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 12/8/2013 2:20 PM
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An Essay on Men Co-operating and Collaborating by Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)

To: ####EmailSalutation####,

Intended Audience:
This Essay is intended to be read by the people who are on my personal email list as well as anyone else who would like to read/listen.

In this Essay the term "men" refers to men who men who were raised and live in the anglo-sphere which I define to include India because of the heavy anglo influence in India. The term "men" specifically does NOT include men who live in Germany and further east.

The term "women" will be used to mean "western women" who live in the anglo-sphere. When I wish to refer to women who live in Germany I will specifically say so. I wish it to be clear to all readers that my position is that people who live in Germany are not the subject of this essay except where specifically noted.

This essay has been published on these links. It may be reproduced in whole or in part as anyone else wishes with the sole restriction that the source article must be cited and linked so that no "out of context" quotes can be made. If you want to discuss the essay then you are welcome to discuss it on the forum.
Dated: 2013-12-07

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1. Introduction


The vast majority of you reading this will know who I am. If you do not know who I am and what I have done? I recommend you go and read my books before you read this essay. I would also recommend you go to the Mens Business Association Education Channel and my personal Kickass Channel to learn about who I am and what I have done before reading this essay. If you choose not to observe that recommendation? Then you may not get the full value of this essay.

You might have the question in your mind.

"Why write this essay and publish it? Why spend my time?"

The short answer is that men in the anglo-sphere (which I will define to include India and NOT include Germany and lands further east) today are combative and competitive to an extremely unhealthy extent. Men will attack and tear down other men without blinking an eye while engaging in female idolatry in the very next breath without the slightest hint of recognition that they have done that. In this essay I will give some examples of how men tear each other down and attack each other while simultaneously engaging in female idolatry.

Not only is the fact that men attack each other and tear each other down unhealthy for the men involved, as evidenced by the suicide rate, it is the fundamental enabler for the enslavement of men. The current soft tyranny that has been introduced into the anglo-sphere has been introduced by the willingness of men to tear down and attack other men. That this tearing down and attacking has been facilitated and co-operated with by women is a side issue. Alas the side issue that men focus on but a side issue non-the-less. The REAL issue is that the war on men by men for the benefit of men using women as "useful idiots".

That men steadfastly refuse to recognise their real enemy and are diverted by the pretty skirt and distraction of women is to their own detriment.


So what is the remedy for the soft tyranny that now visits itself upon men in the anglo-sphere? The remedy is very simple and I have been shouting it out loudly for a very long time now. The remedy is to rescind your consent to be a subject to tyranny and then to start collaborating and co-operating with other men so as to create a second economy that can not be dominated and controlled by those who wish to enslave you.

The remedy could not be more simple. And men in the anlgo-sphere could not have been more stubborn and resistant to the remedy presented to them. It is no exaggeration to say that men in the anglo-sphere have demanded that they not only continue to be oppressed but that they continue to be increasingly oppressed.

Every petition. Every "protest march". Every appeal to an "authority figure" is, in fact, a demand to be oppressed and the subject of tyranny because it is an request to be told what to do, only to be told something a little more palatable. None-the-less every appeal to an "authority figure" is an appeal to be told what to do and to be punished if you do not do it.

It is likened to a child asking a parent for two cookies rather than one. If the two cookies are granted the child is happy. However the child is still subject to the parents authority. And if the parent later cuts the ration back to one cookie for whatever reason and the child is not happy about it, the child accepts that he must now accept the reduced ration of cookies because he is totally dependent on his parents for everything else.

This simile is exactly the situation in which men find themselves in the anglo-sphere. You are totally dependent on your guvmints for your rations, your money, your food, your house, your job, your car, your electricity, your water etc. So when your guvmint cuts your cookie ration you must accept it because the guvmint can revoke your driving license, cut off your water, electricity, gas, steal your money from their bank, get you fired from your job, even steal your house under the pretext of unpaid taxes.

To say that the average anglo-sphere man is hopelessly enslaved is to be too kind. 

2A. Mens Claim "I Want to Help Other Men"

In this section I want to deal with the pervasive lie by men in the anglo-sphere that so many men state. That lie is:

"I want to help other men"


The VAST majority of men who say "I want to help other men" are lying and they know they are lying.

If anyone wishes to test the veracity of my claim then consider this question. Over the last 5.5 years that I have been aware of the Fathers Rights, Mens Rights area I have heard many thousands of men say "I want to help other men".

