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 7/21/2014 2:06 PM
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An Essay on Secure Communications and Action by Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)

Intended Audience And Standard Introduction:
This Essay is intended to be read by the people who are on my personal email list as well as anyone else who would like to read/listen.

In this Essay the term "men" refers to men who men who were raised and live in the anglo-sphere which I define to include India because of the heavy anglo influence in India. The term "men" specifically does NOT include men who live in Germany and further east.

The term "women" will be used to mean "western women" who live in the anglo-sphere. When I wish to refer to women who live in Germany I will specifically say so. I wish it to be clear to all readers that my position is that people who live in Germany are not the subject of this essay except where specifically noted.

This essay has been published on these links. It may be reproduced in whole or in part as anyone else wishes with the sole restriction that the source article must be cited and linked so that no "out of context" quotes can be made. If you want to discuss the essay then you are welcome to discuss it on the forum.

Dated: 2014-07-22

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1. Introduction


In the last week or two I have had a couple of men ask me if there is any way to communicate with me that is secure and private. The short answer is "no". The longer answer is "the only way to have truly secure communication today is one time pads and to use paper mail."

Our friends in the NSA have quantum computers they are not telling you about. A quantum computer can break any electronic encryption you care to create with any normal computer.

So if the NSA take an interest in you and you communicate electronically? They can read what you write and hear what you say. There is no sensible way to get around this so each man really just needs to accept there is no way to communicate securely that will not arouse suspicion (who sends a lot of paper mail any more?) and not be relatively easily tracked.

I was aware of this more than 6 years ago which is why I have not bothered to try and hide who I am or what I am doing.

I took separate actions to secure my personal safety as best as is possible Even then I am quite surprised that I was not killed by the bad guys for taking the video of my court meeting on 2009-11-26.

The good news is that it does not matter that it is not possible to communicate securely and to keep the NSAs noses out of our business. It does not matter in the least. And I will explain that in this short essay.

In the meantime. I am This is a relatively secure site hosted in Iceland. You can always get an id at and you can talk to me there. Of course, because there have been many ASIO agents attempt to create profiles and legends to waste my time over the last 4 years all men who come to me and hide who they really are? I treat them as suspected agents. So do not be offended if I do  the same to you.

Now. On with my comments.

2A. Why Secure Comms Does Not Matter

The first thing I wanted to talk about is why secure communications do not matter.

If you are not on a government "watch list"? If you have not been targeted for being thrown in some sort of "terrorist concentration camp" if the government of your land pulls the trigger on their civil unrest plans or civil war plans? You have not been trying hard enough to secure the rights of the children of your land. Period.

Anyone who has spoken out to ANY degree at all will be on one or more government watch lists. You will be collected up and thrown in to whatever camp should your government kick off its civil unrest plans. You pleas that "I never used violence, I am not as bad as the next guy" or whatever else you might want to try and say will fall on deaf ears. The only people who will not be rounded up are those who are totally asleep or those who remained totally silent and let no one know what they were thinking.

So if you have been outspoken? Relax. You are going to be rounded up no matter what you say from here on in. Nothing you can do about it. That means that your best form of defense is a good offense.

For those who are too asleep to ever wake up? They will be treated the "best" by their guvmints because stupid, ignorant people are the easiest to govern. The disaster that is our school system did not get that way by accident. They kicked all the men out and then proceeded to get women to dumb down two generations of boys to the extent they can leave school after 12 years of "education" and can not read, write or do arithmetic.

The boys were sat at the back of the class and fed ritalin to shut them up and keep them still. We have millions of young men who were robbed of their rightful education and drugged out of their minds while they grew up. Usually as the result of a single mother giving her "permission" to drug the boy. My own wife, Jennifer Toal, drugged her son Jarrod Robinson in this way over my most strenuous objections.

2B. Why Secure Comms Does Not Matter

So do not be imagining that there are any significant percentages of young men who will "rescue" society from the planned civil unrest that will result in harsh police states. Nope. that's not happening. If anything many of these young men will join the police and the army and they will follow their orders to fire on their country men and women without batting an eyelid. Of that you can be sure.

So, you see, the reason secure communications does not matter is that they are not only impossible, they are unnecessary. We do not need to securely communicate to deal with the criminals in our guvmints because "the masses" are so stupid and so dumbed down that it is a trivial exercise to hide among them and to appear as stupid and as dumbed down as they truly are.

The vast majority of people are "sheeple", and I mean no disrespect to sheep. They are very homogenous. They all "looked the same". Not physically. But in the eyes of those who wish to introduce tyranny? One sheeple looks like the next sheeple. And this gives us our unassailable strength. Those who wish to remain anonymous can hide among the sheeple and there is no way that the guvmint can find you. Simple!

