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 10/6/2014 8:01 AM

I am posting this on the few facebooks I am a member of. There are more than enough men on these facebooks to cut/paste this around further. And the link at the bottom is on CAF so you can also send that around.

As most of you know the family courts are a criminal cartel which are a small part of a much larger criminal cartel commonly called “guvmint”. Most of you know I was criminally victimised by the Irish and Australian family courts back in the 2007-09 timeframe.

When I came out of my short suicidal period in April 2008 I started talking to other men about the family law courts and their experiences. We all know the experiences are very similar. In short? The family courts are very much a “mugging”. The woman invites the muggers into the home for a promised share of the spoils. The muggers have far superior firepower than any individual man. But, like all muggers, there are only a few of them and there are 100x more of us. If not 1000x more of us.

In talking to men about how they planned to fix this problem it became clear to me that these men had NO IDEA AT ALL how to go about resolving the issues of the family law courts. They did not have a plan that went passed “protest” and “petition”. I could barely believe my ears at their stupidity in mid 2008. Almost to a one these men claimed that the criminality of the FCs was some sort of “accident” that could be remedied by asking criminals to stop criminally victimising them.

I took pity on these very stupid and very ignorant men. In an act of love and compassion I decided to do what they so clearly could not do. Create a remedy. The very fact that it is SIX YEARS LATER and there is no SECOND REMEDY available should be more than enough evidence that I was correct. That the men in the fathers rights area were so stupid and so ignorant that they had NO CHANCE to create a remedy.

What do we see such men doing today? We see them still “protesting” and “petitioning” criminals in guvmint. That’s very stupid and it is about time men accepted the rebuke as TRUE.

Einstein said “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity”. And that is what fathers rights activists are. They are insane. They are stupid. They are ignorant. But worst of all they are arrogant about their stupidity and ignorance falsely believing that “protesting” and “petitioning” criminals in guvmint will solve their problems.

Any father who thinks “protesting” and “petitioning” criminals in guvmint will solve their problems at this time must simply be left to his fate. He certainly deserves it.

From May 2008 to November 2009 I studied and learned. My brave colleagues walked in to courts and tried ideas that we had come up with. Some of them spent time in jail for their efforts. We had to test our ideas to see if they would work.

On 2009-11-26 it was my turn to do what my colleagues had done before me. If I was successful in the court room the chances were I would be killed or spend a long time in jail. That is what I expected to happen. But someone had to do this and it might as well be me.

You can get the court room video I made on 2009-11-26 on this link.

Remember. This is PROOF POSITIVE that the remedy worked. This is PROOF POSITIVE of the criminality of the family courts.

I followed this court meeting up with “Living Free in the Femnazi World” in October 2010 when my real name was released to the public by my ex brother in law. A woman who said she would help me, one Michelle McDougal, was the one who betrayed my online persona of GlobalMan.

Much to my astonishment men in the fathers rights area reject this book and the knowledge contained within that would help them free themselves from the family courts. I tried to educate men on the procedures so they could help others in their area for free. All efforts failed. Men did not want to learn these ideas.

I trained a man in a low rent country to perform the work so that he could do it for about USD150 per person. A pittance. When we offered the service at USD150 per person no one bought it. The man moved on since there was no income to be generated from strawman rcapture.

I continued to tell men that they could live in freedom if they chose to rescind their consent to be governed. What have men done? They have DEMANDED to be governed by “protesting” and “petitioning” the criminal that they demand to govern them. The very act of “protesting” or “petitioning” is the DEMAND to be governed. I am in awe of the stupidity of men. I would never have believed they were so stupid as to “petition” or “protest” to people who are criminals. But there is SIX YEARS of evidence before me so there is not much I can say about that.

I notice that in all that time no men have actually brought forward any substantive plan showing that “protesting” and “petitioning” criminals in guvmint will have any lasting effect at all. The few bones men have been tossed in one place are taken away from other men in another place.