Well? Have things improved for men in general in the anglo-sphere since mid 2008 or not?

No. Of course not. In fact it has gotten much worse. If these tens of thousands of men who say "I want to help other men" were actually BEING HELPFUL then things would have improved for men. Right?

The very fact that tens of thousands of men have been "helpful" to other men and things have gotten worse for men is proof enough that they were not being helpful in the first place.

So if they were not being helpful? What were they really doing? What was their real motivation?

I assert that their REAL motivation was nothing more and nothing less than mere "attention whoring" in the main. The effort to get the attention of other men and project self importance for the psychological boost that comes from gaining the attention of someone else and having them listening to your opinion.

The primary justification by which I can assert this is because this is the "objection" that so many men throw at me when I tell them to "read my books". They claim that I want men to read my books because I am an "attention seeker". This is called projection. They are projecting their own attention seeking behaviour on me. Then when this is pointed out they have to call me names like a 5 year old to cover up the fact that they are "attention whores" themselves.

Further justifications by which I can assert that men do not actually want to BE HELPFUL of other men are as follows.

For a start? I have asked men for the following help. It is quite clear what help I have asked for. It is very public. But do men give me this help that I have asked for? No. They do not.

Why? Because I am not going to pay attention to them for giving me this help. It is help that is directed to the benefit of other men. And when a man passes along someone elses book to another man as the help the other man needs there is no opportunity for the first man to "attention whore". What can he do?

He can't say:
"Here, read this book from Peter, I am a really smart person for passing it to you, now would you like to give me your attention?"

2B. Mens Claim "I Want to Help Other Men"

By passing along my books the man has admitted he does not have such a book to pass along himself. The man has admitted that he has not done his homework and has not got a remedy for the next man. So the "attention whore" will withhold my book and talk to the next man and give him little bits of information at a time in an interactive mode so as to maintain his attention. In short, the man who is an "attention whore" will actually deprive the next man of the information he so desperately needs to free himself so as to hold the man hostage to gain his attention.

THAT is what is really going on. This is why "attention whores" do not write books in general. The very act of writing the book or publishing your work in a format that does not require "attention" is bad idea to the "attention whore" because the desired attention is not needed for the next person to gain value  from the book.

This widespread "attention whoring" in the anglo-sphere is obvious from just browsing facebooks. Everyone is talking. No one is listening. No one has a plan. No one has a remedy.

Except me. I created a remedy. I created a plan. I did it because no one else was doing it. That the Mens Business Association was created at the beginnings of "Masculinism" was a matter of "the right time". It was always going to be necessary to create a second economy outside the guvmint controlled economy. And "masculinism" at the time seemed like it would move forward and be a group that would embrace the idea of a second economy.

Another aspect of "attention whoring" that is now widespread is the sort of "attention whoring" from men where they demand personal attention and answers to their questions rather than read my books and rather than pay me for the time they are "attention whoring" of my time. These are exactly that same men who claim "I want to help men". The way they "help me" is to "attention whore" of my time asking me endless questions rather than read my books and listen to my videos.

Men will actually say to me "I want to help you, now, can you answer these questions for me?". If I ask them "How, exactly does me answering your questions help me?" they pretend to be offended. One prospective client "helped" me so much recently that he spent 9 hours on skype asking me questions but did not offer to pay me one cent.

At least one honourable woman who wanted to ask me questions about the Strawman Recapture process paid me a modest fee for my time.

But I can assure you, dear reader, that I have begged for help many, many times and I have been turned down by the 99%+ majority of men I have asked for help.

This has been so consistent across other men I even made a video about it. You can download it on this link.

Other good men I know have also asked for help. They all get the same answer: "I really want to help other men but I will not give you the help you need right now."


2C. Mens Claim "I Want to Help Other Men"

I am reminded of one man who was made homeless in Australia a while ago. He was desperate for some money just to be able to get a hotel room for a while so he could get some money due to him in a few weeks. I asked more than 180 people who were on my mail list at the time to please send him a little money to help him. He was being made homeless in a stitch up by the freemasons and he has been in this fight for 12 years.

Very pointedly, not one of the 180+ men on my email list sent him one cent. They were all, apparently, too poor to help this man out. I sent him AUD5,000 out of my own pocket which was later repaid in full. This AUD5,000 put a roof over his head and put food on his plate.