Now, of course, SOME level of communication is necessary. Those who would like to keep in touch which where I am up to and what I am doing can easily do so via my newsletters which are available on this link. You can simply come across and browse it on a weekly or so basis. CAF gets 10,000+ unique IP addresses every month. Even if the NSA was able to get the IP addresses from the secure log? They have to wade through 10,000 of them to look for people who might actually not be sheeple. Not so easy to do if you act like a sheeple in your real life.

Browsing my newsletters is as anonymous as you are going to get in terms of keeping up to date with what we are doing. Of course, you can always follow me on facebook or twitter, but you know they are both NSA spying devices.

2C. Why Secure Comms Does Not Matter

Now. There are a small number of men who are known to me who are helping me re-introduce the rule of law in Australia and Ireland. I am sure it comes as no surprise to them that they can be tracked if the NSA and their allies really wanted to.

But if it comes to the point that your guvmint wants to track you down and throw you in a "terrorist concentration camp" then we have lost this war. Such rounding up people will be LONG past the point where men can defeat their guvmints.

We were ready to take on our guvmints and defeat them in 2011. Indeed, in the US the best chance came and went at Easter 2010. Not enough men joined in. In places like Ireland and Australia the chance was at hand in 2010 and 2011. However, because not enough men joined in we have made it to July 2014 without dealing with our criminal guvmints.

The false flag events of the Syria gas attack and MH17 have made it clear to you that your criminal guvmints are going to keep committing false flag attacks until they whip up hysteria among the "sheeple" who will believe anything they are told often enough.

When the sheeple are told to turn in those they suspect of being "anti-government"? You can be sure those morons will do just that. They will be all "patriotic" and "pro-government" and they will gladly see you thrown in jail for your "anti-government" comments if you have ever made any.

If you are reading this? What you are well advised to accept is that your guvmints WANT a big war, WW III, and they are going to keep going at it until they get it. And the way they are going to get it is to propagandise the sheeple until they DEMAND a war and rush to the registration offices to sign up. If you do not go with them? You will be hated on. Please refer to WW I and II if you do not think this is possible.

So? What to do?

  • If you do not want to be criminally victimised by your guvmint?
  • If you do not want to get a walk on role in a big war? If you want to gain a path to justice for crimes already committed against you?
  • But you are not willing to serve on our juries and make yourself known to the "bad guys"?

What can you do?

Well, of course, I have pointed out that men can help me out with a few sheckles for all my hard work. But those requests have fallen on deaf ears!! LOL!!

On the more serious side? This is what I wrote in October 2010. I am going to repeat it verbatim:

2D. Why Secure Comms Does Not Matter

But how can you ‘protect yourself’ from your wife when she attacks you using the satanic criminal courts and when no-one else will lend you assistance to be with your children? How can you stop YOUR life being over? Well? People will not like what I say next but that’s THEIR problem.

The protagonist is removed from their position of abusive power. The soon to be ex-wife has ‘a fatal accident’.

We are now seeing more and more men simply kill their soon to be ex-wife and very often we are seeing them also kill their children. Many times these men are then also killing themselves. If men are feeling so abused that they are willing to kill their wife and children and not JUST themselves then it’s high time people listened up. I have consistently talked about one estimate of 4,000 men in Australia kill themselves each year from the abuse they receive from the Family Court and CSA. And you know what? No-one cares about them. They really don’t.

Well? How long is it going to be before men figure this out. That if their soon to be ex-wife has a ‘fatal accident’ that they will get the kids, the house, HER life insurance policy, and his future income. Indeed. HIS life is no longer ‘over’. Just HERS is over. If you don’t believe me when I say this is happening and that incidents of this are going to become more frequent. Watch this video.

How long can it be before the more intelligent of men figure out that the best way for such an ‘accident’ to happen is via the old ‘Stranger on a Train’ mechanism. That is. The man finds another man that has the same problem that has NO CONNECTION to him and they ‘trade problems’.

Because there is NO connection between the two men and NO connection between the two men and the women involved the probability of being found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt for any crime is ALMOST ZERO.

How long can it be before the more intelligent men, who really want the best for their children, who really want to be with their children, figure out that arranging a ‘Stranger on a Train fatal accident’ is FAR more likely to lead to a good life than to go into the satanic criminal courts?

My own opinion? It can’t be long at all. There was a recent case in South Africa where a man killed his wife and stuffed her in the freezer. He then killed a later partner and they re-opened the case about the ‘wife who ran off’. They found her in the freezer. The father was quoted in the article saying something like:

“If he did not want to be married to her why not just divorce her? Why did he have to kill her?”

Well. The answer would be that if he did HIS life would be destroyed and from HIS point of view committing murder looked like a MUCH BETTER OPTION.

