannot affect or influence what happens in individual court cases." 

And there you have it. The "Minister for Equality and Justice" has claimed, via a lackey, that politicians have no role to play in ensuring the prosecution of criminal acts by judges. Notice that the lackey has tried to water down "criminal actions by judges" to the rather innocuous sounding "judicial misconduct".

When I commit a crime it is called a criminal act by a judge. But when a judge commits a crime that is called "judicial misconduct" by the so called "Minister for Justice and Equality".

Now. Those men who are creating petitions asking men like Alan Shatter to see to it that the judges are not committing crimes or are prosecuted if they are? How stupid and ignorant are these men? I mean to say Alan Shatter has blatantly said that as the Minister for Justice and Equality he has nothing to do with prosecuting criminal judges. And men petition criminals like Alan Shatter?

And men wonder why I call them stupid and ignorant? They wonder why I say they deserve everything that is happening to them? Really? 

I really could not make up the foolishness of men in petitioning politicians where those politicians have made it clear that they openly support women committing criminal acts against men.

Sooner or later Irish men are going to realise that they are fools who deserve everything that is happening to them just like men from so many other western lands.

5A. Legislation vs Law

Legislation is not law.  It can not be law. No man can be bound by the rules created by other men save by his consent. This has been very well established for a very ling time now. Indeed, since the Mangna Carta formally documented the idea that not even the king can steal from his subjects men have had the ability to secure their rights via the process of the jury trial.

It is true that before the time of such documents and ideas as the Magna Carta it was considered that the King and the Pope were Gods Chosen Servants and that they could do whatever they liked be it criminal or otherwise.

There are so many references and videos that I have published to explain to men that legislation is not law that it is not funny. But men will not listen to them. They "know" that legislation is law and "must be obeyed" and no one can tell them any different. Given this is their state of mind they absolutely deserve all the  manner of ills that are befalling them. To so blatantly believe a lie when it is proven to be a lie makes a man un-help-able.

Some of the links that you might want to go through to learn about how legislation is not law are as follows:

  1. Commentary on Legal Persons
  2. What is Law 
  3. Commentary on Natural Law
  4. Definition of Consent 
  5. It is an Illusion - John Harris

These are all videos that have been widely available to me for some considerable period.

They simply refuse to listen to them. The men continue to live in Platos Cave of "Legislation is Law" and so they deserve everything that is happening to them for doing so.

5B. Rescinding Consent to be Governed

Even Barrack Obama says that legitimate government can only be achieved with the consent of the governed on this link. That men still tell me that a man can be compelled to be governed even though even Barrack Obama has stated in such a public speech that legitimate government is only achieved by consent beggars belief.

It is almost like "so who do I need to get to tell you that you have dominion and you can not be compelled to be governed by anyone? I have quoted you Genesis 1:26 which is said to be the very word of God. I have also quoted the President of the USA.

Who else might you need to hear the message that government is only by consent to believe it if the bible and the president of the United States of America is still not enough for you?"

Of course, a man who refuses to listen to page 1 of the bible, refuses to listen to the President of the United States of America, who refuses to read the Magna Carta, who refuses to read the USA Declaration of Independence, all of which note that men have dominion and can not be governed lawfully by force and coercion. Such a man is un-help-able in these matters and absolutely deserves all the manners of ills that will surely come his way because of his ignorance.

I recently came across these quotes from Pericles. They are very appropriate for the men of the man-o-sphere.

“We do not say that a man who takes no interest in politics is a man who minds his own business; we say that he has no business here at all.”

“Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.”

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.”

Men who take no notice of what the criminals in the guvmint are up to and make no effort to secure their rights do not deserve their rights. Not even their right to life. And we have seen many guvmints over the history of mankind that have violated the "right to life" of their citizens. No men should be surprised to know that guvmints kill more people than any other non-natural cause of death. 

5. Summary

What are the major ideas that you might wish to take away from this short essay? They can be summarised as follows:

  • Men are too stupid and too ignorant and too arrogant about their stupidity and ignorance to learn about the remedy gifted to them on 2009-11-26.
  • Men will actually attack and criticise those of us who took the time and effort and paid the price of educating ourselves to help others.
  • Men do not care about other men and do not see that they have any obligation to assist their brothers defend their rights and remedy rights violations where they occur.
  • Men will actually say that saving other men's lives and securing the future of the children of their land is not their problem and they see no obligation to assist any other man re-introduce the rule of law so as to secure the future for the children of his land.
  • Men will, for YEARS, refuse to educate themselves from books and videos made freely available.
  • Men are their own worst enemies. Men are perfectly willing to attack each other and tear each other down to feel good about themselves or to pander to women or to gain the attention of women.

Between the fact that very few men want to live in freedom and then very few of those who do are willing to stand up to the criminals listed? Men must accept that they deserve everything that is happening to them.

When men finally start to grow some backbone and decide to refuse to comply with their criminal victimisation that will be the day that the criminal victimisation that they are suffering will start to en.

When men make it clear that they are willing to use force, up to and including deadly force, just like a snake, just like a spider, just like a dog, just like a lion, in order to defend their life, liberty, property and children? THEN they will start the process of winning the freedom and defending their rights. And not one second before.

The MEN who are behind the criminal victimisation of men only know one language when it comes to men defending themselves. And that language is the language of an oath to use all force necessary to defend ones life, liberty, property and children. All other discussions are a waste of time because the men who are the criminals will not stop persecuting a man until it is clear that man is willing to defend himself with force up to and including deadly force.

I hope that you liked this essay on this topic. If you do then feel free to donate some bitcoins or to Buy Me Some Charity. Feel free to pass this essay along to other men and let them read through this so that they too get the idea of what we are talking about.

As always? You are invited to buy my books and you are invited to buy my emailer program if you want a very handy mass email program for your business. This is the emailer I use myself in my business.

Best Regards


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