Help looks like putting food on a mans plate, a roof over his head, clothes on his back. It does NOT LOOK LIKE posts on forums and facebooks spewing your stupid ill informed opinion all over the place.

And yet? When I talk to MRAs and Father Rights Advocates what do they tell me. They will swear blind that posting on forums and face book is "my way of helping other men".

No. It is not. That is your way of being an "attention whore" and lying and pretending that you are helping other men. That is what that is and I know it. That men deny it does not matter. I know the truth of that matter and I know men are lying to hide the disgraceful behaviour they are exhibiting.

The vast majority of men who are reading this know that I released The Truth Be Told in April 2012. You know that I put a small chapter in there on "A Word Called Payment". One of the reasons I put that chapter in there was that I knew my work permit from Ireland was about to expire and I knew that the Irish Guvmint would attempt to persecute me by not giving me a work permit.  I wanted to put men to the test on their claim "I want to help other men". So the help I asked for was really simple.

Please pay me what you think this book is worth to you as an example of the "abundance economy" so that you can help me pay my rent and food in the period I am being persecuted.

What HELP would have looked like, of course, was payment for all the work I have done so as to make it easier for me to pay my rend and food. It is now a matter of record that only a very small handful of men actually decided to pay me something for all my work these last 12 months.

I am very grateful that those men put their hands in their pockets and helped me out. However, that more than 8,000 downloads of that book have happened and the payments received were very few one can clearly see how much men want to "help men" who ask for nothing more than "please pay me what you think this work is worth".

Of course. The message from other men is simple. "We think that your work is worth nothing to me." Which makes it all the more laughable that men tell me how much they appreciate my work and say "keep up the good work".

Really? "Keep up the good work"? And with what shall I pay my rent? With what shall I buy my food? With what shall I put clothes on my back? Hhhmm? With all this "help" I am receiving? Should I pay my rent with emails thanking me for my efforts? Shall I buy my food with compliments I receive? Will the cloths store accept gratitude in emails as payment for cloths?

Really? This is what men call "help". And I am hardly alone in getting this sort of "help".

Then of course there are the men who are being so "helpful" that they say things like "you are only doing this for the money". Yeah, right. I flew from London to Sydney, hired a car, paid for a hotel room and took  this video recording as a "money making scheme" as opposed to going out and selling our data models for the EUR120,000 list price that we ask for them.

And if you do not believe that in my business we have data models that we sell at EUR120,000 list price? Then feel free to click on this link. If you want to download the detailed public documentation we provide to prospective clients about our data models then I suggest you click on this link.

That's right gentlemen. Rather than pursue my business interests in 2009-11 I took a LOT of time away from my business interests because saving the lives of many thousands of men I considered to be more important than turning my backs on men and going out and making money.

2D. Mens Claim "I Want to Help Other Men"

And even then many men say to me "you just want to sell your strawman recapture process to make money, you just want to sell your books to make money, you are only interested in this area because of the money".

And when men attempt to insult me in public by saying these things do any other men actually denounce such lies? Do any other men come to my defense, the way they are so willing to leap to the defense of any woman who is criticised no matter how justly? No. They say "well you can defend yourself, you do not need my help to defend your good name". This would be despite the fact the very same man would loudly proclaim "I want to help other men".


And as if we need to prove this one more time over? I released the updated version of The Truth Be Told on 2013-11-16. It is now 146 pages and contains some of the most important information a young man could possibly know.

I also created a gift edition offering so that men could buy a copy of the book for other men. Today is 2013-12-07. And so far not ONE MAN has put his hand in his pocket for CHF10 and paid for a copy of this book  to HELP ME pay for my rent, pay for my food, pay for the cloths on my back.

I think we have done to death the lie of "I want to help other men"
 from most of the men in the anglo-sphere. Most of the men who claim "I want to help men" are lying. Pure and simple.

Do I need to provide any more evidence to demonstrate the LIE of "I want to help men" that so many men spout on their forums and facebooks? Really? I ask you. Do I need to provide any more evidence that I can ask THOUSANDS of men to please help me by buying a copy of my book and not ONE will do so?

So. Gentlemen. Let us cut the crap. I am tired of the crap that you men go on with. I am denouncing you for doing so. In the VAST majority you do not want to help other men. You want to "attention whore" by spewing out your rubbish opinions and getting the attention of other people or you ask endless stupid questions that have already been answered so as to garner the attention of other people.