2E. Why Secure Comms Does Not Matter

I have been telling people for a while now that the murder rate of wives and children by distressed fathers has been seemingly rising. I have been telling people that if just 10% if the men who decide they are going to commit suicide would kill the judge/magistrate or the wife/children first we will have an epidemic of murder and dead people on our hands.

All intelligent men know that my proposal to get the satanic criminal scumbags of the Family Court OUT OF THE FAMILY and to ‘starve a family law lawyer today’ by using the Arbitration Panel instead of the Family Court is actually a very viable alternative to the Family Court.

My warning to all intelligent men, and women and children, is this. If these proposals are not taken up? If women continue to support perjury, kidnapping, extortion and theft as they do today? Then the most intelligent of the men they are attacking are going to start organising ‘Stranger on a train fatal accidents’ for their wives.

As far as I see it? This is inevitable. When a woman makes the mans BEST OPTION her own MURDER she had better start thinking about just how smart that move is.

I am not advocating murder. I am merely saying that when you make a mans best option murder? Some of those men WILL take that option without any hesitation at all.

If the wholesale slaughter of Family Law Judges/ Magistrates/ Lawyers and vindictive wives and the innocent children is what you men reading this sentence really want?

Just continue to do nothing as you are mostly doing now. And don’t bitch to me when my prediction about the murder rate comes true.

But if you want more stable and secure marriages? If you want fewer dead wives and children? Then teach other men about the ideas in this book. Spread the word. Give men a path to justice via Arbitration Panels and de jour courts. Protect the rights of your fellow men when they are victims of crime. Because if you do not protect their rights when they are victims of crime? They might just take justice into their own hands, which they have every right to do. And since the only form of justice that will work for them is one where there are no witnesses to report what happened? That form of justice will require killing people.

So? Those men who read this and then do nothing? You will have the blood of these people who are subsequently murdered on your hands because you chose not to give men a path to justice when they had crimes committed against them.

I can see a day when things could become very, very bad if men do not implement the ideas in this book or similarly effective strategies.

2E. Why Secure Comms Does Not Matter

Now just remember. That text I just read was written in October 2010. Now I would like you to click on this link. This is a forum that we started keeping in 2011 where we logged news article on men killing women, especially in divorce.

What we have seen is an explosion in the rate at which men are killing women and children in divorce. Don't take my word for it. Go and have a look at how often you see news articles about men killing women in divorce now. Look at how often you see articles about men killing their wives and their children.

We put more than 300 articles in to the first forum and we posted it around the man-o-sphere and feminist sites.  Apparently, 300 articles pointing out the rapid increase in men killing women in divorce was not enough to actually get men to decide they should sit on our new juries in our new courts. So we let it slide for a while.

Bill Greathouse did a great series on his channel called "Create your own killer" where he posted article after article pointing out how women were abusing men and men were killing them in return. His "reward for that" was the women at his workplace made up lies and got him fired. When he was down on his luck like this he needed some help. And did men help him? No. They didn't. Men do not help other men as great as Bill Greathouse. And that is a total disgrace.

So towards the end of 2013 I claimed into existence a more general "WAR OF RETURN" to deal with the WAR OF AGGRESSION that women and manginas and guvmints are waging on men. I offered to do the paperwork to claim into existence a state of war on any land (except Australia) where it can be shown the there is no possibility of a peaceful resolution to the WAR OF AGGRESSION brought by women, manginas and the guvmints.

I offered to do this for CHF1,500 since it would take my time. So far no group of men from any country has taken up that offer. Ergo. They do not want a state of WAR properly and lawfully claimed into existence. They are simply going to TOLERATE the criminal victimisation they are being subjected to.

(Just by the way? Now that I am getting some normal work my price to perform such a process to claim into existence a state of war has gone up to EUR2,000 effective immediately. Men have got plenty of money to pay me or they can do that job themselves.)

So. If you bothered to go read that link? It will be clear to you that men are killing women in rapidly increasing numbers. If you bother to read the newspapers you will realise that you are living in a society that is becoming increasingly hyperviolent. If you believe the incidence of violent crimes is decreasing? I have some beachfront property in Arizona I would like to sell you.

2F. Why Secure Comms Does Not Matter

Now, to date, only the first part of my prediction has come true. The part where men kill women and children in divorce in rapidly increasing numbers. No one can go through that set of links to article and deny that SOME men are now becoming far more violent towards women, totally justifiably so.

What is going to happen next is this. The SMART MEN are going to figure out:

"Why the hell would I kill my OWN wife or children and ensure that I will go to jail for a long time because I will be suspect #1. I am very likely to be caught if I kill my OWN wife and children.

But...if I "swap problems" stranger on train style? The chances of being caught reduce dramatically. Further, I will get to live a good life. Hell, I will even get support and sympathy!"

