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New Post
 11/2/2013 3:53 AM
 Modified By host  on 12/3/2014 12:57:10 PM
This is the link to my books.

If you want to help me? Please buy The Truth Be Told for AUD12.

If you want to help yourself? Read it.

If you want to help other men? Buy them a gift copy and give it to them. 

If you want to ask me direct questions after all that? This is the link to my service for asking me questions. 

Most people who know me know that my peternolan1109 channel was deleted by YT. Seems ASIO and women do not like the truth being told about them. I have decided to take my videos off my Peter Nolan Associates video channel and move them to a channel called "Global Man". Global Man is a name I used on line in the 2008-2010 time frame as it reflect my new identity.

Here are the channels you might wish to subscribe to.

If you want to go and get some of my old videos that were deleted then they are available on torrents from the Kick Ass Torrents site. I am using my Joschua-Brandon: Boehm name there.

If you have a PC that remains on all the time and you have some spare disk and plenty of bandwidth available to you then I would really appreciate more people seeding the videos on this account. 

New podcasts will also be placed on this account and then published to this site and sent out to my email list.

This is the link to the MBA Downloads Page. It contains the founding documents of the MBA and the MBA Law Services Procedure Manuals.

This is the link to the list of essays I have produced.  

This link is a forum of what is on the MBA Education Channel.

This link is the link to my newsletters.

This is the link to the strawman recapture service.

This is the link to my books.

If you want to ask me direct questions after all that? This is the link to my service for asking me questions. 

New Post
 7/22/2014 12:29 AM
 Modified By host  on 7/21/2014 11:30:01 PM


Our Vision

To re-introduce the rule of law into all CAF Countries so as to secure the rights of men and their children.

To secure equality before the law for men and women in all CAF Countries.

01. Kickass Torrents Links

These are from newest to oldest. I have not made them clickable because this forum software will hide the majority of the link with a "..." instead of the name. You can simply cut and paste any of the addresses to link to the torrent.


New Post
 12/11/2014 10:26 PM
 Modified By host  on 12/11/2014 11:02:35 PM
Hi have created a new you tube channel to carry as much of my video output as YT will allow.

Those videos that ASIO and Michael Toal have had deleted are available on my kickass channel. But if you want to see if the video you are after is on the list below you are probably better watching the video on YT and using their bandwidth rather than trying to do an upload from my kickass server.

Z01 My Court Meeting 2009 11 26 With Captions 

A01 Introduction 
A02 The Awakening 
A06 LN20110404 Lawful Notice For Federal Members 
A06 LN20110404 Lawful Notice For NSW Members 
A06 LN2011032201 Police of Australia 
A07 LN20110411 Lawful Notice For Employers 
A07 LN20110411 Lawful Notice For Fathers 

A51 More Disgusting News Articles 
A52 Racist White Woman Acting Like a Total Psychopath 

G35 Theresa May Promotes Violence Against Women 
G34 - Background to my 19 days in a German Jail
G33 A Comment to men about Jury Trials 
G31 Comment on Stefans AVFM Presentation 
G30 The Laughable Idea of equality or EEK QWAL ITY as we know it
G29 The Concept of Women being Pathological Liars
G28 Shout out to You tube employee about removing my videos 
G26 Shout out to Janet Bloomfield about All Womens Juries 
G25 Bill Price demonstrating what a simp he is again
G24 Short Comment Repeating Options Men Have
G22 Short Comment on Illuminati Running Feminism
G20 Short Comment on Twitter Storm Yesterday 
G23 A Challenge to Men to Fund Suicide Law Services Charity for Men
G18 Shout out to Friar Matthew Schneider
G17 Short Comment on Freedom of Speech 
G16 Comments on Gaza MH17 and Mens Rights
G15 Secure Communications and Action 
G15 A Presentation on Rights 
G14 Open Letter to Man o sphere Commentators 
G13 Something for Western Women
G12 Comments on Ben Sullivan Case
G11 Men Hate Men More Than Women Hate Men 
G10 Why I Do Not Talk to Western Women on Social Networks 
G09 Response to Bernard Chapin 
G08 Commentary on Elliot Rogers
G07 Open Letter to Frances Fitzgerald 
G06 Open Letter to Irish Lame Stream Repeaters 
G05 Open Letter to Frances Fitzgerald 
G04 Open Letter to Alan Shatter 
G03 An Essay on Lack of Respect Shown By Western Women 
G02 Societal Programming of No Violence Against Women 
G01 A Short Rebuttal of The Lie of Raising Awareness 