The vast majority of you are "attention whores", pure and simple. And all you have really achieved over the last 5 years is endless attention whoring of each other. You could have achieved MUCH more if you agreed to serve on juries and serve as peace officers. But no. Telling the lie "I want to help men" while actually being an attention whore was more to your liking.

Just look how many men have come to me and said "Peter, how can I help you?" That would be ONE. John Rambo. Bill Greathouse has also worked very hard to help me get the word of Living Free and The Truth Be Told out to the young men who so desperately need this information.

But even when Bill Greathouse was kicked out of his job for standing up for young men everywhere very, very few people kicked in a few dollars to help him.

"I want to help other men".

Stop lying gentlemen. Admit your sins. And then consider if you ACTUALLY want to help other men. And if that answer is "no"? Then stop reading or listening right here. The rest of this essay is really only intended for those men who want to build a future that might be worth living in. 

One last word. For the very reason that the tens of thousands of men I asked for help refused to help me? For the very reason that tens of thousands of you refused to do so much as to pay me CHF10 for a 146 page book that is the result of 4,000 hours unpaid work and USD500,000 investment on my part?

I am required to go back to my regular job to earn the money to pay my rent and buy my food and put clothes on my back. The men who kill themselves because I could no longer afford to help them? Their blood is on the hands of every man who heard me ask if they could spare CHF10 for a copy of my book and decided that they wanted to keep that CHF10 in their pocket.

Let us not forget who the men are who do not think that saving another mans life is worth CHF10. It is the vast majority of men in the MRA/Fathers rights area.


3A. What ACTUALLY Helps Other Men?

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children."

Hosea 4:6 KJV.

What ACTUALLY HELPS other men is knowledge. Knowledge they can use to go out and earn their livings and then to secure the proceeds of their labour against the theft of their guvmints. THAT is what actually helps men.

THAT is why I saw, in 2008/09 that what was necessary was a remedy that would stop the guvmint from stealing from men so that men could secure the proceeds of their labour against guvmint theft. This includes, of course, stealing men's children and houses.

And THAT is exactly what I proved worked on 2009-11-26.

My court room video, which has been the subject of exactly NO DISCUSSION in the man-o-sphere, PROVED ON VIDEO that it was possible to deny the jurisdiction of the courts. By denying the jurisdiction of the courts the Australian guvmint was FORCED TO COMMIT THE CRIME OF THEFT to steal the proceeds of my labour and give  them to my ex.

How have OTHER MEN reacted to my willingness to risk my life video recording that court meeting? My willingness to allow my property to be stolen so as to gather the evidence of the crime for later prosecution? Oh, that's right. All those OTHER men have "helped" me by hating on me and calling me names and telling me that I somehow deserved to be stolen from for not licking the boots of David Dunkley and trying to appease a criminal tyrant so that he might be a little more generous to me in what he gave me back of my own property.

THAT is how "many men helped me". Really. That is the truth. And the shame and dis-honour weighs heavily on the shoulders of those men so rather than admit their shame and dis-honour they have continued to hate on me and attack me. Those men around them who have seen these low life scum of men hate on me and attack me have seen fit to remain silent thereby consenting to the endless hatred, attacks, lies, slander and unjust criticism that has been flung at me by men who have done little to nothing useful for a very long time.

And if you doubt that younger men are noticing this? I would recommend you read this link. And just in case you miss it? Allow me to reproduce the piece that I think is most important for most men in the anglo-sphere. Especially older men:

"You are one such man Bill. You disgust me with your cowardice. You are no friend of mine. You are no friend of ANY young men. And we know you are no friend of us young men. We know your older male readers are no friends of us young men. We know you are cowards. We know you pretend to not believe what Peter has published to hide your cowardice. We know that it is not that you do not understand what he is telling you when he says "legislation is not law and you can rescind your consent to be governed." We know that you are only pretending to be stupid and ignorant because appearing to be stupid and ignorant is better then being known to be a coward.

But the cowardice of you older men is very clear to us young men who are well informed. You disgust us. The sooner you older men die off or are killed in wars the sooner us young men will fix the mess you older men are were so happy to PAY TAXES TO CREATE. If you older men think we will be paying for your pensions in your old age? You can think again. We will give you your demise pill and tell you to go kill yourself for your betrayal of our futures.