When the SMART MEN figure THIS out and start acting on it? What we have seen so far will be a picnic. You are going to see women being killed left right and centre. That is my prediction. Again, totally justifiably so. If the fathers, brothers, male cousins and sons of these women who are so want to commit crimes against their husbands, men who MARRIED IN TO THEIR FAMILY, then those men can have no complaint at all when the husband arranges to have the wife killed for the price of doing the same favour for another man.

Women, manginas, and government are NOT going to give the protection of the law to husbands who are criminally victimised by women. Period. Those men are going to have to defend themselves. If they will not defend themselves publicly via our new MBA Law Services Law Courts? Then they have every right to defend themselves privately by arranging to "solve their own problems" in the "stranger on a train" style. If they do not defend themselves? Then they have no complaint that no one else will defend them either. They are "on their own" to "sort out their own problems".

There is also the point that there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of men out there who say "what can I do to help".

Well? Take a look around gents. Do you know someone in your circle of acquaintances where the woman is criminally victmising her husband and her children? Sure you do. LOTS of them. And if you took it upon yourself to "deal with this problem" so that the man and the children are no longer being criminally abused? The chances of you getting caught are almost zero. Especially if you NEVER TELL anyone that you have decided that the way you are going to help your brothers is by dispensing summary justice. The sort of justice that leave no witnesses.

I often wonder how long it is going to be before men start to say:

"I have had enough of this crap woman are pulling. I am not prepared to sit on a jury for fear that I will be exposed and attacked and my life ruined by criminal women. So I am going to dispense summary justice, on my own conscience, of my own volition, where I see injustice is being done."

2G. Why Secure Comms Does Not Matter

When a few of the men who have already been criminally victimised start to think like this an act on it? The number of dead women will pile up faster and faster.

And, of course, here is why secure communications do not matter. If two men who have the same problem want to solve that problem? Why would they need secure communications? They are indistinguishable from any other two men with the same problem.

All they need to do is to sit down and have a quite conversation where they sort out the details of what each has to do and how they will communicate that through some form of public medium like facebook or online forums. Since men meet other men all the time there is simply no way for anyone to get the evidence of the discussion had to be able to present it to a jury.

If the two men communicate via a public medium, such as facebook or a public forum, by placing posts that each one watches to, say the know the timing of where wifey might be or where the husband might be so as to make sure of the alibi? It will, again, be impossible for evidence to be specific and "beyond a reasonable doubt".

The fact is that in a divorce court a man is "guilty until proven innocent." A woman only has to make even the most ridiculous of unbased claims and the man will be "punished" just in case it might be true...for the sake of the woman and kiddies you know.

But in a murder trial? All you need is one jury member who is not convinced, beyond reasonable doubt, that the person accused committed the murder. So as long as both men take reasonable steps to make sure they don't leave obvious evidence around? Their chances of being found guilty in a jury trial are very slim indeed. Whereas their chances of having their lives ruined in divorce are pretty much 100%. Certainly they will not get to raise their own children.

Similarly, in the case where a man acts alone of his own volition to dispense summary justice? There are no communications needed. He just goes out and dispenses summary justice. Who is their to talk to? Sites like CAF will publish women who are committing crimes against men.

We will also publish the MBA Law Services Court Cases to CAF. There is no law against publishing such materials. If men review such materials and are convinced, beyond all doubt, that a gross injustice has been done and decide to dispense "summary justice" to help out a brother? That is no ones business but the man who has made that decision and the woman who will be on the receiving end.

After all? The men in the woman's family were asked to serve on juries and they decided that the women in their family are above the law. They can have no complaint if some other man takes a contrary position and acts on it.

When these sort of scenarios are discussed women and their manginas FLIP. Why? Because they know that no one can stop an individual man acting on his conscience. No one. And that scares the hell out of it should.

3A. Dealing with Police - Wider Audiences

The above discussion talks about how to deal with women who are criminals. It is very easy to do so as long as the man is willing to swap problems stranger on a train style. It is also very easy if men who observe gross injustice simply dispense summary justice of their own volition based on their own conscience.

Today, men are not willing to do this sort of thing. They are too cowardly and fearful. They would rather see thousands of men kill themselves from criminal abuse. Indeed, most men in the west are so cowardly that what they will do is kill themselves rather than decide they are going to kill those who are the actual criminals creating the actual problem.

I find it impossible to conceive why a man would kill himself rather than go after the actual criminals. Mind you, I was suicidal in April 2008 and I would be the first to admit that I was not thinking straight during that time. However, once I got over that period it was not long before I decided that it was a much better idea to deal with the criminals than to commit suicide.

Some men tell me they want to deal with criminal police and criminal politicians before we get our jury trials. When we get our jury trials up and running we will be able to put police, judges, magistrates, lawyers, and politicians on trial and remove those found guilty from office.