E54 Interview with Kevin Annett 

F99 A Short Comment Rebutting NAWALT 
F98 Essay on Western Women are Deeply Evil People 
F97 A Short Comment on Peaches Geldof 
F96 The Road to WW III 
F95 What is Wrong With Men
F91 Commentary on 5 Reasons I am Not an MRA 
F90 Male Suicide vs Female Suicide 
F89 Newspaper Clips for the Week
F84 Interview with Christa Lamendola WOUB News
F83 Interview with Christa Lamendola WOUB News 
F81 Stefan Molyneux Finally has his Red Pill Moment
F80 Weekly Roundup of Newspaper Articles
F79 Why MBA Insists on Identifying Accusers 
F77 Commentary on Newpaper Articles This Week
F76 Commentary on Discussions With a New Client 
F75 Commentary on My Definition of Cowardice 
F73 Rebuking and Rebutting Mr E 
F72 Peters Newsletter 2013 09 14 
F71 Peters Newsletter 2013 09 09 
F70 What Does Genius Look Like
F69 The Hyper Violent Society Coming into View
F68 Commentary of Blurred Lines Parody 
F67 Feminists Parody Blurred Lines
F66 Woman Gets What She Deserves from Cops
F65 Denouncing Kate Ellis MP 
F64 Open Letter to the Irish Parliament 
F63 Denouncing Breda Murphy from Ireland 
F62 Open Letter to UK MPs 
F61 Open Letter To Australian Politicians and Media 
F59 The US Attack on Syria Planned as Imminent 
F58 Werner Erhart on Being Related 
F57 Werner Erhart on Being Related 
F56 Ann Coulter on Single Motherhood 
F55 Some Newspaper Articles From Today 
F54 I Guess We Know What The False Flag Event is Now 
F53 Russian Woman Hits the Nail on the Head 
F50 Who is Peter and Selling SeETL 3 1 02 
F49 An Offer To Speak the Words of Those Who Can Not 
F48 Explaining the Fraud of Mandatory Taxation 
F47 Feminism Destroying Mens Willingness to Work 
F46 Men are ALWAYS Responsible Women are NEVER Responsible 
F45 Woman Gets Called Fat and it is a BIG DEAL 
F44 Woman Hires Hit Man To Kill Husband 
F43 This is what men have to put up with 
F42 Commentary on GWW And White Knights 
F41 The Hyperviolent Society is Coming into View 
F40 Commentary on Newpaper Articles 
F39 Commentary on Terri Trespicio 
F38 Commentary on Hugo Schwyzer 
F35 Commentary on GWW 
F34 Announcing the Passing of Gary Davis 
F33 Commentary on Andrew Snowden 
F32 Comentary on GWW 
F31 Notice to Police Officers of Australia 
F29 Commenary on Chanty Binx 
F28 Denouncing Clare Daley Irish TD 
F27 Proposal for the Second Economy 
F26 Email Conversation with Max Igan 
F25 Commentary Of Conversation With a Young Man 
F24 Response to Stardusk Men Will Not Change 
F23 Commentary on Daily Mail Article 
F22 Commenatry on the Week That Was
F19 Obama Claims Congress and Federal Judges Are Trustworthy 
F018 Commentary on Personal Attacks and Criticism 
F16 Repeating Allegation By Suzanne Toal of Child Sexual Abuse by her Father Bill Toal 
F15 Open Letter to Irish Parliament 
F14 Commentary from a Young Man in the UK 
F13 Commentary on Some Newspaper Articles Today 
F12 Commentary on Men Refusing to Help Other Men
F10 Proof the UK Guvment is a Criminal Cartel
F09 Statement from Sue 
F08 Commentary on Men Helping Other Men 
F07 Follow on Commentary for Steve Shive 
F05 Commentary on GWW and Men being Sexist 
F04 Denouncing Steve Shive as a Man Hater 
F03 Commentary on Daily Mail Article on Childless Women 
F02 Commentary on the Suicide of Simon Pritchard 
F01 Commentary on the Suicide of Earl Silverman 

E03 Open Letter to Australians 
E02 Further Notice to the Irish Parliament 
E01 Irish Claim of a Declared State of War 