3B. What ACTUALLY Helps Other Men?

So Bill, and all your older male readers, we have a saying in Australia. "Consider yourself told". Consider yourself told you are no friends of us young men. Consider yourself told that we will not be paying for you in your older age. Consider yourself told that we think you are "gutless mongrels" as we say in Australia. Consider yourself told that we know you older men are nothing like Peter. You older men are not worthy of licking his boots. "

Ouch, eh?

So in 2008/09 I studied to find the KNOWLEDGE that would be necessary to secure the rights of men such that it would not be possible for men to be LAWFULLY STOLEN FROM DUE TO THEIR IGNORANCE.

And what was the response of men? They responded by preferring to be ignorant rather than learning the knowledge that I published in a book in October 2010. As the quote from Hosea says, men REJECTED KNOWLEDGE. It is not that you were not presented with the knowledge that you needed. You were presented with it. It is that you REJECTED THE KNOWLEDGE YOU NEEDED.

That was an active decision. It was deliberate. It was with thought.  It was not an accident. It did not "just happen". Men in the man-o-sphere actively rejected the knowledge they needed. They went OUT OF THEIR WAY to reject the knowledge they needed. They went OUT OF THEIR WAY to unjustly criticise me, to slander me, to tell lies about me.

They went OUT OF THEIR WAY to reinforce the lies that their guvmint has told them so as to REJECT THE KNOWLEDGE THEY NEEDED.

So. What REALLY helps men is knowledge. The old saying "knowledge is power" is true. Intellectual Property is more valuable than physical property any day of the week.
  • For exactly the reason that 99%+ of men in the man-o-sphere have refused to listen to my advice and rejected the hard won knowledge I presented in my books?
  • For exactly the reason that men would not voluntarily co-operate and collaborate merely because it was in their own best interests?
  • For exactly the reason that men refuse to pay for work published for free?
  • For exactly the reason that men demand money in return for any labour at all from themselves while demanding that all this sort of "mens rights work" be done for them for free?

For exactly these reasons and more? The Mens Business Association MUST be run as a viable business entity. If it is not run as a viable business entity all those tens of thousands of "helpful men" will parasite off the services offered and suck the life blood out of it until it can no longer operate and collapses in bankruptcy.

I have demonstrated, over the last FIVE YEARS, that men are not yet at the level of thinking that is required to contribute to a business enterprise, or even to help save the lives of their fellow men, without what they consider fair payment for their time.

Men in the man-o-sphere complain bitterly there is "no help for men" but the same tens of thousands who complain bitterly there is no help for men will also, themselves, not help any other men. I know. I asked for help from men AFTER I already did far more than my share.

This is what is REALLY going on and the evidence is stacked to the moon and back. It can no longer be denied by anyone.

Facts are facts no matter how many men deny them.

3C. What ACTUALLY Helps Other Men?

So the help men NEED, regardless of what those men say they WANT is as follows:

  • Men NEED to know the difference between law and legislation.
  • Men NEED to rescind their consent to be governed.
  • Men NEED to establish new courts and new juries to defend themselves against the theft of the proceeds of their labour by their criminal guvmints.
  • Men NEED to have new Peace Officers who will seize the property of people found guilty by a jury of their peers who will not make the remedy instruction they were offered.
  • Men NEED an armed services area which is a well armed militia that can tell the agent of guvmint to "pound sand" and back it up with high powered rifles with telescopic sites such that no guvmint agent would dare risk death to continue to commit crimes.
  • Men NEED a second economy and all that entails. Contracts, laws, courts, passports, driving documents, money, banks, work agreements.  The whole 9 yards. Everything done by guvmint today NEEDS to be replicated over time and then run in a transparent fashion so that corruption can not flourish as it does today in the guvmints of the world.

Today, many men are protesting to and appealing to their guvmints as their "authorities" to gain their path to justice. It beggars belief that men are that stupid. It really does. I can not, for the life of me, imagine how a man can be so stupid as to have been vicitmised via the family courts and imagine that begging the satanic criminal scumbags in politics, law and police might actually improve their lot.

I have asked THOUSANDS of men to explain to me, in writing, why they think that begging satanic criminal scumbags might work. They never answer. They just keep begging with their protests and their petitions.