In some cases, such as Ireland, there is no prospect of Jury Trials being created any time soon and so I have claimed into existence a state of war that has been consented to by all members of parliament. Given a state of war exists there are defined enemy combatants and men in Ireland are free to deal with enemy combatants using force up to and including deadly force. They did enough of that during the English occupation so there is no need to spell these things out for Irish men, right? But it was decided to address this issue in Living Free in the Femnazi World which was published in October 2010.

Here is what was published in that book on that date.

There are some unscrupulous thugs calling themselves ‘Policy Enforcement Officers’. This is shortened to ‘Police’ in many western countries. These men are scum. The worst kind of scum. Because they are employed to be ‘Peace Officers’ and to ‘Protect and Serve’ and instead they are allowing themselves to be the willing and complicit tools of oppression of their fellow men.

My disgust for these men knows no bounds. Even the ‘honest’ ones because they are not ringing the bell.

3B. Dealing with Police - Wider Audiences

I have spoken to a small number of them and they pull their bullshit about how they are being ‘helpful’ but if you go into the role they are really playing then they will start their bullshit.

Here are my thoughts for men on how to deal with these scumbag men who are willing and complicit in enslaving you while lying to you can telling you they are ‘protecting’ you.

If you claim your right to defend your freedom then you are going to have to defend it when these scum try and kidnap you. My recommendation for men on how to deal with this situation is as follows:
  1. Create a small group of some 5 or 6 men.
    The reason the group is to be small is that this avoids infiltration by Illuminati Shills.
  2. Each man is to swear an oath under pain of death to defend the life, liberty and property of the fellow members of the group. This oath is up to and including deadly force to defend each mans right to life, liberty and property.
  3. Acquire deadly weapons and DO NOT REGISTER THEM. Let no-one know you have these weapons. Most especially NOT your guvment.
  4. Learn how to use these deadly weapons.
  5. One nominated man from the group go down to your local Policy Enforcement Office and lawfully notice the commanding officer that should he issue an order to falsely kidnap any free man, or should he issue an order to unlawfully remove property from a free man that HE WILL PERSONALLY BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for this crime.

    Make sure you tell this man that MANY MEN are armed with deadly weapons and that they will have NO HESITATION IN USING THEM if the station commander allows ANY infringement of a free mans rights as claimed by that free man.

    And you make sure you tell him that those who willing to carry out such unlawful orders will ALSO BE SUBJECT to summary justice dealt out by the militia of the Free Men. Tell him to make DAMN SURE that he passes that message around.

    It might even be a good idea to video record the entire discussion and post it to You-Tube.

3C. Dealing with Police - Wider Audiences

Now. What rights might you claim in dealing with these Policy Enforcement Officers? This is what I claim.

I claim that their policies only apply to THEIR trademark. If they would like to arrest THEIR trademark they can print a copy of my “Deed of Evidence” and put it into a cell for as long as they like. It’s on my web site here:
Click here

I also claim that if a Peace Officer wishes to arrest me then what he needs is a human being accusing me of a crime. That human being must be willing to create, or already have created, an Affidavit signed under penalty of perjury, full commercial liability, with proposed remedy and notice of intent, prior to the peace officer calling on me.

Should such an affidavit be presented the Peace Officer is obliged to accompany me to a magistrate who will state his oath of office before me and enter into the bond of his oath of office to hear the testimony of this other human being under oath as well as my rebuttal under oath. This is all to be performed on the record and under common law jurisdiction because I claim common law jurisdiction.

The Magistrate may not deprive me of my freedom unless the accusation is so serious that I would be a ‘flight risk’ and that there is substantive evidence that I was indeed guilty of such a crime. Since I do not plan on committing any such crimes there will be no such evidence. One persons testimony rebutted under oath is not evidence.

So. My question to any Peace Officer trying to do anything with me is as follows. I suggest you also choose some similar statement.

“Son, do you have an Affidavit with an attached Proposed Remedy and Notice of Intent signed under penalty of perjury and full commercial liability making an accusation of a crime against me?

Or do you have a human being making oath to you that they will complete such a document?

If no? You are hereby lawfully noticed that any attempt to kidnap me by force is punishable by force up to and including deadly force at the time and place of my choosing.

Son. You kidnap me? You are putting your life at risk. Now. Go get your paperwork in order.”

And, of course, if you need to live up to the promise of summary justice against one of these scumbag criminals calling themselves Policy Enforcement Officers? The way to do that is to ensure that one of the men you have taken oath with delivers on his oath while you are FAR AWAY and have an irrefutable alibi. You need to remember that in such a situation NO CRIME IS COMMITTED.

3D. Dealing with Police - Wider Audiences

The Policy Enforcement Officer was lawfully noticed that you claim the right to use deadly force at the time and place of your choosing should he kidnap you thus violating your right of freedom. You do not make the claim that it must be you do deliver on that Lawful Notice. And no other Peace Officer may ‘investigate’ the situation since no crime was committed.