Now we are coming to the close of 2014. Many men have killed themselves in hopelessness and desperation since 2009-11-26. Men like Robin Williams. There is nowhere for fathers rights activists in particular and mens rights activists in general to run and hide from their wilful ignorance. You have had a book in front of you on how to rescind your consent to be governed since October 2010. Every man who has committed suicide since then is one more man whose life might have been saved if he was my client or if the knowledge in Living Free in the Femnazi World was broadly distributed.

I was talking to a client the other day. We agreed that there was nothing more that I could possibly have done over the last 5 years.  I have expended all the resources I have had. I have borrowed heavily to continue to present the message to men. And I have been slandered, lied about, criticised, ridiculed, hated on and generally been interfered with in my efforts to save mens lives and give them a chance to learn how to live in freedom. There are almost no men in the MRA area who do not know this is the case because A voice for monkeys decided to run this major slander article about me.

As at the end of last year I have claimed into existence, as is my right, a WAR OF RETURN to deal with the WAR OF AGGRESSION that governments, fully supported by our women folk, have been running against men for decades. Any honest man of honour and integrity who wishes to decide on his own conscience that he will declare war and wage a war against his oppressors is welcome to do so. The war against men has been running for decades masquerading as the exact opposite a “war against women”. This is how propaganda works. Tell everyone that what is happening is the exact opposite of what is actually happening.

Now many have criticised me for claiming into existence this WAR OF RETURN. Funny how the media can be FULL of claims of a “war against women” and that’s ok….but as soon as a man says “No, actually it is a WAR AGAINST MEN and it is time to claim into existence a WAR OF RETURN” everyone loses their heads. Funny how women can say something as claimed “equals” but the same words out of a mans mouth is “sexist” and “evil” and “to be silenced”.

Since I expect 99.7%+ of men who read this to continue with the insanity of “protest” and “petition”? This post is not for the 99.7+%. It is for the 0.3%- who actually want to free themselves by rescinding their consent to be governed.

I will continue to offer my services to take on men as clients via A-MAN-ZON. Those who wish to avail of my hard won knowledge and skills will be welcome. Those who wish to continue to “protest” and “petition”? I wish you luck because you are certainly going to need it.

That men in the fathers rights and mens rights areas have been so spectacularly unsuccessful in 6 years despite being handed a remedy means, in no uncertain terms, that you deserve everything that is happening to you. You are welcome to continue to squabble among yourselves. You are welcome to post another million posts to a thousand forums and facebooks.

You have gotten nowhere. You are getting nowhere. You will get nowhere.

Indeed? Things are FAR WORSE today than they were in May 2008 for men in the west. And the people MOST responsible are the men who tolerate their criminal abuse.

Now. Here is the link to the strawman recapture service.

As I said it is documented in great detail in Living Free in the Femnazi World. You can do it yourself. You have MUCH more information than I had to go on when I walked in to the court room on 2009-11-26.

Given the flat refusal of men to listen to me and to learn from me over these last 6 years? I will post and talk as I see fit without bothering to try and persuade you men that you should try Living Free in the Femnazi World. The men who hire me to help them will have to pay me reasonable fees because men decided that they did not want to chip in for all the work I did for them for free. “Free” cost me 4,000+ hours of my own  time, USD500,000 of my own money, and I put my life on the line for other men. This, it turns out, is not worthy of the price of a pizza for 99.9%+ of men in the man-o-sphere. So those who hire me have to pay me a rate that recognises my past “free” work.

For all those of you who have slandered me, lied about me, criticised me, ridiculed me, and generally made a nuisance of yourself? Congratulations. You have the blood of men like Robin Williams on your hands due to your dedication and commitment to ignorance.

For all those of you who have consented to and condoned this harassment of me over the last 6 years by remaining silent? Congratulations. You have the blood of men like Robin Williams on your hands due to your dedication and commitment to ignorance.

For those few who have helped me? Your support has been greatly appreciated.

Lastly. Here is the link to my books, essays, videos and posts. Any men who want to learn from what I have published? This is your starting point.

This is the link to my books.

If you want to ask me direct questions after all that? This is the link to my service for asking me questions.

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