Like I said. It really does beggar belief. No man who is "protesting" or "petitioning" the criminal scumbags in politics is "helping men". Indeed, the very opposite. By being so stupid and ignorant as to be "protesting" or "petitioning" the criminal scumbags in politics such men are seriously harming the interests of men because they are communicating the message "we are so stupid we think you are the authorities and we are your slaves and so you are perfectly sensible in your idea that you can abuse us some more and we will do nothing about it".

THAT is the message being communicated by men who are "protesting" or "petitioning" the criminal scumbags in politics. Those men are actually also the enemy of men who wish to live in freedom outside the tyranny of "guvmint" because those men are legitimising and, indeed, demanding more guvmint intervention.

So what actually HELPS MEN?

What actually HELPS MEN are the exact services offered by the MBA and the products and services that will be offered on A-MAN-ZON. If men are not willing to pay to avail of that help? Then they can not complain any more than they might complain about going in to a pizza shop and asking for a free pizza because they are hungry and a free pizza would "help me".

Just think about this for a minute. How many men would walk in to a pizza shop and say:

"Hi, I am really hungry and you have pizzas. May I please have your help by way of you giving me a free pizza?"

And even if a man did that? How often do you think he would get a "no" as opposed to a "yes"? 99 to 1? 999 to 1?

And if he got the answer: "I am sorry, we are a business, we are here to make money to support ourselves and our families. We are not a charity. In this shop you have to pay for your pizza"?

What would be the social response if the man turned around and said: "You are bad people, you don't want to help me. You don't want to help men. You are just in to this pizza shop thing for money and you don't care about other people at all!!"


3D. What ACTUALLY Helps Other Men?

He would be LAUGHED AT, right? People would say: "Yes, they are in it for the money. Running a pizza shop is hard work. You do not run a pizza shop as a charity. You want charity? Go to the soup kitchen. What are you? Some kind of idiot?"

And yet? When I point out that the Mens BUSINESS Association is a commercial enterprise where the participants are absolutely expecting to make money what lies and hatred are levelled at me?
  • "You are running the MBA to make money"
  • "You do not care about other men, you just want to make money off them."
  • "You do not want to help men at all."

Though, I will be the first to admit the first statement is true. The MBA is there to make money. If it does not make money then it will perish because it needs money to pay men to do the work that will be undertaken by the MBA.

For example? Courts of law and jury members. Jury members will be paid one ounce of silver per hour of service. Silver being considered "money". So, in order for someone to run a jury trial? They must be willing to pay the jury members MONEY. And men are under no obligation to perform jury service without being paid.

The primary reason that the MBA is a commercial organisation is exactly BECAUSE men demand to be PAID for their time. If men were willing to donate time to HELPING MEN rather than "attention whoring" as I talked about at the top then perhaps the MBA could be run as a co-operative on a volunteer basis.

However, I have proven to my satisfaction that men are not willing to do that. So I chose to make the MBA a commercial organisation.

Now, take note, there is nothing stopping any other man from creating something like "The Mens Charity Association" and running it on a Charity and Voluntary basis. Nothing at all. And if some men want to do that? Good luck to them. We can enter into some form of contracts for the use of our Intellectual Property and they can "help men" all they like.

What I believe would happen is that they would have LOTS of men come along seeking "help for free" and those men will parasite of the "Mens Charity Association" until those who were putting their time in for free realised that this was fruitless and pointless because they would be "giving the man a fish" rather than "teaching him how to fish".

The Illuminati are correct in taking the position that most men are quite lazy. If you do not force them to work through fear of loss and artificial scarcity then they will not work at all.

Look at how those people who come in to large amounts of money via lotteries fare. Most of them actually have a decline in the quality of their life after winning large sums of money because they are not used to having such. It creates more problems than it solves in many cases. Look at how sick and messed up most hollywood movie stars are. Or other celebrities that have more money than sense.

Strangely enough most men are happier when they are oppressed in to working via the artificial scarcity of "money". Sure, they will complain. But they will put on the yoke and go about their routine relatively happy. Give them a few million dollars and no guidance on how to deal with that? They will go relatively crazy and be relatively unhappy relatively soon. If you question this? I refer you to google.

So what actually helps men?

What helps them is teaching them how to fish. Not giving them a fish (aka food stamps) to eat.

What helps them is giving them the opportunity to gain knowledge, not spoon feeding them propaganda (aka public education).