Once a few Policy Enforcement Officers have had summary justice dealt out to them, and let no man forget that these scum have been killing plenty of men themselves so no sympathy can be afforded them, they might choose to stop being ‘Policy Enforcement Officers’ and start being Peace Officers again. THEIR CHOICE.

When I was a kid there was a kid in my football team who’s Dad was a ‘Peace Officer’. He was a really nice man and he was a pillar of the community. I am more than happy to pay men to be Peace Officers and they will have my gratitude and respect for being Peace Officers. It is a very important job.

However. I despise Policy Enforcement Officers like the pair who came into my house at my wife’s invitation and assaulted me and kidnapped and incarcerated me based on a lie by my wife. Those men are scum. They are no better than the German Soldiers who put people into gas chambers or ovens saying “I am only following orders.”

If our Peace Officers had been men of honour and integrity they would have refused to violate men’s right to life, liberty and property. They are not men of honour and integrity. They are scum. They deserve to be labelled the scum they are. They can redeem themselves by choosing to be Peace Officers once more.

And Gentlemen? ANY MAN who can bring an Affidavit of an alleged crime committed by one of these scum known as Policy Enforcement Officers will also be give a path to justice from courts that are created in Ireland and Australia. It is the responsibility of each man to ensure he is acting lawfully at ALL TIMES even when acting as a ‘Policy Enforcement Officer’ of a private corporation just the same way as the burger flipper from McDonalds is required to act lawfully. Just because a man is given a blue clown costume and a gun does NOT put him ABOVE the law. Indeed, if anything, because he is given a deadly weapon he has MORE RESPONSIBILITY to make sure he is acting lawfully.

So. This is my advice to men about ‘kidnapping’ from scum calling themselves ‘Policy Enforcement Officers’. Make sure you defend yourself from them by oath of a small group of men, make sure you have weapons that can be used to back up that oath, make sure you communicate this to the senior officers. Then go about your business. And deliver on your oath if you ever need to.

Have no concern or sympathy for these men who would enslave you. They made their bed. Let them sleep in it.

3E. Dealing with Police - Wider Audiences

And what have we seen in the last four years since I wrote those comments in that book? Well we have seen police brutality and criminality after police brutality and criminality. We have seen a HUGE increase in police brutality.

Why? Your police are trying to start civil unrest in western countries. They WANT people to fight back against them so they can use the fight back as evidence that they need to persecute men more heavily. That is the game they are playing.

Men are playing in to their hands quite readily, unfortunately. Indeed, men are playing in to their hand so readily that when men see blatant police brutality they will do utterly insane things like WRITE A LETTER TO THEIR LOCAL POLITICIAN!!

How unbelievably stupid could a man be so as to think that writing a letter to a politician might get the POLICE to stop criminally victimising innocent people?!  The level of stupidity that is associated with writing a letter to a politician expecting that this is some how going to have some problem dealt with is difficult to comprehend. The saying "the stupid is strong with this one" hardly even begins to scratch the surface.

It is a bit like the old Mr T character from "The A-Team". "I pity the fool that writes a letter to a politician asking for crimes to be remedied." These letters have been written in the past in a structured way so as to make sure that the politicians were lawfully noticed of their obligations at law and failure to meet those obligations is and of itself a criminal act or acts.

No person who reads this essay should be in any doubt that the police in their country are criminals who are working towards creating civil unrest so as to use it as an excuse to introduce a police state.

So men who wish to deal with their police or other criminals in governmental areas? Go right ahead. I would advise you to first declare into existence a state of WAR so that it is clear to all parties that the war of aggression being sponsored by governments against men has been pointed out to them and they have been giving one firm and final warning to cease and desist. The firm and final warning should offer the head of the government the opportunity to admit that sh/e has sponsored such a war and to order that it cease forth with.

The claim should point out that silence is consent and if the government does not admit it's crimes and admit it is prosecuting a war of aggression then a war of return will come in to effect on a specific date.

I did this for Ireland and it is included in the many posts on this link. Given the many hundreds of views that these posts have had it is impossible for the members of parliament in Ireland to claim that they knew nothing about the letters sent to them. Especially when it was quoted in the Daily Mail, a national newspaper in Ireland.

Whether men decide they will pay me EUR2,000 to claim into existence a state of WAR on their land so that no crime is committed when killing criminals or not is really up to them. If no state of WAR is declared then killing criminals is still a crime. If a state of WAR is declared killing enemy combatants, aka criminals, is lawful and no crime is committed when this is done. Nations often go to war with each other and sanction killing "enemy combatants". Human history is littered with the men who were killed off in endless wars.