D99 Commentary on Rollo Blog Post 
D98 Larken Rose Two Minute Summary 
D97 The Arianna Patteck Firestorm 
D96 Zara Faris Debunks Feminism at London Debate
D95 Notice to Young Men 
D94 Commentary on the Use of Force 
D93 MWM on Female Supremacy
D92 The Illuminati Women by Michael Tsarion 
D91 The Solutions to All Mens Problems
D90 Annoucing the Affidavit of Accusation for Jennifer Marguerite Toal 
D89 Commentary on Henry Makow Article
D88 The Amazing Athiest On Feminism and Freedom of Speech
D87 Commentary to Western Women 
D86 Newsletter from Peter 2013 04 10 
D84 The Hyper Violent Society is One Step Closer 
D83 Exposing Feminists as the Hate Mongers They Are 
D82 Commentary of Georges Christian Group 
D81 Commentary on Beyonce and Feminism 
D80 Statement to Irish Garda 
D79 Commentary for the last few weeks 
D78 Statement to Australian Police Officers 
D77 Statement by An Australian Mother 
D76 Commentary on Stefan Molyneux Show on Fathers 
D75 Open Commentary to Arthur Christian 
D74 Open Letter to the UK Parliament 
D73 Open Letter to Irish Parliament 
D71 Commentary on Announcement by ITCCS 
D69 Commentary on Spearhead Articles 
D68 Commentary for the Week 
D67 Commentary on Male Disposability 
D66B Women in the Workplace Part 2 
D66A Women in the Workplace Part 1 
D66 Proof SDRs are the planned EU Future Currency 
D65 One More Time for MRAs 
D64 Commentary for OPPT Melbourne 
D63 Commentary for the Week 
D62 Brief Introduction for CAF 
D61 Commentary on Bernard Chapins Videos this Week
D60 Max Igan Telling Lies and Engaging in Idolatry of Women 
D59 Commentary on Western Women Being Equal Before the Law 
D58 Commentary on MRA Leaders 
D57 Commentary on Peter Asking to be Paid For his time 
D56 Commentary of the Leader Follower Paradigm 
D55 Commentary on The One Peoples Trust 
D53 Commentary on the Weeks Events 
D51 Commentary on Court Meeting for Georges Christian Group 
D050 Men Vote With Your Feet 
D049 One More Time For the Slow Learners 
D048 A General Rebuke for MRM and MRA 
D044 Commentary on the Awakening since 21 12 
D042 Sanctuaries for Men 
D041 The Most Dangerous Superstition 
D39 Commentary on Being Successful 
D38 The Three Classes of Knowledge 
D37 TNS Radio Interview 
D36 Threats of Injury Harm and Loss from Fiona Brassil 
D35 Commentary on Comment by a Sub 
D34 Commentary on Email by John Wilson 
D33 Commentary on Coaching 
D32 Reference for the Landmark Forum 
D31 Commentary on Spearhead Article 
D30 Commentary on Spearhead Article 
D29C1 Commentary for George and Christians 
D29C Commentary for George and Christians 
D29A Commentary for George and Christians 
D29 Commentary for George and Christians 
D28 Fiona Brassil wins Law Society Award for Being a Criminal 
D27 Commentary on Warren Farrel Incident 
D26 Commentary on Kansas City Linebacker 
D25 Responds to Fiona Brassil 
D24 Human Behaviour Experiments 
D22 Commentary on Moral Authority of the Oldest Father 
D20 What Western Men Have to Put Up With 
D19 Presentation to former Family and Friends 
D16 JFK Speech to the Press April 26th 1961 
D15 Home Truths 
D13 Paradise or Oblivion TVP 
D12 Message to MRAs and fathers 
D11 Response to Spearhead Article 
D10 Mark Passio Podcast 
D09 Response to BC on Non Violence is the only way 
D08 Wizard of Oz and the MAN bank 
D05 The Truth Be Told and Futher Comments 
D03 Letter to 800 Politicians 

Revolverheld feat Marta Jandova Halt dich an mir fest
A00 Introduction to peternolan1109 V02
RSA Animate The Truth About Dishonesty
A Time for Choosing by Ronald Reagan 
10 Hours of Princess Leia Walking in NYC Official Video
Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Feminist Parody Defined Lines
Robert Downey Jr Driven to Tears Sting's 60th birthday party New York
Revolverheld feat Marta Jandová Die Happy Halt Dich An Mir Fest Studio Version 
9 year old discusses the meaning of life and the universe
Public Education has become indoctrination and distraction 
Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb with lyrics
Mozart Requiem 
Men Being Targetted By Family Courts, Peter Nolan with Vinny Eastwood 8Mar2013 
Johnny Cash Hurt 1080p Upscale Best Audio on Youtube
Indoctrination in Common Core ELA Texts
I hung my head bruce springsteen
Guns n' Roses Sweet Child O' Mine HD Widescreen
Fleetwood Mac Gold Dust Woman Official Music Video 
Gnarls Barkley- Crazy
Fight at McDonalds over breakfast menu 
Female Veteran Arrested and Brutalized After No War With Syria Rally
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