What helps them is the Mens Business Association and the various services that are offered. You can read about them on this link.

What would help men is to co-operate and collaborate in creating products and services to sell to other people as well as men consuming the products and services of other men in preference to the products and services of the multi-nationals that are ALL vastly biased towards women today.

4A. A Comment on "Leadership"

This essay on men co-operating and collaborating would not be complete without a comment on "Leadership".

Many men write on forums and facebook:

"what us men need is a leader".

What they mean is:

"we are too stupid to know right from wrong, we are too stupid to know how to take care of ourselves, what we need is someone to tell us what to do because we are complete morons who can not figure out stuff for ourselves."

When I point out to these men:

"You already have leaders. I do not know an anglo-country without a leader. You have Stephen Harper, Barack Obama, David Cameron, Enda Kenny, Tony Abbott. Indeed? If there is one thing you have in abundance it is "leaders".

How is that working out for you?"

Of course the men then go on to say:

"No, I mean we need GOOD LEADERS."

You would be amazed to know that when I ask:

"Really? Why do you need "good leaders"?"

They start in to explanations like:

  • "Then we could get him to get us fair laws."
  • "He could stop corruption in guvmint."
  • "He could have good policies that help us all."

Really. If you doubt me and you are reading this? Ask someone who wants some other leader as a "good leader" and ask them why they think they want that "good leader". Listen to how ludicrous the answers are. You will be surprised if you listen closely.

4B. A Comment on "Leadership"

The fact is that our elected leaders are NOT there to serve "we the people". They are there to serve "We the People". The "W" and "P" being quite deliberately in capitals.

"We the People" are the people who own the corporate entity which is the guvmint of any anglo land. And the people you vote for who claim to re-present you are actually in service of the owners of the corporate entity and NOT in the service of the people who live on the land.

And when I tell men this very simple truth? They go right in to denial. If I may repeat myself? They "reject knowledge". And in doing so they deserve to be enslaved.

The reason that I have resisted all calls to proclaim myself some sort of "leader" of the MBA, or anything else for that matter, is exactly because a "leader" requires "followers". And if we create any sort of "leader/follower" paradigm in the MBA it will be a target of subversion. I created a video about the leader/follower paradigm that you can download on this link.

The only way to be truly free is to NOT have "leaders" as men demand them today. The only way to truly be free is to LEAD YOURSELF. Sure, you might go to other men for advice and guidance. But when advice and guidance changes to "leadership" you are on a slippery slope. Why? Because the Illuminati are masters at presenting "leadership" as the process of implementing "regulations" or "controls" for "the benefit of all" and "to protect all our rights and freedoms".

What they mean of course is that they want to implement "regulations" or "controls" so as to slowly enslave everyone.

These regulations and controls have a name. They are called "legislation" when implemented by a government. They might be called a "constitution" as well.

Every man reading this should have absolutely no question in his mind that if he cries out for "leadership" then it is very likely that someone will hear him and give him what he has demanded. Servitude.


4C. A Comment on "Leadership"

Aldus Huxley talked about these things. He talked about how it was possible to induce in people a love of their servitude when, based on any rational evaluation of their situation, the people ought not to love the servitude in which they are placed. If you do not believe me that he talked about these things? Please feel free to listen to him say so himself:

So you will never hear me talk about being a "leader" with the possible exception of being a "thought leader" meaning that I invent new ways of thinking about things and then publish those new ideas, new thoughts.

Albert Einstein said words to the effect:

"The problems of today can not be solved by the same level of thinking that created them."

And for men this is true. You have problems with your women and with your governments. You have been systemically enslaved and you are in a position of servitude to your women via your criminal cartel governments. In case you haven't noticed the people who use force and violence against you to make you comply with your servitude are almost exclusively MEN.

The person who comes through your front door with guns and tasers to drag you away to lock you in a cage stands about a 99%+ chance of being a MAN. Don't you forget that. Men would do very well to start talking to the MEN who are the ones who enforce you servitude through threats of violence and force as well as actual violence and force.

4D. A Comment on "Leadership"

There is another style of "leadership" that very few people practice. This is the sort of "leadership" that I learned at Landmark Education in a class called "The Self Expression and Leadership Program".

In this style of leadership the leader creates "the project" whatever that happens to be and then calls on those who are willing to participate in "the project" to do so. The idea being that those who participate in "the project" eventually are able to perform "the project" themselves in the end.