3F. Dealing with Police - Wider Audiences

Either way, a state of war or not, the way that a small group of 6 men can go about their business is pretty simple and similar. They might simple keep an eye out for each other and if one of them is criminally victimised by the police or judiciary one of the others acts unilaterally without communication or co-operation with the remaining 5. No communications necessary.

If these cell of 6 decides that they are going to be proactive about matter then they need to be able to communicate between them. The best way to do this is to split again in to 2 independent cells of 3.

For each "operation" one man takes the lead. A second man covers his back. The third man covers the back of the second man. Since all three men "belong" in the environment they are in it will be almost impossible for donut chomping, late sipping police officers to notice BOTH the second and third backup as the operation progresses.

The lead guy goes about his business and the two backups simply follow him through the process like they just happen to be there. Any discussion about what is going to happen and how would have to be conducted face to face. Leave the cell phones at home since they can be tracked to put all three in the one place at the one time. Any conversation has to be circumspect so that any possible recording could not be proof positive of any conspiracy. Just three guys chatting about nothing in particular, right? Most importantly, three guys who belong in the environment they are in.

Obviously writing letters to politicians, police, judges, lawyers etc is not enough to get their attention let alone their compliance. So if men want their politicians, police, judges, lawyers etc to get the message that conducting a war of aggression on men is not acceptable? The message has to be a little stronger than a letter. One wonders how many dead politicians etc it would take before they got the message. After all? These politicians are responsible for a LOT of dead men so they can have no complaint if they, or the wives and children, are similarly targeted.

No one seems to have much of a problem with Barack Obama using drones to kill innocent men, women and children. So I fail to see why anyone would have a LEGITIMATE concern that the same fate was dealt to "enemy combatants" who happen to be members of parliaments or other political bodies.

Sure. Some people will say "Peter, you are promoting violence." And the answer is no. I am not promoting violence. I am stating that it is necessary to dispense summary justice to women and to some of these criminals in government for men to secure their rights. The instant these people agree to observe jury trials then the necessity will disappear.

Further, everyone who pays taxes that are used for armed services and police is PAYING for criminals to commit murder and other crimes. So their "complaint" I am "promoting violence" is entirely hypocritical and they know it.

In the end, men are going to decide to deal with the criminals among women, among the politicians, bankers, judges, magistrates, lawyers, police etc...or they are going to continue to tolerate these criminals and their crimes. If men tolerate these criminals and their crimes they really can have no complaint when they, themselves, are criminally victimised.

3G. Dealing with Police - Wider Audiences

I would hope that over the length of this essay it becomes quite obvious that at no time would any of these men who might decide to act unilaterally on their own conscience need to talk to me directly. What would they need to talk about?

Further? ASIO has gone to great lengths to build "profiles" to talk to me to chew up my time. Should I bother to create and participate in secure communications it would not be long before ASIO attempted to create a "profile" and start talking to me via that profile trying to get me to say something that they would then claim to make me a "terrorist" etc.

So, from my point of view? It is actually best for me to post things to the public via a facility like CAF and for lots and lots of men to read such public posts. If someone has a problem with what I post in public? They are welcome to write to me on As I said I do have if anyone wants to email me there. I will pick that up occasionally. But I will not be saying anything on it that I would not say in public. It will just give the man sending me the email a little more privacy...but do not expect it to be perfect.

This sort of does it for this essay. I have repeated quite a bit from Living Free so that men can realise that they were given this advice quite some time ago and chose not to act on it. All those men who have killed themselves because of the criminal abuse of the family law courts since October 2010 and now? Their blood is on the hands of the 20,000+ men who knew about Living Free in the Femnazi World from October 2010 onwards. And that number is well past 100,000+ men now.

It is easily the case that 100,000+ men know about "Living Free in the Femnazi World" now. And they are simply waiting for someone else to do their job for them. It really is a disgrace. And they are using their wilful ignorance as their shield for the reason they will not act. So they are condemning their fellow men to death by not passing along the message of Living Free and they are refusing to defend the children of their land when they are in clear and present danger.

This is why I have so little respect and so little time for so many of the men in the west now. They know what is going on. At least 100,000+ men know what is going on. And yet they will not form juries, they will not serve as peace officers, and they will not serve in MBA Armed Services in any significant number.


3H. Dealing with Police - Wider Audiences

Because of this refusal to do their duty, to meet their obligations, they have made it all but impossible for this situation to be handled non-violently. Those VERY FEW men who have been observing this situation for a long time and who decide that it is worth their effort to secure the future for the children of their lands? They are left with no other choice than to use force, meaning deadly force, to progress the re-introduction of the rule of law in their land.

Of course, the gutless manginas and the women will be all "upset" about that statement. But these are the same gutless manginas and women who VOTE but refuse to hold the people they VOTED FOR responsible for their DELEGATED ACTIONS via jury trials. Amazing how the most vocal of people saying "no violence ever" are the SAME people who vote for politicians who then initiate violence IN THE NAME OF THE VOTERS USING THE VOTERS ALLEGED DELEGATED AUTHORITY.

So? Those men who say to me. "Peter, is there a way that we can talk securiy?" This essay is the long answer to the short answer which is:

"Why do you need to talk to me? Are you not intelligent enough to know what needs to be done? What do you to ask me that you can not figure out for yourself?"

One last thing I would like to discuss is this manic desire of men in the west today to be told what to do so that they avoid responsibility for their actions. There was a researcher by the name of Stanley Milgram who did some studies in the 70s on obedience. You can watch a short video on this link.

What Stanley Milgram proved was that fully 60% of a well off middle class american population would TORTURE ANOTHER PERSON TO DEATH if they believed they were not going to be held responsible for their actions. Think about that for a minute. This is how wars function. The commanding officer says "you can kill that man, I take responsibility" and the soldier goes and does what he is told because he is stupid enough to believe that he should not be held responsible for his action if he is "only following orders".

You, as a reader, can be sure that if your police or your armed services are ordered to fire on and kill their countrymen they will do it with great gusto. This has been proven over and over again.


3I. Dealing with Police - Wider Audiences

If you watch the video you will see that those people who TORTURED ANOTHER PERSON TO DEATH as part of the scenario actually complained and protested but they DID IT ANYWAY. You will also notice that those men who stopped and did not follow orders did so early in the process. And the reason they gave was "I am responsible for my actions regardless of whether you say you will take responsibility for my actions."

So, you see. When men take responsibility for their own actions and act on their own conscience you do not get the situation of mindless herds of men running in to bankers wars among other things. Men who know their own mind are very hard to talk in to taking actions they find morally unacceptable.

However, they are a very small minority today. Today, men have been brainwashed to "obey authority" and they will do as they are told as long as they are also told "you are not responsible for the consequences of your actions". This is what is going on with men who say "Peter, I want to talk to you securely". It is men who are looking to get me to tell them to do something so that they can salve their own conscience with "Peter told me to do xyz."

A LOT of men have said to me "We want a leader, why will you not be our leader."

It is the same thing. They are demanding to be told what to do so they can then say they were not responsible. They were "followers". True leaders do not create "followers". True leaders create more leaders. And men today are extremely reluctant to even lead their own lives in the sense of the word "lead". They want to "follow their own life" meaning they are waiting for someone else to tell them what to do.

And someone else does! The "guvmint" is full of commands that tell men how to live their lives and what they can and can not do. That is what guvmint is for. To tell people who do not know their own mind what it is they should and should not do! And men seem to not notice this because all these rules are fraudulently called "laws". It really is amazing that if you fraudulently call the legislation of a Uniform Commercial Code legal entity "laws" all these dumb men will then insist they follow them, are punished if they break them, and are only too happy to tell the guvmint if anyone else they know is breaking them to "get them to obey the same laws as me".

3J. Dealing with Police - Wider Audiences

When I was a little boy my mother did me a great service. When I would come home and ask her permission to do something like go and play cricket or football, or go for a swim, I would often use the "reason" of "all the other boys are doing it". My mum would frown at me and say "If all the other boys jumped off the Sydney Harbour Bridge would you want to do that too? Think for yourself!"

And this is a characteristic that is sadly missing from other men today. They do not wish to think for themselves because with that comes responsibility. They wish to be told what to do and then blame those who told them what to do for any bad outcomes. After all? Is that not the role of governments? Do not governments tell people what to do? And do not people complain about governments when things go badly for them? Is this not the PERFECT system?

As Michael Tsarion said a long time ago. The people who are victims of governments are not blameless in their victimisation. They demanded governments and they demanded victimisation in order to be able to complain about it. If they were truly sincere in their criticisms of government and truly sincere in wishing to be free of the tyrants they would be. But they have a co-dependency that is quite clear for all to see who look for it. The tyrant is necessary for the slave, and so the relationship continues.

One man I will not name here but is a very bright man for which I have very high regard said to me in 2009: "I think it is a noble idea that you have done all this work and proven that it is possible for a man to free himself from the system in which he is in. But I think you will find that men do not wish to free themselves from the system. I think you will find men wish to be governed. Wish to be told what to do. I think you will find very few who will wish to be truly free."

Time has proven him correct.  The vast majority of men do not wish to be free. Only a very small minority do. And it is up to that very small minority to take actions, unilaterally, on their own recognisance, such that they will live in freedom. The rest of the men? The vast majority will actually attack any man who points out that they are slaves. Platos cave is the item to search if you want to know about that response. It is very well known.

Thank you for listening and reading. Good luck in your choices as to what you will do, eh?
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