"The project" can be anything. It just has to be defined. At Landmark Education people created all sorts of different projects. There is even a legend that "Red Nose Day" was a Landmark SELP project. Certainly the people in my class did some amazing projects. 

In the end, you, as a man, are very well advised not to look to any other man for "leadership" for the very reason you will almost certainly find someone willing to "lead" you and that will put you in to a position of servitude. If you are ok with that? Then fine. But there will be no such positions of servitude in the jobs that we will create in the MBA infrastructure area. The jobs that are created in the MBA to run the MBA itself will never have any element of "leadership" as it is normally understood.

Men who create businesses are, of course, welcome to run those businesses in any way they please. If they create hierarchical structures and impose the normal style of "leadership" and they can find men who want to be "followers"? Then good luck to them. As long as the "followers" choose their servitude freely no crime is committed. They are free to choose to be in servitude. As I have said many times, 99.9%+ of men prefer servitude to living in freedom so I expect many men will create many businesses that depend on the willingness of those 99.9% men to be in servitude in exchange for not having to think too much for themselves.

5. Summary

What are the major ideas that you might wish to take away from this essay? They can be summarised as follows:

  • Men do not wish to really help other men in any significant number. Men want to "attention whore" to other men in the vast majority. Not help.
  • Men who ask for help are routinely attacked and criticised as "weak" by the very men who claim they want to "help men".
  • Men are their own worst enemies. Men are perfectly willing to attack each other and tear each other down to feel good about themselves or to pander to women or to gain the attention of women.
  • Men are perfectly willing to serve as police officers and jailers to other men. They are perfectly willing to be told what to do and to do so without considering the injury to those whom they injure. The Milgram Experiments show this to be the case. You can watch  this in action on this video. The Human Behavior Experiments 2006.
  • What is ACTUALLY helpful to men are things like:
    • Knowledge. Knowing the difference between legislation and law.
    • Rescinding their consent to be governed rather than continuing to beg criminals to stop abusing them.
    • Having new courts that are open and transparent to hold courts of law such that they have a path to justice via fair and just courts of law.
    • Having Peace Officers who will seize the property of people found guilty by a jury of their peers who will not make the remedy instruction they were offered.
    • Having an armed services area which is a well armed militia that can tell the agent of guvmint to "pound sand" and back it up with high powered rifles with telescopic sites such that no guvmint agent would dare risk death to continue to commit crimes.
    • Having a second economy and all that entails. Contracts, laws, courts, passports, driving documents, money, banks, work agreements.

  • "Leadership" is a very dangerous concept that creates a slippery slope that is all too short and all too often ends in tyranny. It is a very short trip from "leadership" to "you must do what your leader tells you for the good of the collective".
  • Men are very well advised to lead themselves. Ask for advice, sure, but be told what to do? This should be avoided because it will soon end in being compelled to do what you are told to do.
  • There is a style of leadership that is not very common where the leader creates "the project" and invites people to participate and then the people carry on "the project". In these cases there is not the same slippery slope to go down as the "leader" is not compelling people to do anything. Indeed, he allows people to find their own way about doing "the project". Only the outcome is important, not the means of getting there.

Naturally. These area are exactly where the Mens Business Association is aimed. It is aimed at creating the services men NEED. Not the things men say they want. As we continue on this journey to create this second economy more and more men will eventually join in. However, we must expect progress to be a little slow in the beginning for the very reason that most men, 99.9%+ in the anglo-sphere, do not wish to live in freedom.

Further, 99.9%+ of men fear the possible loss of money or freedom if their government attacks them for rescinding their consent to be governed and standing up to the criminals in politics, the criminals in the judiciary, the criminals in the legal fraternity, and the criminals in the police forces. 

Between the fact that very few men want to live in freedom and then very few of those who do are willing to stand up to the criminals listed? We must accept that progress will be slow in terms of the growth of MBA associated businesses.

However. Given that our governments are criminal in nature? That a second economy will happen is inevitable. The only question is at what rate will it happen.

I hope that you liked this essay on this topic. If you do then feel free to donate some bitcoins or to Buy Me Some Charity. Feel free to pass this essay along to other men and let them read through this so that they too get the idea of what we are talking about.

As always? You are invited to buy my books and you are invited to buy my emailer program if you want a very handy mass email program for your business. This is the emailer I use myself in my business.

Best Regards


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